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İşte Bloomington'de birkaç popüler tavsiye. Daha fazlasını görmek için bir beğeni seç:

Foursquare Bloomington'da arkadaşlarınla gidebileceğin mükemmel mekanları bulmana yardım eder.

  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (5 tavsiye):

    • Emily A.
      Emily Anderson: "Herbed bread with olive oil dipping sauce is excellent. Enjoyed the Chef's Special and Ceciliana pastas. Great prices, very cozy atmosphere."
  • 9.0

    Hyland Lake Park Reserve

    Park 10145 Bush Lake Rd Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (15 tavsiye):

    • hairyt
      hairyt: "Make sure to be ready for a run or a hike if it's your cup of tea. Kids will love the playground but the surrounding park is great too."
  • 8.9

    Radisson Blu Mall of America

    Otel 2100 Killebrew Dr Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (40 tavsiye):

    • Mary O.
      Mary Olson: "Great accomodations, restaurant, bar/lounge. Connected to Mall of America. Very modern, contemporary with a zen feel with the "blue" effect in the evening. 2nd floor "connecting stations" for devices."
  • 8.4


    Kahve Dükkanı 10518 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431 Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (17 tavsiye):

    • Nicholas K.
      Nicholas Kreidberg: "Great menu, amazing atmosphere, and high quality drinks. One thing to be aware of is NO COLD BREW during the non-summer months."
  • 9.5

    Sigma Beauty

    Kozmetik Mağazası 286 W Market Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (6 tavsiye):

    • Brooke B.
      Brooke Bartels: "Free gifts with $50 purchase right now. The associates are super friendly and can tell you anything you wanna know about the products. This is the only physical Sigma store in the world right now!"
  • 9.1

    Ciao Bella

    İtalyan Restoranı 3501 Minnesota Dr Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (57 tavsiye):

    • Wade S.
      Wade Schenck: "Everything is al a carte. If you want a side salad it can be $8+ for one. Kinda got duped on that one. Otherwise fantastic service and great good."

İnsanlar Bloomington mekanında bu yerlerden söz ediyorlar.

  • 9.0

    Total Wine & More

    Şarap Mağazası 4260 W 78th St Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (9 tavsiye):

    • Out2Lunch
      Out2Lunch: "Fantastic selection of liquor. Just picked up some new things to try (banana bread beer and mulberry gin). You can also order online and pick up your order."
    • Michael K.
      Michael Kennedy: "One of the best stores to get wine, beer, and liquor in the Twin Cities."
  • 8.7


    Kozmetik Mağazası 186 N Garden Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (12 tavsiye):

    • Corryn V.
      Corryn Vitek: "Lush, I love you, I really do. And usually your helpful, friendly staff are much appreciated. Today they were a little overwhelming. Three different staff were on top of me within a minute and a half."
    • Katheryn
      Katheryn: "Products are great. Customer service is great. When it comes to an exchange/return, expect a judgemental manager who doesn't smile and has a rude inflection."
  • 9.3

    Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

    Market 2100 W 80 1/2 St Bloomington, MN

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (7 tavsiye):

    • Alexandra M.
      Alexandra Mertz: "I love Fresh Thyme! They always have great deals on items that are typically very expensive at other stores"
    • Simon J. A.
      Simon J. Anderson: "The only place within hundreds of miles to get Natalie's orange juice, which is one of the only brands to not use flavor packs and actually just have fresh squeezed juice. Delicious!"

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