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İşte Minneapolis'de birkaç popüler tavsiye. Daha fazlasını görmek için bir beğeni seç:

Foursquare Minneapolis'da arkadaşlarınla gidebileceğin mükemmel mekanları bulmana yardım eder.

  • 9.5

    Minnehaha Park

    Park 4801 S Minnehaha Park Dr Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (38 tavsiye):

    • Nicholle V.
      Nicholle Vesperman: "Everything is. It is not only beautiful but we were awestruck by the views from every step. I will be stopping there again. I have told friends and family about it and when they went they agreed."
  • 9.5

    Young Joni

    Amerikan Restoranı 165 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (52 tavsiye):

    • Cole K.
      Cole Kennedy: "Ann Kim is a freaking goddess. Obviously the pizza is great, because as I mentioned, she is a goddess, but also the stuff that comes from the hearth is perfect. Don't forget to order plenty of wine."
  • 9.5

    Surly Brewing Company

    Bira Fabrikası 520 Malcolm Ave SE Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (142 tavsiye):

    • Brent G.
      Brent Gatewood: "A great place for many of the great Surly beers. Food hall experience."
  • 9.3

    Pizzeria Lola

    Pizzacı 5557 Xerxes Ave S Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (163 tavsiye):

    • Emily W.
      Emily Wilson: "A little out of the way from the central area of the city, but so worth it. Order the My Sha-Roni and marvel at the beautiful bronze pizza oven that takes up the middle part of the restaurant."
  • 9.5

    South Lyndale Liquors

    İçki Dükkanı 5300 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (30 tavsiye):

    • Constance K.
      Constance Koopman: "The BEST liquor store in the state. Expansive selection of everything. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Best selection of wine anywhere!"
  • 9.4

    Rise Bagel Co.

    Simit Dükkanı 530 N 3rd St Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (13 tavsiye):

    • Colin R.
      Colin R: "Simple menu focused on... You guessed it... Bagels! Great breakfast sandwich and cream cheese options. Serving Bootlegger drip coffee. This place can be your regular morning stop."

İnsanlar Minneapolis mekanında bu yerlerden söz ediyorlar.

  • 9.4

    Lake Harriet

    Göl Lake Harriet Pkwy. Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (37 tavsiye):

    • Meet Minneapolis
      Meet Minneapolis: "Walk around Lake Harriet at sunset so you end up at the band shell for a little summer music. Then head up the hill to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream (two scoops, of course)."
    • Glenn L.
      Glenn Lindgren: "Don't pass up the Lyndale Park Gardens: rose, Japanese rock, and a Bird sanctuary nature trail that will take you back to the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Ride the trolley!"
  • 9.4

    Stone Arch Bridge

    Köprü 100 Portland Ave Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (55 tavsiye):

    • Carrie R.
      Carrie Rigdon: "The most beautiful spot in the Twin Cities. We bring friends visiting from out of town here all the time. And hike up to the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie to get a bird's eye view of the bridge!"
    • Corey P.
      Corey Partin: "A gorgeous, historic bridge that connects the old mill district to downtown. Very photogenic and surrounded by great places to eat and hike. Also an awesome spot for fireworks at the 4th of July."
  • 9.3

    Magers & Quinn Booksellers

    Kitapçı 3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (18 tavsiye):

    • City Pages
      City Pages: "Magers & Quinn was voted Best Used Bookstore in City Pages, 2012! Beside the vast selection and friendly staff, there offer amazing reading and discussion programs."
    • Nicole S.
      Nicole Spooner: "Be prepared to spend hours wandering among this beautiful bookstore. Used and new books mixed together on the shelves. Also, Very helpful staff if you are looking for something rare."

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