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Life Alive

Life Alive

Vegan ve Vejetaryen Restoranı$$$$
Mid-Cambridge, Cambridge
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  • Alper Ç.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Alper ÇifçiEkim 14, 2019
    Yemekler gerçekten çok lezzetli. Vegan değilim ama doydum.
  • Emily C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Emily ChalkoEylül 19, 2016
    One of my favorites for a quick healthy but filling bite in Boston. Get the adventurer bowl with avocado! The ginger Namu Shayu sauce will knock your socks off. Amazing smoothies - get the love alive
  • Alice .kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Alice 🐱Ağustos 19, 2014
    Take the Demi (portions are huge) Green Goddess with tofu and Quinoa instead of rice. then pour the spicy sauce at the water-self station and...go to heaven. Plus, can't go wrong with the Thrive Alive
  • Taejasvi N.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Taejasvi NarayanMayıs 1, 2015
    Great place for vegan and vegetarian food, and the smoothies are so healthy. Everything is creatively presented in mason jars and little plates. Not to mention the garden in the bathroom... So hippie!
    Boston.comAğustos 4, 2014
    I love pretty much anything that can be eaten out of a bowl, which is why the Green Goddess, a blend of greens and brown rice and topped with a decadent shoyu ginger sauce, is my go-to steal at $9.25. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Aimée Jane P.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Aimée Jane ParrOcak 3, 2021
    The food here is amazing! Best vegan spot in Boston! Healthy and organic, big portions and a quirky, earthly, tranquil vibe inside. All grain bowls & juices are tasty and a great mix of ingredients!🌱
  • Jennifer P.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jennifer PoreKasım 9, 2017
    I had the fool! A yummy noodle bowl with kale, tofu, and mushrooms in a ginger dressing. I also treated myself to a raw truffle. I sat downstairs, which kinda felt like I was in a dark hippy cave.
  • Jill S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jill SantiagoEkim 28, 2014
    Favorites: The Swami + Island Alive smoothie. Makes it easy to eat healthy- my carnivore husband likes the satisfying meals. Wish they had more space- nowhere to sit during rush times. Good prices.
  • Dylan B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dylan BoydOcak 18, 2017
    Amazing vegetarian food! Had an awesome Lover Salad and they so great Kombucha. Definitely worth dropping in to relax and have some amazing ethical food.
  • Desirée M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Desirée MacDonaldMayıs 17, 2018
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    I have to admit, I’m always skeptical of vegetarian food. BUT, The Adventurer with Avocado was really good along with the Elvis Alive smoothie. So if you’re not a vegetarian either, try that!
  • Tara K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Tara KrishnanKasım 29, 2012
    The Green Goddess and Swami are amazing and their smoothies and fruit juices are delicious!! The Spring Alive, Chai Alive and the Superhero Alive are my favorites.
  • BU Today
    BU TodayMayıs 8, 2014
    Life Alive is a self described "urban oasis & organic cafe" that offers healthy whole foods with fast food convenience. Whether you're vegetarians, vegan, or gluten-free their menu is sure to appeal. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Samantha S.
    Samantha SchwartzHaziran 28, 2013
    Great veg in Central Square area. Salad bowls are great! Thoroughly enjoyed the "Explorer" friends loved the "Adventurer" & the "Swami" as well.
  • Thierry R.
    Thierry RousseauTemmuz 6, 2013
    Best is to take few demi to try few things!we had the lover(good) the healer ( best) the innocent ( best) for the drink all were very good. Can't wait to go back and would love one in the UK.
  • Sophia H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Sophia HAralık 24, 2018
    Adventurer bowl is AMAZING. The Fool (udon noodles) was good but not as filling or diverse. Bowls are large but the food is pretty light, so they may not be that filling for dinner, just FYI.
  • Kat .kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Kat 🐱Şubat 8, 2016
    Best vegetarian restaurant I have ever been to! Get the Adventurer with curry miso sauce! Just trust me.
  • Ingrid W.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ingrid WongAralık 12, 2014
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    There's a reason this place is always busy. Order a Green Goddess bowl - even a demi size is enough to fill you up. It's a warm bowl of healthy yumminess!
  • Gabriel M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Gabriel M.Mayıs 24, 2018
    Everything is fresh and delicious at this place! Each warm bowl has its own zest and flavor. Half portions are great if you’re not starving.
  • Greg B.
    Greg BodenairTemmuz 14, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    This place truly is an exceptional find. So many delicious and healthy options. I recommend any of the warm meals served in bowls. The Emperor and the Adventurer are my two favorites.
  • Niki B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Niki BlakerMart 3, 2017
    I had The Seeker which was excellent! The salad portions are huge - I was satisfied neither their "demi" size.
  • Margot M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Margot MazurMayıs 24, 2015
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Wow. This place is amazing. Green Goddess bowl and do not skip that hot sauce. Downstairs is spacious and cool. Top 5 fave veggie places on my list.
  • M3t47 G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    M3t47 G34rTemmuz 30, 2016
    Line is so long that it's unreal. But the food and atmosphere are worth it. Udon miso masterful is pretty good. There's also a lounge type seating downstairs.
  • Aleksandra A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Aleksandra ArcipowskaŞubat 22, 2019
    This place is amazing. I got adventure bowl and it is full of flavors.heathy. warm. Vegetarian/vegan. Njam.
  • Allison T.
    Allison Tovo-DwyerAğustos 4, 2011
    You will feel amazing after eating here! I prefer the adventurer bowl (get a bowl if you are hungry--its also the only way you can get a stamp on your appreciation card). Fun to try different juices!
  • Saritha A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Saritha AthmakurMart 17, 2015
    First time -Not very impressed. Food was good, but easily replicable@home. I was able to make Elvis Alive@home for < $3 for twice the quantity you get here. I would come back though to try more stuff
  • Mike C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Mike CollinsMart 4, 2016
    I like the swami, the masterful bowl, the adventure and explorer. Very lively. Lots of pretty people. Nice art. Good music. Stuff to read.
  • Albie S.
    Albie SEylül 3, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Emperor + beets, adventurer, hot & healthy bachelor. Demi for dinner, full plate for lunch. Avoid Life Alive on hot days - limited AC and most clientele are not daily showerers or deodorant users
  • Elisa T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Elisa Tobin LmtOcak 4, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Hive Alive is delicious but I'd add a bit of ginger to it to give it a bit of zest. The Ginger Crush is not for the faint if heart but it is my favorite so far.
  • Briannakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    BriannaHaziran 17, 2016
    A vegetarian's paradise! Everything is delicious. You can't go wrong with anything. I'm especially fond of 'The Lover' 🍄
  • Peter Paul P.
    Peter Paul PayackAralık 4, 2013
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Everything is good, but go with the Emperor or Romantic Wrap. Call ahead for take out & they let you skip the line (it's always packed).
  • Debbkullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    DebbNisan 5, 2017
    Very nice place, all organic and veggie. People are really nice and the salads are excellent! Totally recomend it!
  • Ryan N.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ryan NixonTemmuz 8, 2016
    Had the chai smoothie, was very good: strong flavors of banana and cinnamon. Udon miso was great too, loved the kale
  • DJ Tek aka Mr. Chicago
    The Swami - Which is the Curry Miso Sauce with brown rice is absolutely amazing. Make sure you grab a smoothie with your meal. Anything less is a insult! Lol
  • Proxy Apparel
    Proxy ApparelNisan 13, 2012
    Get the Rebel! Sesame Ginger Nama Sauce with flax oil enlivening carrots, beets, broccoli, dark greens, tofu & hijiki over quinoa & short grain brown rice. Sooo good!
  • Caroline P.
    Caroline PaclMart 24, 2012
    Love this super crunchy cafe! The one in Lowell is pretty awesome as well! I think I tried my first wheat-grass shot there or something... Great tea selection anyway!
  • Sam N.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Sam NicaiseNisan 15, 2016
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The bowls are just to-die-for. I'm the biggest fan of the alchemist. If only I made enough to eat there every day.
  • Aaron W.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Aaron WheelerTemmuz 30, 2017
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The green goddess both with both is all you will ever need in life. Eat a truffle after for dessert!
  • Dave H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave HakkensEylül 7, 2014
    EVERYTHING here is great. healthy, organic, staff, menu, speed, taste. Did not check the toilet though..
  • Margaret W.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Margaret WangAğustos 22, 2014
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Awesome smoothies. Still not in love with the seasoning and flavors in the bowls, but I know many who love it.
  • Patriciakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    PatriciaOcak 21, 2015
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    The Adventurer is my go-to, but I never regret trying something new. Nab some free smoothie samples as you wait.
  • Daniel J.
    Daniel JalkutOcak 12, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Delicious wrap, and I'm not really a wrap guy. Try the hot sauce at the condiment station and ignore the food prep guy wiping his nose on his plastic glove (!)
  • Jeff B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jeff ByrnesAğustos 6, 2018
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Order ahead online, then walk straight to the back to pick it up. Save a ton of time!
  • Stephanie O.
    Stephanie OrmeEylül 14, 2019
    My acai bowl wasn't great. The ingredients weren't mixed super well, so some bites were super bitter (from the flax seeds maybe?). And all the peanut butter was in the bottom.
  • Paloma M.
    Paloma MarizTemmuz 28, 2013
    The food was good but you have to order it with some sauce, I forgot that and mine was super dry! The juices were really good!
  • Kat .kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Kat 🐱Eylül 2, 2017
    The Adventurer with curry miso sauce and shiitake mushrooms!
  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan ShawMayıs 5, 2017
    I'm a newbie at this place, but the Green Goddess was amazing. I'm hooked, can't wait until my next visit!
  • Keri G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Keri GarelTemmuz 19, 2018
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Every time I come here I tell myself I'm gonna branch out and try something other than the Green Goddess bowl, but it's just SO GOOD
  • Greg B.
    Greg BodenairMart 28, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Try the The Adventurer - If you haven't been to this place yet, I highly recommend you try it out. Healthy options and full of flavor
  • Lou A.
    Lou AllenMayıs 4, 2015
    The green goddess (with almonds) hit the spot. Feel satisfied without the normal sluggishness. The place was very busy but the staff were efficient
  • Livia D.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Livia DinuNisan 5, 2014
    The Goddess is amazing, and so is the Rebel! Try their juices and smoothies, and the latte!
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