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Dallas Eater 38
Cane Rosso is one of Dallas Eater 38.

1. Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce St (at S. Good-Latimer Expy.), Dallas, TX
Pizzacı · Deep Ellum · 186 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The finest of Dallas' Verace Pizza Napoletana joints, Cane Rosso also boasts one of the city's best dog-friendly patios. [Eater 38 Member]

Fearing's is one of Dallas Eater 38.

2. Fearing's

2121 McKinney Ave (in The Ritz-Carlton), Dallas, TX
Yeni Amerikan Restoranı · Uptown · 51 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Dean Fearing's eponymous bastion of fancified Southern cuisine is (very politely, very gently) slap-yo-mama good. [Eater 38 Member]

Garden Cafe is one of Dallas Eater 38.

3. Garden Cafe

5310 Junius St, Dallas, TX
Kahvaltı Noktası · Junius Heights · 38 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The Woottens don't call their place the Garden Cafe for nothing: they've been growing the ingredients for their home-style cooking right out in the back yard for years and years. [Eater 38 Member]

Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House is one of Dallas Eater 38.

4. Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House

1154 Peavy Rd (at Garland Rd.), Dallas, TX
Gastropub · 132 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: This list of burgers demands to be conquered, line by line. The beer pairings are perfection and the hipster- & neighbor-laden patio is a welcoming place come anytime. [Eater 38 Member]

The Grape is one of Dallas Eater 38.

5. The Grape

2808 Greenville Ave (btwn Goodwin Ave. & Vickery Blvd.), Dallas, TX
Amerikan Restoranı · Vickery Place · 50 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Brian Luscher doesn't let the fact that he makes one of Texas' finest burgers allow him to mail it in with the rest of his classy and classic menu. [Eater 38 Member]

Hattie's is one of Dallas Eater 38.

6. Hattie's

418 N Bishop Ave (at W. 7th St.), Dallas, TX
Amerikan Güneyli Yemeği Restoranı · Bishop Arts District · 62 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Hattie's has been serving Southern classics like fried chicken and shrimp 'n grits in an upscale white-tablecloth setting for 20 years. [Eater 38 Member]

Jimmy's Food Store is one of Dallas Eater 38.

7. Jimmy's Food Store

4901 Bryan St (at Fitzhugh Ave.), Dallas, TX
Gurme Dükkanı · 110 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Besides being an Italian market and deli, Jimmy's is home to some of the best damn sandwiches this city has to offer. Order up an Italian Stallion or a Cuban and an espresso shot or glass of red wine.

Local is one of Dallas Eater 38.

8. Local

2936 Elm St, Dallas, TX
Yeni Amerikan Restoranı · Deep Ellum · 19 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Tracy Miller's Deep Ellum restaurant has long been a favorite for its "clean and composed" dishes that celebrate ingredients. [Eater 38 Member]

Lockhart Smokehouse is one of Dallas Eater 38.

9. Lockhart Smokehouse

400 W Davis St (at N. Bishop Ave.), Dallas, TX
Barbekü Restoranı · Bishop Arts District · 154 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: One of the best spots in town to grab a cold beer and watch a Rangers game--because it'll take you the length of one to finish your meal. [Eater 38 Member]

Lucia is one of Dallas Eater 38.

10. Lucia

408 W 8th St (at N. Bishop Ave.), Dallas, TX
İtalyan Restoranı · Bishop Arts District · 58 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: A table at Lucia is one of the toughest ressies in Dallas, not b/c they're saving space for snobby VIPs, but b/c David Uygur's homespun Italian resto only serves 16 tables/night. [Eater 38 Member]

Maple & Motor is one of Dallas Eater 38.

11. Maple & Motor

4810 Maple Ave (at Clara St), Dallas, TX
Burger Dükkanı · 140 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Jack Perkins' burger joint serves a diverse and hungry crowd in their Medical District digs, where workers of all-colored collars come for a cold beer and a meaty sandwich. [Eater 38 Member]

Mesa is one of Dallas Eater 38.

12. Mesa

118 W Jefferson Blvd (btwn S Zang & S Beckley Ave), Dallas, TX
Meksika Restoranı · Southwest Dallas · 33 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Leave it to Oak Cliff to house Dallas' best example of the city's wave of new, true-Mexican restaurants. [Eater 38 Member]

Nonna Tata is one of Dallas Eater 38.

13. Nonna Tata

1400 W Magnolia Ave (at 6th Ave), Fort Worth, TX
İtalyan Restoranı · 15 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The Northern Italian food that comes out of this kitchen isn't that of a chef, nor a grandmother. It's the best of both worlds. [Eater 38 Member]

Off-Site Kitchen is one of Dallas Eater 38.

14. Off-Site Kitchen

331 Singleton Blvd (at Wycliff Ave.), Dallas, TX
Burger Dükkanı · Southwest Dallas · 79 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: People in the know go to Off-Site Kitchen for dirt-cheap delicious lunches. The 48-hour cracked pepper brisket sandwich is the stuff dreams are made of. [Eater 38 Member]

Pecan Lodge is one of Dallas Eater 38.

15. Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St (at Pryor St), Dallas, TX
Barbekü Restoranı · Deep Ellum · 216 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Inside the Dallas Farmer's Market is the unassuming Pecan Lodge. We insist you get the brisket. [Eater 38 Member]

Pepe & Mito's Mexican Cafe is one of Dallas Eater 38.

16. Pepe & Mito's Mexican Cafe

2911 Elm St, Dallas, TX
Meksika Restoranı · Deep Ellum · 76 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: We don't know if Pepe or Mito is responsible for the chipotle wine sauce at this Deep Ellum Tex-Mex institution, so we'll just thank them both for their enduring and delicious menu. [Eater 28 Member]

Royal China is one of Dallas Eater 38.

17. Royal China

6025 Royal Ln Ste 201 (at Preston Rd), Dallas, TX
Çin Restoranı · 82 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: A Dallas mainstay for over 20 years, Royal China continues to wow loyal diners with xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and hand-pulled noodles. [Eater 38 Member]

Smoke is one of Dallas Eater 38.

18. Smoke

901 Fort Worth Ave (at Chappel St), Dallas, TX
Barbekü Restoranı · Fort Worth Avenue · 137 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The barbecue baby of Tim Byres is one of the city's best-received and best-executed restaurants. [Eater 38 Member]

Spiral Diner & Bakery is one of Dallas Eater 38.

19. Spiral Diner & Bakery

1314 W Magnolia Ave (at 6th Ave), Fort Worth, TX
Vejetaryen / Vegan Restoranı · 120 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: A curated craft beer selection. Hangover-curing migas and pancakes. Oh, and did we mention it's all 100% vegan? [Eater 38 Member]

Tei-An is one of Dallas Eater 38.

20. Tei-An

1722 Routh St Ste 110 (at One Arts Plaza), Dallas, TX
Japon Restoranı · Arts District · 100 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Two things make Tei-An a Dallas must-visit: the restaurant's epic, fresh sushi and its rooftop patio. [Eater 38 Member]

Teppo Yakitori & Sushi Bar is one of Dallas Eater 38.

21. Teppo Yakitori & Sushi Bar

2014 Greenville Ave (btwn Prospect Ave & Oram St), Dallas, TX
Suşi Restoranı · Lower Greenville · 28 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: A Lower Greenville mainstay, Teppo offers incredibly fresh sushi and rotating offerings of tasty bivalves like razor clams and oysters in a sleek but cozy atmosphere. [Eater 38 Member]

Urbano Cafe is one of Dallas Eater 38.

22. Urbano Cafe

1419 N Fitzhugh Ave. (Bryan St.), Dallas, TX
İtalyan Restoranı · 24 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Urbano offers inspired and fresh nightly chalkboard specials with locally sourced ingredients in a tiny, cozy setting. The BYOB policy makes it an affordable weeknight choice. [Eater 38 Member]

Wingfield's Breakfast & Burgers is one of Dallas Eater 38.

23. Wingfield's Breakfast & Burgers

2615 S Beckley Ave, Dallas, TX
Burger Dükkanı · Cedar Crest · 24 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Don't try to go back to work after a Wingfield's burger. Just don't. Do yourself a favor. Really. [Eater 38 Member]

Woodshed Smokehouse is one of Dallas Eater 38.

24. Woodshed Smokehouse

3201 Riverfront Dr (at Rogers Rd), Fort Worth, TX
Barbekü Restoranı · 120 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Tim Love's shrine to smoked foods is a must-visit for out-of-towners; don't miss the camp bread with "pit master fat" or the brisket-stuffed piquillo peppers. [Eater 38 Member]

S & D Oyster Company is one of Dallas Eater 38.

25. S & D Oyster Company

2701 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · Uptown · 37 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: This quaint Uptown seafood joint is a bastion of professional service and great oysters, not to mention the New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp, hush puppies, and po'boys. [Eater 38 Member]

Babe's Chicken Dinner House is one of Dallas Eater 38.

26. Babe's Chicken Dinner House

104 N Oak St (at Main St.), Roanoke, TX
Kızarmış Tavuk Restoranı · 74 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Some of the city's finest fried chicken is served up family-style (meaning, you can eat as much as your stomach will hold) alongside sides like mashed potatoes, corn and salad. [Eater 38 Member]

Stampede 66 By Stephan Pyles is one of Dallas Eater 38.

27. Stampede 66 By Stephan Pyles

1717 McKinney Ave Ste 100, Dallas, TX
Amerikan Restoranı · Victory Park · 47 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: An undeniably Texan dining experience, head to Stephan Pyles' newest restaurant for honey fried chicken, a bone-in cowboy ribeye, or tacos with housemade tortillas. [Eater 38 Member]

Neighborhood Services is one of Dallas Eater 38.

28. Neighborhood Services

5027 W Lovers Ln (West of Inwood), Dallas, TX
Amerikan Restoranı · Inwood-Northwest · 36 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: It's worth the wait for creative, always well-executed fare like green chile crab dip, the best wedge salad in town, or a killer flat iron with French fries, all in a cozy setting. [Eater 38 Member]

29. Afghan Grill Restaurant & Lounge

17370 Preston Rd Ste 490, Dallas, TX
Orta Doğu Restoranı · North Central Dallas · 13 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Outstanding kebabs and hummus, but really everything is great. Try the mantoo (meat-stuffed dumplings) or kadu (pumpkin smothered in yogurt and meat sauce). [Eater 38 Member]

30. Deli News

17062 Preston Road, Dallas, TX
Şarküteri · 32 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: If you're craving matzoh ball soup, a Reuben, a bagel with cream cheese and lox--this is where you want to be. Cheese blintzes or cinnamon crumb cake satisfy a sweet tooth. [Eater 38 Member]

31. Our Place Indian Cuisine

8150 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX
Hint Restoranı · Valley Ranch · 20 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The play-it-safe dishes (incredible chicken makhani, fluffy naan and massive samosas) are just as good as the more adventurous ones like vada (fried lentil donuts) and baigan bartha. [Eater 38 Member]

Mot Hai Ba is one of Dallas Eater 38.

32. Mot Hai Ba

6047 Lewis Street, Dallas, TX
Vietnam Restoranı · Lower Greenville · 33 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The chargrilled pork belly with rice noodles & broth is a must at lunch; shaking beef is a favorite of the dinner menu, & don't skip the freshly fried doughnut holes with ice cream. [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

Nonna is one of Dallas Eater 38.

33. Nonna

4115 Lomo Alto Dr (at Lemmon Ave.), Dallas, TX
İtalyan Restoranı · 25 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Chef Julian Barsotti's elegant ode to fine Italian cuisine shines brightly amongst a sea of red-sauce joints. The white clam pie is a must, as are the seasonal handmade pastas. [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

Yutaka Sushi Bistro is one of Dallas Eater 38.

34. Yutaka Sushi Bistro

2633 McKinney Ave (@ Boll Street), Dallas, TX
Suşi Restoranı · Uptown · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The city's sushi aficionados know that Yutaka is the place to go for super-fresh, impeccably executed sushi and sashimi. Waits can be long. [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

The Boiling Crab is one of Dallas Eater 38.

35. The Boiling Crab

10560 Walnut St Ste 100, Dallas, TX
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · 90 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Get the crawfish if it's in season, and don't miss the king crab legs; add sausage, potatoes & corn & pick your choice of seasoning & spice level ("The Whole Shabang," medium). [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

Boulevardier is one of Dallas Eater 38.

36. Boulevardier

408 N Bishop Ave Ste 108 (8th/Bishop), Dallas, TX
Fransız Restoranı · Bishop Arts District · 59 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Start off with oysters & charcuterie (duck prosciutto) then onto the poached egg salad with crispy chicken livers before delving into steak frites or one of the best burgers around. [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

Lá Me is one of Dallas Eater 38.

37. Lá Me

9780 Walnut St Ste 140 (at Audelia Rd.), Dallas, TX
Vietnam Restoranı · Lake Highlands · 19 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: The thing to get here is the banh mi, served on properly crusty baguettes with all the traditional accoutrements. The egg rolls and bun cha are worth ordering, too. [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.

Tacos La Banqueta is one of Dallas Eater 38.

38. Tacos La Banqueta

7233 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX
Taco Mekanı · 17 tavsiye ve inceleme

EaterEater: Get the suadero, the pastor, and maybe the choriqueso, and don't skimp on the green sauce (but be sure to grab a Topo Chico to cool things down). [Eater 38 Member] Daha fazlasını oku.