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New York City, NY
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New York
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Staten Island
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Jackson Heights
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City of New York
15 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 6, 2014
Highlights of New York City locations used in popular films. Learn more about film, theater and broadcasting in the city from Made in NY's website, http://www.nyc.gov/html/film/html/home/home.shtml
City of New York
82 mekan güncellendi Mart 26, 2015
These NYC restaurants are participants in the Mayor's Food Waste Challenge, committed to reducing the amount of their food waste that goes to landfill by 50 percent. Learn more at NYC.gov/PlaNYC.
City of New York
30 mekan güncellendi Şubat 9, 2015
Looking for something to do in NYC this summer? Check out some of the things you can do outside.
City of New York
5 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 6, 2013
Congrats to Samman (https://foursquare.com/sammanc), who won the NYC Gov Foursquare Contest with her top 5 places every New Yorker or visitor must see while in NYC.
City of New York
40 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 1, 2015
40 mekan Ambassador Theatre, Vivian Beaumont Theater, Studio 54, Shubert Theatre dahil
City of New York
52 mekan güncellendi Mart 6, 2013
Use this list to find all historic attractions in New York City.
    "One of the filming locations for the film Shaft (2000)"
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    · New York, ABD
    "In the movie The Producers (1968), the scene where Leo agrees to Max’s scheme was shot at the Lincoln Center fountain."
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    "The 91st Street Garden in New York's Riverside Park was the location for the final scene of the movie You've Got Mail (1998) starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan."
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    "Katz's was the site of Meg Ryan's famous "faking it" scene in the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally..., followed by Estelle Reiner's iconic line, "I'll have what she's having"."
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    · New York, ABD
    "The popular children's television show Sesame Street has been taped within Kaufman Astoria Studios since 1992."
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    TV İstasyonu
    · Astoria, ABD
    "The movie Requiem for a Dream (2000) was predominately filmed in Coney Island and Brighton Beach."
    City of New YorkCity of New York · Ocak 13, 2014
    · Brooklyn, ABD