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İşte Tribeca'de birkaç popüler tavsiye. Daha fazlasını görmek için bir beğeni seç:

Foursquare Tribeca'da arkadaşlarınla gidebileceğin mükemmel mekanları bulmana yardım eder.

  • 9.3


    Mobilya / Ev Gereçleri Mağazası 57 Warren St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (13 tavsiye):

    • Bravo
      Bravo: "Great Japanese knives and cutting boards. I’m left handed and really appreciate that, for 50% extra, they will make you a left handed knife.-Wylie Dufresne, Top Chef"
  • 9.4

    Pier 25 - Hudson River Park

    Park West Side Highway New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (43 tavsiye):

    • Andrea H.
      Andrea Hong: "Mini golf and beach volleyball is cool, but walk past those to the end of the pier and get to one of my fave spots in the city. Beautiful view of the water and a perfect seat to take it all in."
  • 9.1

    The Django

    Lounge 2 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (14 tavsiye):

    • Ashley S.
      Ashley Specht: "Great place for jazz. Throw on some fancy clothes & enjoy! Head to a cheap bar beforehand since there's a cover (added to bill) and pricey drinks. Pick one of the cocktails to pair with the experience"
  • 9.3

    Los Tacos No. 1

    Taco Mekanı 136 Church St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (26 tavsiye):

    • Nevin
      Nevin: "The new taco joint in town (or in TriBeCa area anyway). Office lunches are gonna make this place millions. It’s really good. And great old school Americana counter style. See you tomorrow!"
  • 8.9

    Brandy Library

    Viski Barı 25 N Moore St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (171 tavsiye):

    • Erik C.
      Erik Cintron: "Fun yet classy spot with the perfect ambiance for a first date Or just lounge. Cigar smoking outside with Thousands of spirits lined up on the wall. They have good food & prices try the flights!!"
  • 9.2

    Takahachi Bakery

    Fırın 25 Murray St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (203 tavsiye):

İnsanlar Tribeca mekanında bu yerlerden söz ediyorlar.

  • 9.5

    Aire Ancient Baths

    Spa 88 Franklin St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (133 tavsiye):

    • Noah W.
      Noah Weiss: "Perfect romantic date outing if you get the 2hr baths session ($75/pp). Skip the massage. The salt bath where you float like the Dead Sea is amazing."
    • Liang S.
      Liang Shi: "A beautiful underground gem to soak away your worries for two hours. Eucalyptus steam room. Salt water pool. Bubbly pool. Hot pool. Warm pool. Ice cold pool. Mint tea. Rinse, repeat. Leave in bliss."
  • 9.3

    Pier 26 - Hudson River Park

    Park West St New York, NY

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (18 tavsiye):

    • The Corcoran Group
      The Corcoran Group: "Some of the best views of the Hudson River from this park, and not as crowded as other parks along the West Side highway. Great place to catch a summer concert."
    • NYC Pride
      NYC Pride: "NYC Pride is proud to launch a 3-day cultural experience: Pride Island. From legendary soul singers to indie pop bands, this inclusive experience creates a hub for the LGBT community to celebrate."
  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (14 tavsiye):

    • Caroline K.
      Caroline K: "it has a lot of space! I liked it when I was little. They have a big lawn with sprinklers and then a waterworks! They also have a regular playground with fun slides all in one! The ground is soft too!"
    • Susana
      Susana: "Great park for kids of all ages. Two separate play areas, one for the younger kids, one for bigger kids. Lots of trees keep the play area nice and cool during hot summer days."

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