Pop's Place is one of Ljubljana.

1. Pop's Place

Cankarjevo nabrezje 3, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Burger Dükkanı · Old Town Ljubljana · 114 tavsiye ve inceleme

Masa J.Masa Jencic: Great selection of beers from various microbreweries, burgers are awesome, the meat is juicy and seared just right (medium-medium rare). Also, I like the laidback vibe and ambient.

Caffe Petkovšek is one of Ljubljana.

2. Caffe Petkovšek

Petkovškovo nabrežje 15, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bar · 31 tavsiye ve inceleme

Witold D.Witold Donwito: Tasty sandwiches, nice selection of local and foreign craft beers.

3. Sir William's pub

Tavčarjeva ul. 8a, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pub · 42 tavsiye ve inceleme
TOZD is one of Ljubljana.


Gallusovo nabrežje 27, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bar · 71 tavsiye ve inceleme

Michal S.Michal Sičák: very hip place with very friendly service. Offers open sandwiches, craft beer, Slovenian wine and more. Quite small inside with loud music. Bigger area outside on the main promenade.

Za Popen't Pivoteka is one of Ljubljana.

5. Za Popen't Pivoteka

Stari Trg 5, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
İçki Dükkanı · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

Uroš M.Uroš Miklavčič: Excellent choice of craft beers. Bevog, Pelicon, Vizir and other beers can be bought here.

Slovenska Hiša is one of Ljubljana.

6. Slovenska Hiša

Cankarjevo nabrežje 13, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bistro · 42 tavsiye ve inceleme

Tibor G.Tibor Galamb: Best place to try some local beers and meals! Also good for breakfast! Try kranjska klobasa and cemazev strukelj ( left one and right one)

Patrick's Irish Bar is one of Ljubljana.

7. Patrick's Irish Bar

Prečna ul. 6, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
İrlanda Pubı · 32 tavsiye ve inceleme

Mirosław M.Mirosław M: A great selection of imported craft beers!

Pivnica Union is one of Ljubljana.

8. Pivnica Union

Celovška ulica 22, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pub · 37 tavsiye ve inceleme

John C.John Caliban: Concept and space are great and unique for Ljubljana but the beers don't stand up to good microbrews and the food often leaves something to be desired.Try goulash and the dark beers.flights available.

Winnners Lounge is one of Ljubljana.

9. Winnners Lounge

Dunajska cesta 154, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Spor Barı · 6 tavsiye ve inceleme

Osterman J.Osterman Jernej: Excellent Burgers and local beer.

repete is one of Ljubljana.

10. repete

Gornji trg 19, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Gastropub · 17 tavsiye ve inceleme

Hipster Travel Blog - Travels of AdamHipster Travel Blog - Travels of Adam: Try the local beers on tap! Daha fazlasını oku.

Gas Station is one of Ljubljana.

11. Gas Station

Savska cesta 5, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bar · 12 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jernej V.Jernej Vrečar: Wide selection of imported beers, ranging from American craft beers to Belgian classics. Also, neighbour to the Beer Shop.

Čajnica Gallus is one of Ljubljana.

12. Čajnica Gallus

Gallusovo nabrežje 27, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Çay Bahçesi · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

Eddie P.Eddie P: Lots of great local craft beers on the menu.

Pritličje is one of Ljubljana.

13. Pritličje

Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Kafe · 36 tavsiye ve inceleme

Stefan T.Stefan Teixeira: Place is nice, had some good craft beers for cheap prices, but the service is not very friendly.

Pomf is one of Ljubljana.

14. Pomf

Trubarjeva 40, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Doğu Avrupa Restoranı · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

Thibaut V.Thibaut Voirand: Great Slovenian restaurant at medium prices: approximately 10e for a delicious meal with a large an fresh local beer !

Fany & Mary is one of Ljubljana.

15. Fany & Mary

Petkovškovo nabrežje 19, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bar · 27 tavsiye ve inceleme

Trond E.Trond Enger: Nice burgers and a good selection of local craft beers.

Zlata Ladjica is one of Ljubljana.

16. Zlata Ladjica

Jurčičev trg 1 (Novi trg), Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Bar · 24 tavsiye ve inceleme

Miroslav Š.Miroslav Šuvak: If you like alternative places with good music, you should go here. Nothing fancy + local craft beers on tap (Human Fish brewery and Pelicon brewery). They also have a table football (soccer).

Kavarna Tiskarna is one of Ljubljana.

17. Kavarna Tiskarna

Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Burger Dükkanı · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

Anja S.Anja Strajnar: Burgers are really good, not to mention chips with different spices and toppings! Big portions!

18. Hood Burger

Nazorjeva ulica 4, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Burger Dükkanı · 32 tavsiye ve inceleme
Verace is one of Ljubljana.

19. Verace

Streliška ulica 22, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pizzacı · 40 tavsiye ve inceleme

miamia: The proper neapolitan pizza finally in Ljubljana. I have tasted pizza Margherita and it was the best pizza I've ever tried, even better than those in Trieste.

Trta is one of Ljubljana.

20. Trta

Grudnovo nabrežje 21, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pizzacı · 29 tavsiye ve inceleme

Zoran Z.Zoran Z: Best pizza in Ljubljana.

Foculus is one of Ljubljana.

21. Foculus

Gregorčičeva 3 (Gledališče Glej), Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pizzacı · 93 tavsiye ve inceleme

Tóth B.Tóth Bálint: Really delicious salami pizza :)

Pizzeria Parma is one of Ljubljana.

22. Pizzeria Parma

Trg republike 2, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Pizzacı · 31 tavsiye ve inceleme

Anton C.Anton Chechotkin: The best pizza in the city! Especially, slavija! The only disadvantage of this place - it doesn't work on weekends...

Klobasarna is one of Ljubljana.

23. Klobasarna

Ciril Metodov trg 15, Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Sosis Dükkanı · 34 tavsiye ve inceleme

Julia V.Julia Volyntseva: This is very good, I must say! Sausages are delicious, very affordable prices for beverages and food. Hot wine just 👍👍👍