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Toro is one of Belgrad.

1. Toro

Karađorđeva 2-4 (Obala majora Dragutina Gavrilovića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Latin Amerika Restoranı · Kalemegdan · 422 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jelisaveta B.Jelisaveta Bijelic: Indeed pet friendly. Good & creative interior design. Appetizers very good and outstanding aesthetic served. Main course below the expectations for the restaurant. A rich wine list. Pleasant service.

Lorenzo & Kakalamba is one of Belgrad.

2. Lorenzo & Kakalamba

Cvijićeva 110 (Vladetina), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Restoran · Vukov Spomenik · 439 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ali E.Ali Erkurt: Beef fillet a la chef is served with grilled vegetable and extremely delicious.

Jazz bašta is one of Belgrad.

3. Jazz bašta

Male Stepenice 1a (Karadordeva 43), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Caz Kulübü · Stari Grad · 181 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ratko P.Ratko Peric: Nice hidden place with some interesting interior and fine vine list. Live music at evening.

Tri šešira is one of Belgrad.

4. Tri šešira

Skadarska 29 (Gospodar Jevremova), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Restoran · Stari Grad · 395 tavsiye ve inceleme
Red Bread is one of Belgrad.

5. Red Bread

Dositejeva 22 (Gospodar Jovanova), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Sandviç Mekanı · Stari Grad · 418 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jacob C.Jacob Carman: Came for the eggs here first day in Belgrade, came back for the eggs everyday we were here!! These guys do it right! Also have amazing coffee and fresh juices. Hit this place for breakfast!

Калемегдански парк | Kalemegdanski Park is one of Belgrad.

6. Калемегдански парк | Kalemegdanski Park

Kalemegdan (Kalemegdan), Dorćol, Central Serbia
Park · Kalemegdan, Belgrade · 156 tavsiye ve inceleme

Sara M.Sara Manojlovic: Old fortress with beautiful view at the city. Great landscape for relaxing with friends or partners and spending quality time outdoors. :)

Madera is one of Belgrad.

7. Madera

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 43 (Desanke Maksimović), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Doğu Avrupa Restoranı · Tašmajdan · 135 tavsiye ve inceleme

Alparslan D.Alparslan Demir: Beautiful place, delicious food, lovely atmosphere! Fairly, it's the best restaurant ever in Belgrade. The price rates were much lower comparing to Istanbul. All staff can speak English. Hvala Madera!

Wine Art Podrum is one of Belgrad.

8. Wine Art Podrum

Višnjićeva 7 (Gospodar Jevremova), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Şarap Barı · Dorćol · 80 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ivana I.Ivana Ilic: Perfect selection of wines, delicious food, friendly staff! You can also buy wine straight from their wine cellar at much cheaper prices 😊🍷

Smokvica is one of Belgrad.

9. Smokvica

Molerova 33, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Restoran · Vračar · 239 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ali E.Ali Erkurt: Great staff and great backyard garden so far. Lovely and cozy place.

Šaran is one of Belgrad.

10. Šaran

Kej oslobođenja 53 (Njegoševa), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · Zemun · 184 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ata K.Ata Karazincir: Kalamar dolmasi muhtesem.Icinde ozel bir peynir var

Knez Mihailova Caddesi is one of Belgrad.

11. Knez Mihailova Caddesi

(Knez Mihailova)
Knez Mihailova, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Yaya Meydanı · Stari Grad · 271 tavsiye ve inceleme

Eda Meltem L.Eda Meltem Leković: Yururken muzigin her tarzini duyabileceginiz, Belgrad'in en gozde caddesi..

Kalemegdan is one of Belgrad.

12. Kalemegdan

(Beogradska tvrđava | Kalemegdan)
Kalemegdan bb, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kale · Kalemegdan · 164 tavsiye ve inceleme

Demetrios Ch. V.Demetrios Ch. V.: nice panorama of the rivers Sava&Danube!Spend a day here to see it!(it's huge!) don't miss the Military Museum(open10-17),with an open air section showing the tanks and cannons of the two world wars!!

Little Bay is one of Belgrad.

13. Little Bay

Dositejeva 9a, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Restoran · Stari Grad · 433 tavsiye ve inceleme

MarijaMarija: Great chicken, beef and chocolate cakes! Cheese-cake as well! Various artists every evening, shows start at 21h.

Taş Meydan Parkı is one of Belgrad.

14. Taş Meydan Parkı

(Tašmajdanski Park)
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra (Beogradska), Beograd, Vračar
Park · Tašmajdan · 113 tavsiye ve inceleme

Marina A.Marina Aleksic: This park has everything you'd want in one. Even an area for only dogs! A beautiful fountain, a great park for kids. Couple swings and it's located close to one of the best pools in the city!

Cumhuriyet Meydanı is one of Belgrad.

15. Cumhuriyet Meydanı

(Trg republike)
Trg republike (Francuska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Meydan · Trg Republike · 99 tavsiye ve inceleme

Marina A.Marina Aleksic: The best part of Belgrade, We all meet each other at " King Micheal's Horse" or " the horse" as we like to call it. Wonderful place to hang out, get a cup of coffee, it's the Times Square of Belgrade.

16. Skadarlija

Skadarska, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Yaya Meydanı · Stari Grad · 154 tavsiye ve inceleme

MilošMiloš: Considered the old bohemian quarter of Belgrade, you will find a cobblestone promenade with restaurants, hotels, art galleries, souvenir shops, bars and nightclubs. Bit touristy but worth seeing.

Smokvica is one of Belgrad.

17. Smokvica

Kralja Petra 73, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Bistro · Dorćol · 430 tavsiye ve inceleme

Micky A.Micky Ardoni: People come here.with sunday clothes. Waiters unprofessional.. Paper towels taken from the dirty floor and ready to be served to other customers. I had to stop waiter. Hamburger with unpleasant bread.

Moritz Eis is one of Belgrad.

18. Moritz Eis

Vuka Karadžića 9 (Cara Lazara), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Dondurma Dükkanı · Stari Grad · 293 tavsiye ve inceleme

Bogdan N.Bogdan Nikolić: Best ice-cream taste ever! You pick your choice by trying it first which is great! Try walnuts and dark chocolate flavour! Go upstairs and sit in the futuristic egg-like chair!

Dva jelena is one of Belgrad.

19. Dva jelena

Skadarska 32 (btw Simina and Gospodar Jevremova), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Doğu Avrupa Restoranı · Stari Grad · 336 tavsiye ve inceleme

ELLYELLY: Değişik ortam başka bi ülkede olduğunuzu anlıyorsunuz. Servis hızlı ve lezzetliydi ilgilenen yaşlı amca kazıklamadi bizi fiyatlar uygun jelena birasıyla yemekler iyi gitti :-)

Savamala is one of Belgrad.

20. Savamala

Belgrad, Central Serbia
Mahalle · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme

Gül E.Gül Ekren®: Yol sizi merdivenlerden Savamala'ya indirecek. Savamalaya indiğinizde ışıkların köşesindeki minik yerel pizzacıyı bulun, pişman olmayacaksınız :)

Bucko is one of Belgrad.

21. Bucko

Francuska 18, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Pizzacı · Stari Grad · 117 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ozge SahinlerOzge Sahinler: Best pizza in town. No place to sit but always crowded. People are eating pizzas on the cars or street corner :) There are different sauces to put on pizza. Should try it. Amazing!

Mandarina is one of Belgrad.

22. Mandarina

Gračanička 16 (Nikole Spasića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Tatlıcı · Stari Grad · 117 tavsiye ve inceleme

Senja V.Senja Vild: Wow! Just wow! Beautiful interior made by Belgrade designers Braća Burazeri and even better sweets made by amazing Serbian pastry chef!

23. Manufaktura

Kralja Petra 13-15 (Cara Lazara), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Doğu Avrupa Restoranı · Stari Grad · 361 tavsiye ve inceleme

AlexisAlexis: Food and atmosphere are excellent. Serbian and greek specialities. Just my leather shoes didn't like the floor 😒 u will know what I am talking about.

Walter is one of Belgrad.

24. Walter

Strahinjića bana 57 (Kneginje Ljubice), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Barbekü Restoranı · Stari Grad · 235 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ali E.Ali Erkurt: Meatball and sish were awesome. Try krpice with traditional kaymak.

Majstor za pivo is one of Belgrad.

25. Majstor za pivo

Žorža Klemansoa 18 (Dunavska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Bira Mağazası · Dorćol · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

GlasscowGlasscow: it's my #2 best beer store in the city (other: pivopija) confortable place, friendly & well informed staff. but some beers easily available in markets are sold double price here. you're aware of that!

Mikser HOUSE is one of Belgrad.

26. Mikser HOUSE

Karađorđeva 46 (Travnicka), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Tasarım Stüdyosu · Savski Venac · 93 tavsiye ve inceleme
Intergalactic Diner is one of Belgrad.

27. Intergalactic Diner

Internacionalnih Brigada 22 (Braničevska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Diner · Neimar · 367 tavsiye ve inceleme
Studentski park is one of Belgrad.

28. Studentski park

Studentski trg bb (Braće Jugovića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Park · Dorćol · 48 tavsiye ve inceleme
Dom omladine Beograda is one of Belgrad.

29. Dom omladine Beograda

Makedonska 22/IV (Dečanska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Gösteri Merkezi · Stari Grad · 45 tavsiye ve inceleme
Gallery 1250* is one of Belgrad.

30. Gallery 1250*

Čumićevo Sokače 56, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Sanat Galerisi · Trg Republike · 6 tavsiye ve inceleme
Ciudad Zapata is one of Belgrad.

31. Ciudad Zapata

Vuka Karadžića 14 (Cara Lazara), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Meksika Restoranı · Stari Grad · 177 tavsiye ve inceleme
Koffein is one of Belgrad.

32. Koffein

Cara Lazara 13 (Uskočka 8), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kahve Dükkanı · Stari Grad · 288 tavsiye ve inceleme
Balkon is one of Belgrad.

33. Balkon

Balkanska 13 (Pajsijeva), Belgrad, Central Serbia
İtalyan Restoranı · Stari Grad · 73 tavsiye ve inceleme
Delfi | Knjižara SKC is one of Belgrad.

34. Delfi | Knjižara SKC

Kralja Milana 48 (ulaz iz Resavske), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kitapçı · Cvetni Trg · 27 tavsiye ve inceleme
Beopolis is one of Belgrad.

35. Beopolis

Makedonska 22/VI (Dečanska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kitapçı · Stari Grad · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme
Vulkan is one of Belgrad.

36. Vulkan

Sremska 2, Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kitapçı · Trg Republike · 11 tavsiye ve inceleme
Dereta is one of Belgrad.

37. Dereta

Knez Mihailova 46 (btw Nikole Spasića and Uskočka), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kitapçı · Stari Grad · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme
Cantina de Frida is one of Belgrad.

38. Cantina de Frida

Karađorđeva 2-4 (Obala majora Dragutina Gavrilovića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Meksika Restoranı · Kalemegdan · 219 tavsiye ve inceleme
Marukoshi is one of Belgrad.

39. Marukoshi

Kapetan Mišina 37 (Milorada Gavrilovića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Japon Restoranı · Dorćol · 97 tavsiye ve inceleme
Supermarket Concept Store is one of Belgrad.

40. Supermarket Concept Store

Uzun Mirkova 8 (btw Cara Uroša and Kralja Petra), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Restoran · Stari Grad · 248 tavsiye ve inceleme
Moskva **** is one of Belgrad.

41. Moskva ****

Terazije 20 (Balkanska), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Otel · Trg Republike · 101 tavsiye ve inceleme
Aziz Mark Kilisesi is one of Belgrad.

42. Aziz Mark Kilisesi

(Crkva Svetog Marka | Hram Svetog Apostola i Jevanđeliste Marka)
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 17 (Svetog Marka), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kilise · Tašmajdan · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme
Supermarket Deli is one of Belgrad.

43. Supermarket Deli

Topličin venac 19-21 (Vuka Karadžića), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Şarküteri · Stari Grad · 116 tavsiye ve inceleme
Kozmetičar is one of Belgrad.

44. Kozmetičar

Radoslava Grujića 25 (Požarevačka), Belgrad, Central Serbia
Kafe · Kalenić · 107 tavsiye ve inceleme