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The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon

Tarih Müzesi
Waterloo, Londra
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  • Rana T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Rana Tefe KurtulduEylül 5, 2016
    Kombin bileti İnternetten alırsanız çok daha hesaplı. İlginç bir deneyim. Tavsiye edilir
  • Haksta
    HakstaHaziran 2, 2017
    Eğer hayatınızdan 2.5 saatinizi çöpe atmak istiyorsanız ve zona çıkarmaktan korkmuyorsanız mutlaka gidilmesi gerekiyor. Şahsen ben 2.5 saatimi burda geçirdiğim için çok pişman oldum.
  • Onur S.
    Onur SevindikMayıs 3, 2017
    Yaklaşık 110 dk süren londra tarihindeki enteresan ve ürkünç olayları anlatan tiyatral gösteri, korku tüneli beklemeyin.
  • Güler
    GülerAğustos 28, 2013
    Taşınmış daha önce tower bridge de idi
  • Esengül B.
    Esengül BahşiŞubat 15, 2014
    Ne biçim eğlence bu kabus gibiydi asla tavsiye etmiyorum
  • Chris kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Chris Ocak 26, 2015
    Book in advance and save money, it's fun, a bit scary at some parts, sometimes cheesy, some of the actors have very strong accent but in the end it's interesting in his own way!
  • Michael A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Michael AmannAğustos 19, 2018
    This was a fun experience even though I did expect it to be a little bit scarier than it ended up to be! The rides are entirely optional so you can skip them if you're not into that kind of thing!
    17 saat önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Alex C.
    Alex CoopeMayıs 31, 2011
    It was much better than I anticipated it to be! The 5D ride was amazing although it would benefit if the guns actually worked. The tour was fun and the other rides were great! Worth the time and money
  • Jefferson K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jefferson KanetaAğustos 22, 2015
    Um excelente passeio para quem está visitando Londres mostrando um pouco da história da cidade de uma maneira bem divertida.
  • Ezryn Z.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ezryn ZarofOcak 5, 2017
    It's a great place to bring the older kids to because they make history fun. Note that the actors tend to talk quite fast, hence it can be a little difficult to understand them at times.
  • Marco E.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Marco ErminiEkim 27, 2018
    Really fun and worth the price when bundled with other attractions. If you have teenager children it is a must. Take care that they need to be taller than 1.40 m to experience all the rides.
  • Will B.
    Will BelfordEylül 18, 2013
    One of the places I loved at London! Really felt like travelling back in time! I didn't appreciate the awful smell of the london dungeons though. All in all, it was perfect and seriously funny!
  • Chelsea B.
    Chelsea BradleyMayıs 8, 2015
    Definitely worth the price. Some of the "characters" are projections, but it's still awesome. A great cast! Jack the Ripper went after me, though. That part of old London can get dicey! :)
  • George X.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    George XAğustos 9, 2015
    Great attraction for kids. NOT for adults. Too childish. Not scary at all. Great for children up to 13years old to learn about London's history. Even the fast-falling-down ride at the end is childish.
  • Ashley
    AshleyHaziran 22, 2013
    So much fun! Not that scary and the drop is not a big drop at all and you dont get wet really! Totally worth it but definitely buy your tickets ahead of time online to avoid the queue.
  • Elizabeth L.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Elizabeth LeeKasım 21, 2014
    Get ur education about London's bloody and violent history here, while being frightened for entertainment value. Jack the Ripper, the Black Plague, Sweeney Todd and Guy Fawkes are featured here.
  • Mai G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Mai GhAğustos 18, 2015
    من العيوب الفادحة عدم التنبيه عند شراء التذاكر ان هناك بعض الفقرات خطيرة على بعض الفئات و بالتالي قد تتفاجأ اثناء العرض انك منهم و تمنع من دخولها و كان الأجدر ان تحصل على حرية الاختيار منذ البداية
  • Kristin L.
    Kristin LodermeierEkim 11, 2013
    One of the highlights of our trip. Found it more cheesy than scary but what do you expect? The rides are a nice mix-in to the acted out scenes. Look for coupons!
  • Daria A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Daria AvetisovaŞubat 22, 2014
    I loved it! Jack ripper was the best! You really get to sea the history with your own eyes! And the smells help lol It was totally worth it!
  • Michael
    MichaelTemmuz 3, 2013
    Great tour. Really enjoyable, a lot of information that is interesting. Book online, you will likely still have to wait in a queue, but it moves relatively quickly.
  • Nicole T.
    Nicole T.Nisan 9, 2014
    So scary and fun! Love it. Especially the trip with the boats and Jack the Ripper! Love also the super fun ending!!! Must-visit place!!
  • Zarakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    ZaraŞubat 5, 2015
    Fun and scary half day out. Jack the Ripper exhibit is very good. Book online in advance for good discounts. Great for groups.
  • Stefania M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Stefania ManiŞubat 28, 2015
    Expensive but really enjoyable! If you book online at least 24h before your visit you get 20% off. The best part is at the end :)
  • Chris M.
    Chris MeadŞubat 28, 2013
    The new London Dungeon is opening at County Hall on 1st March, and they've just released this scary fun King Henry VIII infographic to go with it!
  • Dave M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave MarshallEylül 19, 2015
    Onsite cafe and gifts hop makes for some interesting and novel giftware. Actors and actresses help to make this venue great for kids and adults.
  • The Telegraph
    The TelegraphTemmuz 13, 2012
    Some people say the scariest thing here is the queue but, once you get in, there are plenty of sudden jolts and frights on hand to startle and amuse you.
  • Laura E.
    Laura EisenbergOcak 24, 2014
    Wirklich cool da! Gruselig und amüsant zugleich. Fahrattraktionen fetzen auch. Alles in allem jedenfalls besser als der in Hamburg. Ist zumindest meine Meinung.
  • Nassos C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Nassos ConquesoŞubat 23, 2017
    Perfect experience! Somewhat scary! Great effort to construct all this scenery and organize all these actors
  • Anna T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Anna TrifonidouŞubat 11, 2016
    It is a tourist attraction but a very nice one! You learn some of London's history in a different way!!
  • Donnie
    DonnieTemmuz 21, 2013
    Getting used to the new location. Preferred the old one seemed a lot less walking. The water ride broke midway and given how wet we got (esp if you sit towards the back) I may skip that next time.
  • Chaffro
    ChaffroEkim 31, 2012
    Remember the feeling you'd get in your stomach when you heard that advert that starts with a guy saying "This is Labrinth"? This place offers a similar experience, but slightly more pleasant.
  • Liam P.
    Liam PyeNisan 20, 2014
    Good value with 2-for-1 voucher. The actors are great, more fun than scary. You'll get wet on the boat ride!
  • Hiten P.
    Hiten PatelTemmuz 19, 2011
    Nice experience, but more to do with history than actually having an adventure. Laser ride was great, apart from useless guns, and the 'hanging' at the end was the best part.
  • Yasser A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Yasser AlamriNisan 3, 2019
    متحف الرعبجميل وممتع جدايحكي قصص احداث لندن في القرون المظلمةتحتاج لغة جيدة لفهم مايقالتستحق التجربة
  • Dave M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave MarshallEylül 19, 2015
    Book online for discounts, or check for multibuy offers with coupon sites for the best rates. No reliable wifi onsite
  • Maria B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Maria BlEkim 10, 2014
    If you are a tourist in London, it is definitely a must visit and I fully recommend it!!
  • Иван С.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Интересная концепция, рекомендую к посещению. Лучше брать комплексный билет совместно с другими развлечениями.
  • Monica G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Monica GustavsenAğustos 18, 2017
    Very fin, but a bit scary. IT is smart to buy tickets in advanced to avoid Que
  • Kwstis S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Kwstis SpyrousAralık 12, 2018
    Good actors!!!!If you visit London, you have to visit this attraction!!!
  • Ash B.
    Ash BlagdonMart 16, 2015
    Educational, informative and good fun. One of the best London attractions.
  • Aybige C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Aybige CantürkTemmuz 28, 2015
    it was a good experience. Especially at the end of it , youll love it ☺️
  • Yv Z.
    Yv ZoNisan 27, 2017
    I was so looking forward to come back to the london dungeon but I was very disappointed to learn that this once spectacular museum became a mini theater I was bored to tears
  • Marco E.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Marco ErminiEkim 27, 2018
    Esperienza molto divertente. Schizzi d’acqua pochissimi (meno del fiore finto di un clown per capirci) e comunque ti avvisano (forse qualcuno non capisce l’inglese...)
  • Mlle B.
    Mlle BijouHaziran 5, 2014
    I think the kids will enjoy the interactive performance. I had a great time!
  • Floriane F.
    Floriane FMayıs 9, 2011
    Petit musée de l'horreur sur le thème des légendes au Royaume Uni. Le décor est un peu à chier on voit que c'est faux, mais l'ambiance y est plutot flippante !
  • D34NO T.
    D34NO TimmonsEylül 24, 2011
    Been here twice and I love it! we waited 2hours but it was worth it although the hanging part at the end, the flash didn't work so our pics never came out! Bit disappointed oh well
  • Style by Stylism
    Style by StylismEkim 15, 2011
    This amusement slash horror house never ceases to scare me. I've been many times and its enjoyable in a weird way. Def worth checking out during Halloween.
  • Alex F.
    Alex FilipMart 19, 2011
    Nice experience, worth trying it! It'z both fun, scary and creepy. Save the 2h queue by purchasing tickets online or at your hotel reception.
  • Collette D.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Collette DalbyAğustos 23, 2014
    Great way to teach kids about history and very very fun! No matter what age!
  • 🌙kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    🌙Ağustos 28, 2013
    Best experience i've ever had! So much fun worth the wait.
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