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Chris Cookson

Chris Cookson


I'm a New York City based animator who loves to try as many types of foods as possible. Apart from food, I really love cartoons and movies.

Los Angeles, CA
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  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Brooklyn
  • Santa Monica
  • Stamford
  • Venice
  • Universal City
  • Anaheim
  • Marina del Rey
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Chris Kullanıcısının En Çok Beğendiği Şehirler
New York
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Los Angeles
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1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 24 Tavsiyeler
Santa Monica
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23 Tavsiyeler
21 Tavsiyeler
Universal City
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Marina del Rey
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Chris'in Son Listeleri
Chris Cookson
25 mekan güncellendi Ocak 29, 2012
During my four years at Pratt, I was first disappointed that the only fast food place nearby was White Castle (gross) but soon learned that was a blessing. Here were some of my favorite places
Chris Cookson
92 mekan güncellendi
92 mekan The Keltic Kitchen, Nightmare Haunted House, Tusker House Restaurant, Crif Dogs dahil
Chris Cookson
129 mekan güncellendi
129 mekan Pinball Hall Of Fame, Al's Hot Chicken, Rolling Greens, Mulholland Scenic Overlook dahil
    Chris'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "Be sure to make note of what games people are playing and are functional. About half the machines here will eat your quarters and not let you play. The mechanics are too busy to give refunds."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · 1 hafta önce
    Oyun Salonu
    · Las Vegas, ABD
    "Dim screen, surrounded by a lot of noise and light pollution. Too industrial. If you can't see a movie any other way it's okay, otherwise it's worth the extra effort for the Mission Tiki."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Ocak 5
    Bağımsız Filmler
    · Paramount, ABD
    "Keep an eye on this place during COVID. Their tasting events are fun, reasonably priced, not too crowded and kind of cool to explore a theme park when the rides aren't running. A unique vibe."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Ocak 5
    Tema Parkı
    · Buena Park, ABD
    "This place is a must, even during COVID when their arcade is closed. Four different mini-golf courses, go karts and pizza. It's the ultimate birthday party or date for kids or the young-at-heart."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Ocak 5
    Golf Sahası
    · Anaheim, ABD
    "A fun Downtown Disney spot that is incredibly accommodating if you have someone in your group with food allergies or restrictions. Nothing quite beats getting hot chips and salsa. Well-priced too."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Ocak 5
    · Anaheim, ABD
    "Can't beat that view of Los Angeles, worth going here for that alone. Their selection of plants is really good too and gotta say hi to some of the cats around and about."
    Chris CooksonChris Cookson · Ocak 5
    · Culver City, ABD