IFC Center

IFC Center

Bağımsız Film Sineması
Greenwich Village, New York
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    After Hours: 4:35pm
  • Yıldızlar
    The Beast (La bete): 11:30am 3:00pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Cabaret (1972): 4:10pm
  • Yıldızlar
    The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed: 10:00pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Flashdance: 11:55pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Force of Nature: The Dry 2: 1:40pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Gasoline Rainbow: 12:35pm 9:15
  • Yıldızlar
    La Chimera: 10:50am 3:15pm 8:30
  • Yıldızlar
    Labyrinth (2022): 11:35pm
  • Yıldızlar
    National Theatre Live: Dear England: 6:30pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Return to Reason: Four Films by Man Ray: 10:35am 2:40pm 7:00 10:15
  • Yıldızlar
    Stress Positions: 8:25pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Taking Venice: 12:10pm 2:30 4:50 7:15
  • Yıldızlar
    Tank Girl: 11:50pm
  • Yıldızlar
    Thelma the Unicorn: 10:40am 12:55pm 6:10
  • Yıldızlar
    Un Prince: 10:30am
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  • Chris C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Chris CooksonOcak 10, 2015
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    One of my favorite movie theaters, does a lot of cool screenings many of which with the director doing a Q&A afterwards. If you can't go out, many of their films are streaming simultaneously on VOD
  • Will S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Will SchollNisan 5, 2015
    Some more obscure indies than at other nyc theaters. Membership is a good value if you like going to midnight classics and go often enough to make the free popcorn per visit worth it.
  • Lukekullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    LukeMart 22, 2017
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Awesome curation. Go see a Q&A and ask a famous person a silly question. Go upstairs and see what vintage film posters are on display
  • Rebecca B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Rebecca BalnisEkim 18, 2017
    Outlier biographies for art-house theaters
  • Berk K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Berk KapiciogluTemmuz 14, 2014
    Friday and saturday midnight screenings feature popular classics (e.g. Indiana Jones, etc.). Even if you watched it on TV, watch it again on the big screen, because it will be better. Trust me.
  • Lauren D.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Lauren DMart 23, 2017
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Fantastic selection of Indie movies. Every year they have Oscar nominees for The animated, live-action, and documentary shorts. They also host Q&A sessions with directors and actors sometimes.
  • Kirakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    KiraAğustos 17, 2015
    Great theatre. Expensive ($15 tix for nonmembers) but you're supporting awesome independent films that aren't shown many other places. Conveniently right next to the ACE.
  • Clare L.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Clare LynchAralık 23, 2015
    Great selection of independent movies, fun series including midnight showings. Seats aren't the most comfortable but ticket prices are surprisingly reasonable for New York.
  • Chris R.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Chris RaghoobarAralık 23, 2015
    This theater screens some of the best in independent cinema. It also screens great anime from time to time, both new and classic. It's a great place to catch great films.
  • Will H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Will HarahanEkim 26, 2018
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Try to get here early as there’s no assigned seating and even the most obscure screenings can sell out.
  • Buford B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Buford BarnesOcak 28, 2014
    It was the theater that originated the Rocky Horror midnight screenings, when it was the Waverly Theater. Sadly, it hosts those no longer, but is still a great place for independent film.
  • Victoria U.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Victoria U.Şubat 16, 2015
    Always has the movies you should see. Every February they host the Oscar nominated animated shorts! While you can watch them online, nothing beats seeing them on the big screen.
  • Berk K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Berk KapiciogluTemmuz 14, 2014
    This is where shadowcast was invented and Rocky Horror Picture Show became a cult phenomenon. If you are lucky, you can still catch a shadowcast of Ghostbusters performed by the Minions of Gozer.
  • Rosie V.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Rosie VallakiaNisan 26, 2015
    Finally got to go to the IFC with my bestie! Totally coming back next month for more movies! Place is SOOO comfortable and clean. Bathroom is extremely clean which is a bonus! I wanna go back! :3
  • River R.
    River RoseMayıs 17, 2012
    Nothing wrong with this theater. Has the best popcorn in the city and always a good selection of films. Fantastic places to have dinner in the area and Washington Square Park. Perfect date spot!
  • Sagy M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Sagy MirandaTemmuz 21, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Las instalaciones representan totalmente el arte independiente en NY! Siempre con la mejor selección de filmes y las mejores palomitas!
  • Bruce
    BruceŞubat 5, 2019
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Some theaters are smaller than others so make sure you get to your movie early to find a decent seat.
  • Tiffany L.
    Tiffany LangstonHaziran 23, 2015
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    An NYC legend. A fantastic independent theater that shows lots of great documentaries and has delicious popcorn with real butter
  • Ariel V.
    Ariel VieraMayıs 15, 2014
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Basically IFC Center is a film-buff's heaven on earth. Comfy seating, great quality projection, loud sound, and excellent selection of films.
  • Lori L.
    Lori LuoOcak 24, 2015
    One of the few Indie movie theaters in Manhattan, you'll find the hard-to-find films being shown here. Tickets can be reserved online.
  • Jason A.
    Jason AlarcónOcak 27, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Check out the line-up of independent movies here! You'd be surprised at what art-house, foreign or other genres of films you'll find here. Also, you're supporting an industry of hardworking ARTISTS!
  • Jessi S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jessi SevillaOcak 21, 2018
    Comfortable seating, old school movie theater but super nice!! 👌and a huge variation of independent and foreign movies
  • Robbie J.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Robbie JonesAğustos 26, 2015
    The best Indy theater around. Private bathrooms in the second floor lounge can't be beat.
  • Lynda N.
    Lynda Newkirk/WatersEylül 22, 2013
    I really love exploring what the IFC Center has to offer this is something that I always wanted to do I can cross it off my to do list thank you for having me see you again real soon enjoy your day!
  • M B.
    M BEylül 13, 2013
    Cozy theatre, organic popcorn for those who care, everything pricey but that's NY and a movie theatre for ya
  • Ryan E.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ryan EickMart 14, 2016
    Love this theater. Small and intimate screening rooms make for a truly immersive experience here
  • Sean R.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Sean RobertsonOcak 12, 2015
    Excellent and unique movies in a very nice theater.
  • DoubleDeucekullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    DoubleDeuceŞubat 16, 2015
    Smaller budget films. Cozy space to see a film though. Don't plan to hang out here though, there's no space for that.
  • Heidi V.
    Heidi VanderleeMart 3, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Theaters really vary in size and some have better views than others. Very comfy seats, though.
  • Chaim H.
    Chaim HaasKasım 20, 2011
    Catch "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey." This documentary is incredibly inspirational and is a must see, esp. for those of us who grew up with The Muppets and Sesame Street!
  • Lisakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    LisaAğustos 31, 2015
    Small but the movies they host are larger than life. Go and expand your heart, mind & heart
  • Lenny G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Lenny GalloŞubat 3, 2013
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    My absolute favorite event at IFC is the Academy Short Films. A must, must, must for everyone.
  • coleen c.
    coleen c.Nisan 18, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    home of the weirdest movies ever! i love this place, but they need to carry nachos at the concession. don't forget to check out their stylized heavy metal tshirts =D
  • Terry S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Terry S.Ağustos 20, 2014
    Great place - comfy seats, clean, nice staff, reasonable prices. Oh and good films!
  • Katerina A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Katerina AnnaKasım 29, 2014
    Really good selection of movies and comfortable sits! FTW
  • Gregory F.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Gregory FisherKasım 4, 2018
    Theaters are small, so show up early for seats or you’ll end up in the front rows.
  • Brian K.
    Brian KantŞubat 15, 2010
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    I can't get enough of this place. Beautiful theaters and they play the best movies you won't see anywhere else. Stranger than Fiction on Tuesdays is a great doc series. Darn good popcorn too. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Scott H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Scott HuestonAğustos 13, 2013
    zipper was amazing. Film captured the story about the politics and money behind the callous changes to Coney Island.
  • Jack C.
    Jack Christal-GattanellaAğustos 25, 2013
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Popcorn isn't cheapest but tastes okay. Typical NYC movie prices but you can get a membership for discount tix. Love the midnight movies
  • Shawn Ryan R.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Shawn Ryan RandlemanAğustos 23, 2017
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    I love independent films and this is the place to watch them in the city
  • SundanceTV
    SundanceTVMart 26, 2012
    See a great film here before it makes it's way to our air. Don't forget about Waverly Midnights to see anything from The Holy Mountain to Birdemic to They Live
  • Umair Z.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Umair ZiaOcak 3, 2017
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The best popcorn in NYC guys. Real butter. All that matters. And other amazing snacks and treats.
  • Cheryl C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Cheryl ClementsŞubat 4, 2015
    Some of the best movies in the city, in the worst seats but they have real butter!
  • Erin M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Erin MurphyKasım 20, 2014
    Each theater is super small so get there early if you want to get a good seat.
  • Elliott T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Elliott TomesMart 22, 2016
    The IFC Center does a great job of bringing in directors and documentary subjects for audience Q&A.
  • dean c.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    dean collinsAralık 23, 2015
    Really liking the NT Live plays being shown here - http://blog.collins.net.pr/2015/12/live-theatrein-over-2000-worldwide.html
  • Bruno Z.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Bruno ZalumKasım 4, 2013
    I would have never thought I'd say something that ridiculous, but the organic popcorn are just amazing.
  • Peter K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Peter KellyMayıs 24, 2015
    One of the best theaters in NYC, guaranteed to have something good playing.
  • Bob E.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Bob EaglesonMart 1, 2020
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Great venue...friendly staff and terrific indie cinema
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupEkim 1, 2010
    Features the best in independent film. Don’t miss their midnight movies. Become a member for $65 and save $5 on each visit, plus get four free popcorns!
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