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Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim


Paramus, NJ
  • 101 Tavsiye
  • 263 Takipçiler
  • 262 Takip Edilen
  • 28 Liste
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  • New York
  • Paramus
  • Boston
  • Honolulu
  • Syracuse
  • Westwood
  • Charlotte
  • Miami Beach
  • Hackensack
  • Tüm Şehirler
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New York
44 Tavsiyeler
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 8 Tavsiyeler
7 Tavsiyeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 5 Tavsiyeler
5 Tavsiyeler
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 2 Tavsiyeler
4 Tavsiyeler
Miami Beach
4 Tavsiyeler
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 1 Tavsiye
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Sarah'in Son Listeleri
Sarah Kim
129 mekan güncellendi Mart 10, 2020
129 mekan S. Egidio, Dante's Italian Deli, The Bagel Shoppe, The Fireplace Restaurant dahil
Sarah Kim
65 mekan güncellendi Mart 6, 2020
65 mekan Maui Mike's, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, Sweet Home Cafe, Cafe Duck Butt dahil
Sarah Kim
13 mekan güncellendi Haziran 19, 2020
13 mekan Chicken Galore, Casual Habana Cafe, Bhoj Indian Restaurant, Angelina's Pizzeria Restaurant dahil
Sarah Kim
48 mekan güncellendi
48 mekan ilili, Hill Country Barbecue Market, Yorganic, Doughnut Plant dahil
Sarah Kim
59 mekan güncellendi
59 mekan Calle Ocho, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, Makani Catamaran, Soon’s Kal-Bi Drive-In dahil
    Sarah'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "If you want to make the most of your time in Hawaii, go here last or visit if you’re already in the area because it’s a waste of time to go out of your way. Tourist trap."
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 5, 2020
    · Wahiawā, ABD
    "You can get half&half protein toppings! I got half white fish & half shrimp salad bowl with guac. OBSESSED. I liked this place better than the udon joint right down the street that has the crazy line."
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 4, 2020
    · Honolulu, ABD
    "Don’t get plain bc it’ll taste like every other udon you’ve tried. The onigiri with tofu skin IS BOMB tho. I don’t even usually like it nor eat it elsewhere but I devoured this one. Out of this world!"
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 4, 2020
    · Honolulu, ABD
    "The sauce is everything. Loved all the eateries near this truck too. Grab a plate of Giovanni’s, then a smoothie in a pineapple or seasoned mangos. Coconuts are overpriced asf."
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 4, 2020
    Seyyar Yiyecek
    · Kahuku, ABD
    "Best part of the whole center hands down. Fire dancing, hula, the whole works! Walking around the rest of the center was exhausting and is probably more enjoyable for little kids."
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 4, 2020
    · Lā‘ie, ABD
    "I can def get used to this! Best time to go is during noon on the hottest day bc you can get the most sun w/o dying from the heat as you would on the beach. The wind feels SO NICE and you see whales"
    Sarah KimSarah Kim · Mart 4, 2020
    Vapur / Feribot
    · Honolulu, ABD