Matsumoto Eats
Amijok is one of Matsumoto Eats.

1. Amijok

中央3-4-14, 松本市, 長野県
Kafe · 2 tavsiye ve inceleme

Saki I.Saki Ito: 美味しいマフィンが食べられるカフェ

2. 珈琲 まるも

中央3-3-10 (まるも旅館 1F), 松本市, 長野県
Kahve Dükkanı · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme

70561 6.70561 6056: コーヒー美味しい。民芸家具で落ち着いた店内。柳宗悦が昭和31年開店当時来店したと。まるも旅館内の店舗

3. Main Bar Coat

中央2-3-5 (ミワビル 2F), 松本市, 長野県
Kokteyl Barı · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

Rob G.Rob Goossens: Very expensive, but the service and great cocktails are worth it

Mensho Sakura is one of Matsumoto Eats.

4. Mensho Sakura

(麺匠 佐蔵)
中央1-20-26, 松本市, 長野県
Ramen Restoranı · 16 tavsiye ve inceleme

Dave S.Dave Schaefers: The dish with the grounded meat is definitely worth your while. A good broth and it will certainly fill you up

5. Shiduka

大手4-10-8, 松本市, 長野県
Sake Barı · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

Gulbin H.Gulbin Him: Pronounced as Shizuka in English. Authentic izakaya which is also recommended by Lonely Planet. Go for Yakitori & Beef skewers

6. やきとりはうすまるちゃん

大手4-3-7, 松本市, 長野県
Yakitori Restoranı · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme

Carolyn F.Carolyn Ferrill: The food was awesome! Very small place with an amazing atmosphere if you like soccer. They didn't speak English, but they still made us feel at home.

7. Coffee Abe

(珈琲美学 アベ)
深志1-2-8 (NOVAビル 1F), 松本市, 長野県
Kafe · 15 tavsiye ve inceleme

K2K2: Good syphon coffee

風林火山 is one of Matsumoto Eats.

8. 風林火山

中央1-3-1, 松本市, 長野県
Sake Barı · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme

flying f.flying feliz: Izakaya restaurant in Matsumoto!

ばんざい家 is one of Matsumoto Eats.

9. ばんざい家

中央1-3-18, 松本市, 長野県
Japon Restoranı · 1 tavsiye

10. Hop Frog Cafe

中央3-8-28 (清水ビル 1F), 松本市, 長野県
Gastropub · 4 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ryan M.Ryan McLaughlin: Great beers, friendly staff! Worth walking away from the tourist centre for

11. Matsumoto Brewery Taproom

(松本ブルワリー タップルーム)
中央3-4-21, 松本市, 長野県
Birahane · 松本市 · 8 tavsiye ve inceleme

Rachel H.Rachel Holdsworth: The bitter is pretty good!

居酒屋しんざん is one of Matsumoto Eats.

12. 居酒屋しんざん

中央1-2-11 (小沢ビル 1F), 松本市, 長野県
Sake Barı · Tavsiye veya inceleme yok

13. Nomugi

(御そば打処 野麦)
中央2-9-11, 松本市, 長野県
Soba Restoranı · 8 tavsiye ve inceleme

K2K2: Yummy dashi w chewy soba.

Kurekino is one of Matsumoto Eats.

14. Kurekino

(榑木野 駅舎店)
深志1-1-1 (MIDORI松本店 1F), 松本市, 長野県
Soba Restoranı · 17 tavsiye ve inceleme

lineswordlinesword: 鴨肉とうじそば。冷たいそばを小さなざるに入れて、鴨肉や山菜が入ったつけ汁で温めてから食べる。1600円

食い飲み屋 Bun is one of Matsumoto Eats.

15. 食い飲み屋 Bun

中央2-10-15, 松本市, 長野県
Japon Restoranı · 4 tavsiye ve inceleme

Simon B.Simon Branson: The local specialty of Matsumoto fried chicken was amazing. So was the sashimi. The service was great. The value for money was amazing

16. Matsumoto Castle

丸の内4-1, 松本市, 長野県
Kale · 松本市 · 99 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jeff F.Jeff Forbes: Welcome to the oldest wooden castle in Japan. They have complimentary English tour guides as all of the exhibits are in Japanese. Watch your step and head as you climb the excessively steep stairs!