The McKittrick Hotel

The McKittrick Hotel

Bağımsız Tiyatro, Performans Sanatları Mekanı ve Tiyatro
Chelsea, New York
320 Tavsiye ve inceleme
  • dans
  • macbeth
  • actors
  • masks
  • jazz music
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  • Memduh K.
    Memduh KızılırmakEylül 18, 2015
    Heryer karanlık Pûr nur o mevki Macduff mu yoksa Macbeth mi yarab
  • Polina W.
    It's an intense experience, one of the craziest performances I've ever been to.
  • Jisoo
    JisooEylül 20
    Never wear heels
  • Mikahla V.
    It's true what they say, Sleep No More is an unparalleled experience. Prepare for one of the most memorable nights of your life.
  • Rebecca B.
    Rebecca BalnisAğustos 24
    The moment you cross the threshold you enter a waking dream. But who's? It's been months since I first experienced sleep no more and I'm still not entirely convinced I ever left.
    Oct 19 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Christine Weihe K.
    Very unique experience!
  • Ale V.
    Amazing, beautiful, super experience. Great ambience, great music, unimaginable... a must experience
  • Jeffrey G.
    Jeffrey GlueckHaziran 16
    Sleep No More a surreal interactive experience. They try to make it intimidating but it's not scary, just eerie. Tip is to follow some of the actors but good luck understanding the silent narrative.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Valentina F.
    Imperdible si estás de visita en Nueva York y querés ver teatro, pero no el típico musical. Experiencia única e inmersiva, no apta para impresionables (violencia, sexo y ambientación tétrica). Lo amé.
  • Robert H.
    Robert HöhneMayıs 14
    Fantastic experience. Also enjoy drinks and the jazz band afterwards.
  • Sandra v.
    Loved the may fair masquerade! Craziest party I've been to in NY!! Was amazing :)
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Hany Y.
    Hany YoussefNisan 24
    Amazing performances, ambiance is so cool, staff r super friendly
  • Nicholas M.
    Petuncia heart was good. Food weird.
  • Pavan K.
    Wow sleep no More is a must one time experience in life.
  • Victoria I.
    Awesome and absolutely wonderful experience, nothing even to compare with. Throw away all you Broadway tickets and get there!
  • Pelin G.
    This place is out of this world!
  • Simon T.
    Simon TanAralık 16, 2016
    Sleep No More can be a disturbing performance, but worth a try!
  • Staff Picks
    Staff PicksAralık 6, 2016
    The McKittrick Hotel was one of the more wished for places throughout 2015’s I Want Somewhere holiday campaign. Where’s your somewhere? Enter to win a bucket list experience. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Ivan B.
    Ivan BlagajićKasım 20, 2016
    This is a must see in New York.
  • Marizza W.
    Marizza WhodakKasım 18, 2016
    Sleep no more is a must! Unlike any show in NY.
  • Avi B.
    Avi Ben-ZviEkim 18, 2016
    Don't go here huge waste of money horrible show zero storyline
  • Avi B.
    Avi Ben-ZviEkim 18, 2016
    Very boring
  • James B.
    James BatesEylül 27, 2016
    If watching Sleep No More, don't return to the bar before going to the lower floors too. I missed the ending. Doh!
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Burcu K.
    Burcu KaradayiEylül 23, 2016
    Came for 'No More Sleep'. It was really really interesting experience. Suggest to any one
  • Enrique M.
    Enrique MonroyAğustos 5, 2016
    "Sleep No More" Amazing experience... A must in NYC!
  • Christian
    ChristianTemmuz 29, 2016
    Go to Sleep No More. Explore alone. Be bold. Experience everything. Also, have a few drinks.
  • Léna Le Rolland
    Léna Le RollandTemmuz 25, 2016
    Did it for the second time recently. It was so different from the first time. Just go for it
  • Ces H.
    Ces HefTemmuz 22, 2016
    Follow the actors to get your one to one. And be careful if you are the first one to step out of the elevator!
  • Tuğçe D.
    Tuğçe DuranTemmuz 7, 2016
    After the show, I just want to come again.
  • Andrey K.
    Andrey KlenTemmuz 2, 2016
    Just find Macbeth and follow him everywhere. The details in interior and props is amazing.
  • Rick v.
    Rick van 't Wout HoflandHaziran 17, 2016
    Check out "Sleep No More" and have dinner in "The Heath" afterwards! An experience of a lifetime, guaranteed :))
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Mirta G.
    Mirta GabelloniNisan 21, 2016
    Un imperdible en NY si te gusta el teatro no convencional!!!
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • natalie k.
    natalie kayNisan 20, 2016
    Wear comfortable clothes & shoes. Fortune follows the bold.
  • Lau U.
    Lau UNisan 12, 2016
    La mejor obra que he visto, excelente puesta. Vale la pena verla: música, ambientación, actuación, trama, todo!
  • Anna P.
    Anna PeskovaNisan 9, 2016
    лучшее шоу. приключение, погружающее в глубины подсознания, после которого не хочется спать. Sleep No More — это жгучая смесь "Eyes Wide Shut" Кубрика и Шекспировского "Макбета". must see in NYC!
  • Anna K.
    Anna K.Mart 12, 2016
    Outstanding interactive theatrical experience. Just do it. Try not to bring anything but ID and credit card; you will need your maneuverability. Don't be afraid to be overdressed, but dress comfy.
  • jamesdkuhn
    jamesdkuhnŞubat 16, 2016
    at least people don't worry about makeup and all,, !
  • Josh A.
    Josh AŞubat 12, 2016
    Good jazz, good absinthe, and an experience of a lifetime awaits.
  • Ivana K.
    Ivana KurtovićOcak 30, 2016
    Sleep No More interactive work of theater watched in 2015
  • Y Y.
    Y YOcak 2, 2016
    Get in there as soon as the show opens and don't go downstairs. Start at Lobby.
  • Niki C.
    Niki ChaiAralık 29, 2015
    A must-have New York experience!
  • Antony
    AntonyAralık 21, 2015
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    A lot of people say wearing glasses is a problem, but if like me you can't wear contacts don't worry. You'll be fine don't miss out. And remember to not hold hands - split up and go your own route.
  • Irina S.
    Irina SimatovaKasım 2, 2015
    Love this place! and recommend to everyone to visit the show!
  • Fluying ✅.
    Fluying ✅Kasım 1, 2015
    If you like this play, the next step is going to "then she fell" in Brooklyn where immersive theater gets intimate!
  • Alexandre S.
    The program is not as explanatory as advertised. Nice souvenir but does not contain much about the pieces you might have missed.
  • Alexandre S.
    A very immersive play (sleep no more)!!
  • José Luis O.
    José Luis OrtegaEkim 13, 2015
    Espectacular la experiencia!
  • Pascal P.
    Pascal PrevostEkim 11, 2015
    Follow MacBeth (black actor) around the end there is a crazy scene with witches and strobe lighting, blood ritual, nudity and techno music. Jaw-dropping scene.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Caroline
    CarolineEkim 8, 2015
    Best NYC insider tip - never seen before such a stunning theatre performance!!! Enjoy the suprise of this shakespeare interactive show.
  • Taher A.
    Taher AlmuslemaniEkim 3, 2015
    This act was really interesting, however when you continue following the actors around wearing the mask you might feel a little weird, until you experience a disturbing illuminati ritual.
  • Michael F.
    My favorite NYC quirky experience, amazing interactive show, great fun to explore, participate and wonder. Excellent 3rd or 4th date place if your girl has not been :)
  • Aprile E.
    Aprile ElcichAğustos 19, 2015
    Incredible. Felt completely in another world. I loved going in with no idea what to expect!
  • Kate M.
    Kate MeepAğustos 16, 2015
    Cocktails are yummy but on the pricey side ~$17 each
  • Spotted by Locals - city guides by locals
    The only other advice I can give you…wear comfortable shoes. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Duygu T.
    Duygu TunaAğustos 8, 2015
    magical experience @Mckittrick ! ❤️
  • Enrique M.
    Enrique MarínTemmuz 23, 2015
    ...Visceral y hermosa entre 5 pisos de instalaciones (mucho mas que solo escenografías) anacrónicamente bella. Lo mejor de la escena neoyorquina. Imperdible.
  • Enrique M.
    Enrique MarínTemmuz 23, 2015
    Excelente propuesta de danza-teatro-sórdida-neoyorkina sobre un Macbeth que no debe ser racionalizado...
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Ricardo S.
    Ricardo SeixasTemmuz 20, 2015
    Definitely an experience! Get lost in 5 stories full of different environments. Even a ballroom! Stick with a character or you'll be lost. Little dialogues would had been nice.
  • Mauricio D.
    Mauricio DoTemmuz 18, 2015
    Sleep no more, excelente y manderlay bar es lo mejor, si consiguen mesa quédense al jazz y pidan el trago de absinth
  • Jordan B.
    Jordan BTemmuz 11, 2015
    Sleep no More
  • Denise K.
    Denise KocheTemmuz 8, 2015
    Best experience in my life so far. Can tell, everyone needs to check it out.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Brian Q.
    Brian QuaresmaHaziran 12, 2015
    Sleep no more is awesome
  • Aline K.
    Aline KleinHaziran 9, 2015
    Assista a peça, vá sozinho e divirta-se! Uma experiência muito interessante e diferente. Leia um resumo do livro para se situar melhor nas passagens da peça que conseguir ver.
  • Gary M.
    Gary McCormickHaziran 5, 2015
    meh... save your money
  • Engracia M.
    Engracia MuñozMayıs 31, 2015
    La mejor experiencia en teatro en NY!
  • Hilary T.
    Hilary TomenyMayıs 30, 2015
    Do yourself a favor. Just do it.
  • drew t.
    drew tarvinMayıs 25, 2015
    Definitely check out Sleep No More for a one-of-a-kind theater experience.
  • Thiago R.
    Thiago RodriguezMayıs 14, 2015
    Sleep No More
  • George J.
    George JosephMayıs 9, 2015
    One of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever encountered. Absolutely loved Sleep No More. Don't hesitate to open drawers, steal candy, and leave your group/partner to explore the place alone.
  • Hugh M.
    Hugh McIntyreMayıs 5, 2015
    What a trip! Definitely go if you can, crazy immersive theatre in an amazing building.
  • Katherine W.
    Katherine WootenNisan 19, 2015
    Pick an actor and follow him.
  • Teo I.
    Teo IppolitosNisan 13, 2015
    Again...and again..and again! Unique!!!!!
  • Pantelis B.
    Pantelis BakisNisan 13, 2015
    It was a great experience I would do it again and again
  • Giorgos V.
    Giorgos VareloglouNisan 11, 2015
    This is the new theatre people.
  • Davneet K.
    Davneet KohliNisan 5, 2015
    Weird. Go see it. Embrace the weirdness. Go early, get drunk off yummy cocktails beforehand. Enjoy!
  • Gokce O.
    Gokce OnenMart 29, 2015
    I will never ever forget this experience! It was one of the most impressive thing I've ever seen. Want to see it again.
  • Alexandra M.
    Alexandra MaesenMart 12, 2015
    Tourist trap. Rip-off. Childish. Rude. Extremely disappointed. Waste of time & money. Maybe if you'd go 3/4 times you'd understand the actual play... Freshen up on Macbeth if you plan to go anyway.
  • paipoi
    paipoiMart 11, 2015
    マンションを改造した舞台。2015/1/18三重テレビ「俺旅。」村井良大訪問。Sleep No More鑑賞。
  • Hartje U.
    Hartje UtrechtŞubat 28, 2015
    Went here to see Sleep No More. I am not gonna tell you more otherwise I'll spoil it for you. Just go! Do it! Buy the earliest ticket available and go in alone. It's frightening but worth it.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Elger v.
    Elger van der WelŞubat 27, 2015
    Don't read about it. Just go.
  • JulietKa 🏁
    JulietKa 🏁Şubat 26, 2015
    Обязательно к посещению! Отличный опыт! Удобная обувь и брюки, оставьте все ненужные вещи, шарфы, свитера в гардеробе. Выберите своего героя и следуйте за ним, а там разберетесь! Бар после тоже хорош!
  • Lupin C.
    Lupin CamposOcak 23, 2015
    This is like nothing I lived before! Get there as early as you can! Enjoy the whole show 3 times!
  • Elena F.
    Elena FedinaOcak 4, 2015
    Incredible experience! I was stumbling around at first, but then saw the actors, and everything changed. It reminded me of a scavenger hunt for new clues and for actors. Amazing place and play!
  • Lucas U.
    Lucas UllrichAralık 31, 2014
    It's virtually impossible to follow the plot. And to rub it in your face they try to sell you their book for another 20$, so that you understand "how the individual scenes fit together".
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Dima V.
    Dima VartanianAralık 29, 2014
    The book they're selling at the end does not have the stuff they say it does in it! Should've looked more closely before buying. There is no scene map and the synopsis only lists Macbeth's scenes. :(
  • Allison F.
    Allison F.Aralık 29, 2014
    Great vibe, busy bar and drink on a train car!
  • Jessie J.
    Jessie JiAralık 28, 2014
    Amazing place!
  • Funes
    FunesAralık 22, 2014
    Wear comfy shoes...and follow quickly.
  • Тимур Б.
    Sleepnomore show действительно безбашенное шоу на которое стоит сходить!
  • Bianca F.
    Bianca FlorrieAralık 18, 2014
    best theatrical experience ever!
  • Michael P.
    Michael P.Kasım 27, 2014
    Sleep No More is an awesome experience. Make sure you separate from your group. It's a lot more fun exploring on your own and being able to follow the scenes you want.
  • Matthew M.
    Matthew MichiharaKasım 26, 2014
    It has a very BioShock Rapture-y vibe.
  • Fluying ✅.
    Fluying ✅Kasım 23, 2014
    Tickets are usually sold out one week before the show. Buy them online!! Daha fazlasını oku
  • Mark H.
    Mark HendricksonKasım 17, 2014
    A must-experience
  • Tiago A.
    Tiago AraújoKasım 13, 2014
    Bring LSD.
  • John A.
    John AntosKasım 7, 2014
    Love this show and the venue is amazing. Make time for drinks at Manderlay bar. If you love film noir, old crime novels, and period productions.. Come here and be part of the show.
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundoKasım 6, 2014
    Sigue a los actores y toca todo! Explora! la experiencia es personal.
  • Sarp E.
    Sarp ErkayaEkim 28, 2014
    A must see - or "must experience?" - in new york. Dress comfortably. Lose your partners hand. Lose yourself.
  • Pelin A.
    Pelin AsravEkim 20, 2014
    Amazing show!! Follow macbeth..
  • Charles P.
    Charles PadilhaEkim 13, 2014
    Imperdível. Macbeth com Twin Peaks.
  • Antonio Luiz
    Antonio LuizEkim 5, 2014
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Amo muito esse lugar ! A peça é muito bom, vale a pena chegar cedo !
  • James J.
    James JEkim 4, 2014
    Dress to impress. You'll look awesome with the mask on.
  • Manuel M.
    Manuel MateronEylül 30, 2014
    great experience...
  • Chiara M.
    Chiara MartiniEylül 25, 2014
    Mega recomendo, mas pra quem tiver no pique de subir e descer escadas, correr atrás dos personagens e se perder por salas misteriosas. É melhor se vc já conhecer a história de MacBeth!! Eu adorei!
  • Ira B.
    Ira BlossomEylül 21, 2014
    Amazing performance and extremely interactive and in depth.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Julian M.
    Julian ModestoEylül 20, 2014
    The Friday 6PM show is a great start because it isn't packed! As everyone checked in through 7, fanning yourself and shoving each other became normal
  • Kivanc G.
    Kivanc GEylül 15, 2014
    worth the money. wear comfortable shoes&clothes. wear contact lenses instead of glasses. bring no bags to save check in queue. about the show: the less know the better. run forest run goddamit !
  • Kivanc G.
    Kivanc GEylül 15, 2014
    this is like the best kiss ever. 😳😍
  • Jason S.
    Jason S.Eylül 10, 2014
    What an experience! You won't be able to explore everything and follow every actor during the three hour time slot, but be open to forging your own ghost-like path throughout the McKittrick.
  • Can H.
    Can HatipogluEylül 7, 2014
    Intense experience ...
  • Wael H.
    Wael HazzaziAğustos 31, 2014
    A nice experience that am glad I went through but I got bored half way through. A couple of friends really enjoyed it though.
  • Lucrecia P.
    Lucrecia PalomequeAğustos 22, 2014
    Es increíble, una experiencia única, no tenes tiempo para seguir a todos, tengo planeado volver.
  • Lori-Jo S.
    Lori-Jo SAğustos 21, 2014
    The most awe-inspiring theatre production going right now...
  • Danielle H.
    Danielle HeckmanAğustos 12, 2014
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    Just go. Thank me later.
  • Tim F.
    Tim FaustiniAğustos 7, 2014
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    The most unique theater experience you'll have in NYC. If you're not there for the show, come by for live music at the bar after 10:30.
  • Gordon M.
    Gordon MeiTemmuz 23, 2014
    Get into the elevator last. See what happens.
  • Bruno G.
    Bruno GalhardoTemmuz 7, 2014
    Amazing!!! Try to follow the beard man
  • Trucy
    TrucyHaziran 24, 2014
    They force you to check all bags, even teeny tiny purses. $4 per bag check is ridiculous, should be included in the admission price.
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundoHaziran 12, 2014
    Toquen todo! Abre todas las puertas que puedas, y no olvides buscar detalles.
  • Alan x.
    Alan x el mundoHaziran 12, 2014
    No intenten entender, vívanlo! es la experiencia lo que vale.
  • Nikki G.
    Nikki GayHaziran 8, 2014
    Bring a napkin or handkerchief. Face gets sweaty under the mask you have to wear.
  • UzoNYC
    UzoNYCMayıs 25, 2014
    If you can, do a little prep beforehand; otherwise, you end up watching the same things and missing all the nudity like I did.
  • Magdalina W.
    Magdalina WolfMayıs 23, 2014
    Лучшее, что я видела в области искусства! Каждый должен хотя бы раз там побывать! Это гениально! Невероятно сексуальные актеры, костюмы, декорации, идея, воплощение, музыка, сам отель! Браво!!!
  • Limité M.
    Limité MagazineNisan 26, 2014
    If you're going for the 1st time, don't do any research. Go in with as little knowledge as possible and just enjoy the experience. Then plan your next visit, because you'll have to do it again.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World
    If the only thing that comes off at the unmasking hour is the mask, you have done something wrong.
  • Cassie P.
    Cassie PMart 25, 2014
    So surreal! You have to experience it. Too difficult to explain. I would suggest reading a synopsis of Macbeth.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Lin H.
    Lin HumphreyMart 23, 2014
    One of the best investments of an evening. Still haunted by this experience.
  • Victoria K.
    Victoria KokavaMart 9, 2014
    Best theater ever! Just goooo!!!
  • eric
    ericŞubat 10, 2014
    All the candies are edible in the candy room. Try till your heart's content.
  • Neha M.
    Neha MalhotraŞubat 5, 2014
    Look around. Follow the actors. Don't be afraid to look closely at anything.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • @JaumePrimero
    @JaumePrimeroOcak 5, 2014
    One of the most exciting, frightening, erotic, exhilarating adventures I have ever encountered in New York.
  • David S.
    David ShortAralık 8, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The Heath has great live music
  • Cody W.
    Cody WaltonAralık 5, 2013
    Broadway show + Haunted House + Nine Inch Nails video = Sleep No More
  • Omar A.
    Omar AssafKasım 27, 2013
    Silence! :X
  • Lola
    LolaKasım 12, 2013
    Si quieres vivir una experiencia teatral única ajena a los musicales este es tu sitio. El secretísimo sobre el espectáculo es casi absoluto. Aquí no hay butacas, los espectadores deambulan libremente.
  • Tatiana
    TatianaKasım 7, 2013
    Receptionist was very accommodating. Had a great stay!
  • Lizzy L.
    Lizzy LizzyEkim 24, 2013
    Loved it. Must see.
  • Tiziana R.
    Tiziana REkim 24, 2013
    Wander off on your the actors, hope they pull you into a scene! Eat the candy in the candy shop:D. Go into the enchanted forest and catch the dance's magical and surreal!
  • Nina R.
    Nina R.Ekim 24, 2013
    Excelente obra de teatro, rompe con los paradigmas
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupEkim 11, 2013
    Sleep No More is an unforgettable experience that's well worth the money. Be prepared to be split off from the group that you come with - the best way to experience it is alone.
  • Julien G.
    Julien G.Ekim 9, 2013
    Weird show.
  • Amanda B.
    Amanda BoekelheideEylül 21, 2013
    Don't miss it.
  • Lana C.
    Lana ChanEylül 3, 2013
    You can eat the candy in the 4th floor candy store. Go ahead and open the jars
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Angela R.
    Angela RobsonAğustos 31, 2013
    Take a group but definitely split up. It's better for comparing notes at the end.
  • Léna Le Rolland
    Léna Le RollandAğustos 28, 2013
    I didn't know anything about it before doing it... You should do it. You've never seen something like this before. Believe me !
  • Becky F.
    Becky FoxAğustos 15, 2013
    Macbeth meets Tower of Terror with live actors, and you walk around for as long as you can stand. Don't read any other comments/spoilers- prepare to check your bags- and explore solo for special...
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Yulia
    YuliaTemmuz 24, 2013
  • Anna Maria
    Anna MariaTemmuz 11, 2013
    Don't bother eating at the rooftop resto. Horrendous service that may make you late for the show. Had to chase down server multiple times!
  • Russell S.
    Russell SinclairTemmuz 8, 2013
    An immersive theatre production that should not be missed.
  • Anna H.
    Anna HyclakHaziran 26, 2013
    Hands down, one of the coolest experiences I've had in New York. Shakespeare meets "Eyes Wide Shut" meets a 1920s speakeasy. Don't let the actors talk you into absinthe shots, whatever you do.
  • Allison J.
    Allison JonesHaziran 8, 2013
    I haven't been yet but the reviews are always terrific. Trippy and interesting. Again. a good moving alternative to a show.
  • Margaret M.
    Margaret MarksMayıs 21, 2013
    Don't wear heels, and don't bring a purse - you'll have to check it at the door. The bar and music are great!
  • Jordi A.
    Jordi AlbaredaMayıs 12, 2013
    Espectacular! One of the best experiences in my life
  • Sandor W.
    Sandor WeiszNisan 29, 2013
    Move, move, move and don't stress too much about finding a plot. Just enjoy the mystery and the all the modern dancing.
  • 🌊 Kim ⛅️
    🌊 Kim ⛅️Nisan 21, 2013
    You can no longer bring your bag in...must check, and this includes purses. Have pockets or you will have to hold your money, coat check ticket in your hand! Coat check girl a complete rude bitch.
  • Britt J.
    Britt Juul-NielsenMart 31, 2013
    Check out the 6th floor restaurant. The band is great and the fries are DELICIOUS.
  • Babymammoth
    BabymammothMart 24, 2013
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Beware! This show is terrifyingly addictive.
  • Esteban D.
    Esteban DiáconoMart 7, 2013
    Couples who can't stop holding hands or talking, please go to see Mamma Mia.
  • Natalia
    NataliaMart 6, 2013
    Tip: if you wear glasses, GO FOR CONTAC LENS. I didn't and i deeply regret. I mean it!
  • Neda J.
    Neda JaramilloŞubat 26, 2013
    Seguir al cantinero es buena opción!
  • Derek S.
    Derek SnyderŞubat 17, 2013
    The coat check people are self-righteous jackasses
  • Paige F.
    Paige FerrariŞubat 6, 2013
    Eat the candy.
  • George W.
    George WeisgerberŞubat 3, 2013
    Read Macbeth before you visit and book a reservation with an early "check in" time. It will be a long night. But totally worth it!!!
  • Joe M.
    Joe MitchellOcak 27, 2013
    Great experience
  • citizenM
    citizenMOcak 21, 2013
    Prepare to be masked, confused, and a little scared… Daha fazlasını oku
  • Kurt S.
    Kurt StantonOcak 20, 2013
    Unreal experience. Best part was swapping stories afterwards. Worth a repeat visit
  • Kola B.
    Kola BelloOcak 20, 2013
    Check every door. Dress light it can get very warm. Most importantly embrace the experience. Let your curiosity lead you.
  • Ryan
    RyanOcak 13, 2013
    If you take some candy from the candy shop, open the cash register and leave some money. Or... open the register and take the monies and run! :D
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Jess Z.
    Jess ZintschenkoOcak 8, 2013
    Clingy couples are the worst. Man up & explore on your own!
  • Paul D.
    Paul DobranskyOcak 1, 2013
    McKittrick Hotel - Royal Huntsman's Ball nye party NYC - awesome! You have 30 min to get here
  • Nathaniel J.
    Nathaniel JamesAralık 27, 2012
    There is a naked guy in the voodoo ritual scene, full frontal y'all!
  • Nicole
    NicoleKasım 10, 2012
    Mind-blowingly awesome. Can't wait to go again! A MUST-see. Incredibly exhilarating. If you go w a group split up in pairs or explore alone. Be bold. And move quickly.
  • Chrisann R.
    Chrisann RauschenbachKasım 10, 2012
    Ladies, do not wear high heels. You will be climbing and sometimes running up and down stairs. I went with a friend and we got separated early on. This is a GOOD thing! Don't be afraid to go it alone.
  • Daniela A.
    Daniela ArraisKasım 7, 2012
    Sleep MUCH more! Dont waste your time, its such a cliche...
  • Haithem E.
    Haithem EEkim 31, 2012
    Great vibe
  • VotreX T.
    VotreX TanEkim 24, 2012
    The trippy scene with the 3 Witches an the bloody baby.. Wow
  • Greg O.
    Greg OryEylül 23, 2012
    I had been looking forward to this for months but found it to be highly disappointing.
  • Nick D.
    Nick DentonEylül 21, 2012
    Peter Bruce runs rooftop bar. Victoria Gillmon is events producer.
  • Tilia W.
    Tilia WongAğustos 22, 2012
    Dont miss the finale on the first floor!
  • Ceren K.
    Ceren KalkanAğustos 21, 2012
    I will sleep no more...
  • Victoria S.
    Victoria SchaeferAğustos 19, 2012
    Get early ticket and start at top floor. Follow lesser characters for a while to get singled out.
  • Evgeny
    EvgenyAğustos 12, 2012
    No matter where you've been/what you've seen, you've never experienced anything quite like this. Don't read reviews, don't hesitate, don't think about it - JUST FUCKING GO. You'll thank me later.
  • Albert T.
    Albert TanTemmuz 8, 2012
    There are three cycles. The play starts in the hotel lobby (floor 2?), actors change clothes in the coat check room. It helps to follow MacBeth through an entire cycle to get the story.
  • Sarah
    SarahTemmuz 5, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Don't hold hands like pansies. You slow everyone down.
  • Bastian B.
    Bastian BeyerHaziran 13, 2012
    This is just completely awesome! I don't write what it is, you just have to find out yourself
  • Charlotte & Lisa
    Charlotte & LisaHaziran 5, 2012
    Total sensory overload, macbeth meets erotic haunted house. By far the most fun thing to do on a date.
  • Nicole
    NicoleHaziran 3, 2012
    Eat the candy at the candy show, open every door and closet possible and wear comfortable shoes -you'll be doing a lot of running!
  • Bri U.
    Bri UHaziran 3, 2012
    Stay for the Jazz afterwards - instantly go back in time to the 1920's!
  • Bri U.
    Bri UHaziran 3, 2012
    30 minutes before its suppose to end, go to the 4th floor and follow the actors...believe me, u won't want to miss it!
  • eric m.
    eric mortensenHaziran 2, 2012
    If you think you've seen it haven't. Return for multiple visits.
  • S T.
    S THaziran 2, 2012
    Don't try and stick together as a group. This is a solo adventure and it's obnoxious trying to navigate around couples holding hands walking around. You paid $95 for the ticket just go enjoy it.
  • Allison M.
    Allison M.Mayıs 30, 2012
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Definitely take some time to strike up a conversation with the beautiful people in the bar, and have your fortune told if you're lucky. Your night may yet have twists.
  • Julian A.
    Julian AndrewsMayıs 27, 2012
    If you go with a group, DO NOT try to stay together. It's best to have individual experiences, compare notes afterwards. Don't bring your phone in, don't check the time, don't try to see everything!
  • Underground E.
    Underground EatsMayıs 24, 2012
    This incredible venue hosted our Underground Eats official launch party
  • Renaissance Hotels
    Renaissance HotelsMayıs 22, 2012
    This Macbeth-meets-Kubrick interactive experience is the most exciting thing to happen in New York theater in a decade. For more local tips, follow us on 4sq or check out
  • Alex W.
    Alex WeprinMayıs 22, 2012
    The candy shop is fully stocked with candy for the taking. Perfect for that post-rave sugar rush.
  • Nikki G.
    Nikki GoldsteinMayıs 17, 2012
    To get pulled into one-on-one scenes, stay as close to the actors as possible and keep your own body language open (no crossed arms, for ex). So worthwhile!
  • Charlotte H.
    Charlotte HaighMayıs 11, 2012
    Feel like I'm in the 1920s!
  • AJ P.
    AJ ParkerMayıs 5, 2012
    Separate from your friends! It's easier to run after people and you can share your unique experience later. The red witch is my favorite - we got some one on one time and it was unforgettable!
  • Jannica R.
    Jannica RobertsonNisan 27, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Private Bathrooms on the 5th floor
  • Tamara H.
    Tamara HNisan 24, 2012
    Avoid the room with the single bathtub up on the pedestal—nothing but super emo dance-fighting all night long.
  • Matt H.
    Matt HantzNisan 20, 2012
    Highly original.
  • A. D.
    A. Del SoleNisan 10, 2012
    Be prepared to run and follow the actors. Explore but don't get too side tracked. Also try the Absinthe at the bar.
  • A. D.
    A. Del SoleNisan 10, 2012
    So fun. Keep your cash on you. Have some cocktails and be ready to run.
  • Alex C.
    Alex CulbertsonNisan 8, 2012
    Watch out for the beautiful singer and the unbelievable band
  • Grace H.
    Grace HayleyNisan 7, 2012
    Always follow the characters!
  • Saury A.
    Saury ArmentaNisan 7, 2012
    Great experience :) !
  • Mike F.
    Mike FraiettaNisan 6, 2012
    Remember drugs? No longer needed.
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle ChinNisan 3, 2012
    Don't miss the hut in the woods. If you see the nurse heading that way Go Go Go!
  • Dakota
    DakotaMart 19, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Line-cutters REALLY irk me
  • Dakota
    DakotaMart 19, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    You cant walk over directly on 27th. Take an adjacent street.
  • Tyler B.
    Tyler BrockMart 17, 2012
    Sickest shit ever.
  • Jennifer Layne C.
    3 hours of voyeuristic fantasy, superb acting and delicious set details. A truly unusual and remarkable experience!
  • Karen S.
    Karen SeifertMart 8, 2012
    Follow the nurse. Grab her hands when she reaches out.
  • Dan M.
    Dan M.Mart 6, 2012
    Visit the gypsy!
  • Maritza S.
    Maritza Silva-farrellŞubat 20, 2012
    Make sure to check out the candy room.
  • Cora W.
    Cora WŞubat 20, 2012
    Start in the ballroom in the basement.
  • Claire T.
    Claire TrumanŞubat 5, 2012
    There is a room FULL OF CANDY, a bar, a chick eating red potatoes, and lots of bones. The bathroom smells great!
  • Axel Q.
    Axel QuackOcak 31, 2012
    Damn, I didn't get tickets that fast. Hell I sooooo wish to go there.
  • Li
    LiOcak 29, 2012
    Be prepared to separate & definitely follow a few of the Characters you enjoy most.
  • Paull Y.
    Paull YoungOcak 6, 2012
    Anticipate lots of writhing.
  • Jenny S.
    Jenny S.Ocak 4, 2012
    Leave your purse at home. No bags allowed inside.
  • Sherlen A.
    Sherlen ArchibaldAralık 31, 2011
    Enjoy, u gotta see the top floor rave party....jus look for the guy with the goat head lol..
  • Arminda G.
    Make sure to skim the MacBeth Sparknotes if you're not familiar with the play, it will make the experience richer (and help you determine who to follow!) - a completely unique experience!
  • Adrienne D.
    Adrienne DAralık 12, 2011
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    If you are going with friends make sure to lose each other as soon as you get inside - also don't forget to lose yourself too :)
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C.Aralık 9, 2011
    Take home your mask as a souvenir, it's allowed!
  • Omer N.
    Omer NisarAralık 4, 2011
    FYI. This has nothing to do with faith no more
  • Rodrigo A.
    Rodrigo AndradeKasım 28, 2011
    Outstanding and bewildering... A must for all theatre goers and murder mystery lovers... Not to mention Shakespeare fans!
  • Kat
    KatKasım 27, 2011
    Advice for the light at heart and feet; wear flats! You're in for some chasing. Try not to miss this very original play, you will not be disappointed!
  • Peter O.
    Peter OrlovKasım 26, 2011
    A great tip in life generally, applies doubly tonight: follow the naked guy.
  • Erin
    ErinKasım 24, 2011
    if you come with your significant other, please don't hold their hand the entire time...explore on your own and share stories in the Manderley Bar at the end.
  • Sheila M.
    Sheila MarikarKasım 22, 2011
    The orgy is cool but I didn't really get the rest of it. Weird and expensive.
  • Veronica C.
    Veronica CarvalloKasım 19, 2011
    Go on your own, explore and have a glass of Laphroaig at the bar post-play
  • Douglas H.
    Douglas HeddingsKasım 16, 2011
    The "chamber maid" will take you everywhere if u can keep up with her and don't lose her in the darkness.
  • Nina
    NinaKasım 10, 2011
    It's hot in there. Best to only wear one layer.
  • Trang T.
    Trang TranKasım 9, 2011
    GO. JUST GO.
  • Alberu
    AlberuEkim 30, 2011
    This is a must. Come to NY just to check this out.
  • Linnea C.
    Linnea CovingtonEkim 28, 2011
    There are five floors, don't miss them! I love the forests...(yes, plural).
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Sarah W.
    Sarah WulfeckEkim 26, 2011
    "Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair!!!"
  • Jeanine R.
    Jeanine R.Ekim 23, 2011
    Must. Go. See.
  • Daniela A.
    Daniela AsaroEkim 22, 2011
    Wear comfy shoes, have a drink, and roam around. Plan to be here at least 3 hours for a full experience.
  • Matt L.
    Matt LearyEkim 22, 2011
    Strobe light room-woh
  • Andy B.
    Andy BuddEkim 21, 2011
    I can't reccomend this event strong enough. Especially good for folks interested in experience design. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Carlos V.
    Carlos ValleEkim 21, 2011
    Definitely check out the techno baby orgy
  • Zach J.
    Zach JohnstonEkim 9, 2011
    Creepy, twisted, demented - awesome! Great interactive experience. Lots of walking but worth every step.
  • Patrick H.
    Patrick HaneyEkim 5, 2011
    Don't ruin the fun by posting details of the experience as foursquare tips.
  • Jonathan D.
    Jonathan DortchEkim 5, 2011
    Wear comfortable shoes. Resist the urge and don't try to stay with your friend/partner... Much better alone. You will meet in the speakeasy afterwards.
  • Tim T.
    Tim TrevathanEkim 4, 2011
    I have no idea what I just saw but it was amazing.
  • Jessica M.
    Jessica MonahanEylül 27, 2011
    The set is flat out incredible. Don't be afraid to touch props, open doors. It's all there to explore and they haven't overlooked a single detail. The performance is less acting & more dance/movement.
  • Nicole S.
    Nicole SaveryEylül 25, 2011
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    You know what they say....fortune favors the bold.
  • Andrew M.
    Andrew MichaeloffEylül 23, 2011
    If you are on the fence go! Do not stay with your group! Otherwise try to see everything!
  • Yesbelt F.
    Yesbelt FernandezEylül 20, 2011
    Awesome! Not to be missed. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Eric H.
    Eric HarlacherEylül 20, 2011
    Go more than once to experience the whole story!
  • Melissa O.
    Melissa OlundEylül 17, 2011
    An ugly story executed beautifully. Explore. And definitely don't stick with the person you came with.
  • Leonard P.
    Leonard PickelEylül 16, 2011
    Start at the top floor. They clear you you top to bottom.
  • Lenny G.
    Lenny GalloEylül 13, 2011
    Probably the single most ambitious production I've ever seen. Amazing sets and cute actors, but even those who are experts in the Shakespeare play will find this hard to follow.
  • Z M.
    Z MEylül 13, 2011
    If you black masks on the move, follow them. They are likely going to where the action will be a minute after they post up.
  • John D.
    John DiosdadoEylül 11, 2011
    Just. Fucking. Go.
  • Shira G.
    Shira GregoryEylül 8, 2011
    Say hi to Lucy!
  • Kevin B.
    Kevin BeattyEylül 5, 2011
    Definitely do some research before you go to this show. It will help you save time and enjoy the experience more. Daha fazlasını oku
  • CG S.
    CG StarEylül 5, 2011
    Fortune favors the bold. Try to get some alone time with an actor/actress.
  • Vinicius V.
    Vinicius VacantiEylül 4, 2011
    If you want to see the rave scene, it's on the 4th floor. The room is at the end of a long, very narrow hallway. If you see the three witches on that floor, stock with them and they'll lead you there
  • Boberto P.
    Boberto PatricioEylül 4, 2011
    An early ticket, an stay for the jazz in order to get your moneys worth
  • Julia W.
    Julia WuAğustos 27, 2011
    “Eat the candy, stay for the jazz singer, and watch out for your man. Mine got snatched!”
  • Yari A.
    Yari AAğustos 27, 2011
    There's blood on the bed... did you see it?
  • Yari A.
    Yari AAğustos 27, 2011
    If you own contacts, I suggest you wear them instead of glasses. These masks aren't foureyes-friendly
  • Chris S.
    Chris SullivanAğustos 21, 2011
    They should call it "Sleep No More; Farts A Lot"... BEWARE the anonymous SBD.
  • Lindsay S.
    Lindsay S.Ağustos 21, 2011
    Watch out for low tables. Ow.
  • Auds B.
    Auds BallAğustos 19, 2011
    Totally amazing experience. I highly recommend following the actors (if you can keep up) and let yourself go. Definitely don't be afraid to interact and be apart of the show, you won't regret it.
  • JessicaLTL L.
    JessicaLTL LTLAğustos 17, 2011
    Make sure you have $3 cash for coat and bag check. More $ if you wanna drink. You can't take your purse inside the show.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Jenny W.
    Jenny WuAğustos 16, 2011
    Be aggressive - chase after the actors to see the action. If you're really lucky, you may encounter some "one-on-one" time.
  • Jessica S.
    Jessica StewartAğustos 9, 2011
    So worth going...more than once Daha fazlasını oku
  • Charlene S.
    Charlene SmithAğustos 8, 2011
    Buy your ticket for 7pm. Extra time to wander around, and it's less crowded for that first hour.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Nicole
    NicoleAğustos 6, 2011
    Follow Macbeth and the witches in "Sleep No More" to the room with the strobe lights for a truly wild scene.
  • Dan A.
    Dan AlmarieiAğustos 5, 2011
    An amazing dream (someone's else dream), interactive, mysterious, mystical, voyeuristic, erotic and beautiful! If you can go don't miss it! Is one life time experience.
  • Nick E.
    Nick EhleAğustos 1, 2011
    amazing show. must see. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Official H.
    Official HankTemmuz 13, 2011
    If you love the 30's/speakeasy vibe you will be in heaven! I fun NYC night! Attend, wonder, and follow the actors tracks as quickly as you can!!
  • Илона Ш.
    Илона ШахTemmuz 13, 2011
    Amazing amazing show. You have to go at least 2ce! Make sure to open drawers explore all angles and open books. Run after the people with no masks, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Kathryn Y.
    Kathryn YuTemmuz 11, 2011
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Eat the candy in the candy shop.
  • holly w.
    holly wardTemmuz 5, 2011
    amazing. go. and don't be a scaredy cat. bloody babies? yes please!
  • Benny W.
    Benny WongTemmuz 1, 2011
    If you have contacts, make sure to wear them instead of glasses. You'll be wearing a mask!
  • Holly M.
    Holly MehedinHaziran 30, 2011
    Seriously not worth the money. Cannot believe people rave about this.
  • Gansevoort Hotel Group
    Gansevoort Hotel GroupHaziran 28, 2011
    Check out and purchase tickets to "Sleep No More"
  • Lisa M.
    Lisa M-GoinsHaziran 27, 2011
    Simly amazing! Enchanting. Be yourself. Take your time to wander. Don't just follow the actors. Action will follow you.
  • Cindy
    CindyHaziran 26, 2011
    Wonderfully done. Wear comfy shoes, be prepared to sweat and sprint up/down stairs, and brush up on MacBeth before you go.
  • Angie G.
    Angie GannonHaziran 22, 2011
    Take your time and make sure to re-visit rooms you've already been in. Scrub up on Macbeth before you go. You can't possibly see it all in 3 hours, so make sure you go back!
  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany SHaziran 18, 2011
    At the end of the third hour, Stick around after the slow-mo banquet scene to catch Macbeth's hanging.
  • Billy H.
    Billy HenehanHaziran 16, 2011
    Wear your mask on your subway ride home! Your fellow straphangers will love it.
  • Julie S.
    Julie SHaziran 16, 2011
    Don't eat the candy - it tastes like it's 80 years old
  • Billy H.
    Billy HenehanHaziran 16, 2011
    Wear black & white and dress nicely. You'll look cooler and blend into the show. Leave the cargo shorts and day-glo shirt home.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Magnus v.
    Magnus von KoellerHaziran 12, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Front-load your exploration (totally worth it, try every door!) but be sure to start following the actors in the second hour. There is some stuff going on that you do not want to miss.
  • Mike B.
    Mike BodgeHaziran 12, 2011
    Waste of money. Don't go.
  • magnolfi
    magnolfiHaziran 8, 2011
    A great theatre experience.
  • Brian F.
    Brian FuhrHaziran 6, 2011
  • Mindy Y.
    Mindy YangMayıs 31, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Simply be in the moment...
  • Joseph Y.
    Joseph YunMayıs 31, 2011
    go to the skate where is skate-places in heart of ice ~ Daha fazlasını oku
  • russ m.
    russ marshalekMayıs 31, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Gogogo. If an actor grabs your hand go with it. So much choco blood.
  • Jason M.
    Jason MerhautMayıs 24, 2011
    A must see while it's still runnng. Four floors of amazing set design! Daha fazlasını oku
  • sean p.
    sean pangiaMayıs 24, 2011
    Overhyped, overpriced, underwhelming.
  • Michelle A.
    Michelle AragonMayıs 23, 2011
    if you haven't seen Sleep No More...go! Daha fazlasını oku
  • Kathryn Y.
    Kathryn YuMayıs 22, 2011
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Wear good shoes, contact lenses instead of glasses, and dress lightly. Be prepared to go up and down several flights of stairs. And follow the man with the bloodstains on his clothing.
  • Kashmir H.
    Kashmir HillMayıs 19, 2011
    Crazy naked techno dance with bloody baby is on the top floor. Don't miss it. Also spend some tomer in the stables to see action near the end.
  • Willy
    WillyMayıs 12, 2011
    Don't be shy: if you find a story arc that interests you, don't be afraid to run after the actors. Hesitation lands you in the back of the queue.
  • Lina
    LinaMayıs 11, 2011
    If ur into immersive experiences, r not afraid of the dark and don't care much about plot, this one's for you
  • Dolapo F.
    Dolapo FalolaMayıs 5, 2011
    while waiting in line outside convince your friend to go to the bar across the street, order drinks, and sneak them out for you. the sleep no more bouncer won't let you in with them, so guzzle em down
  • Adam W.
    Adam WishneuskyNisan 27, 2011
  • infusia
    infusiaNisan 24, 2011
    sleep no more: if you see a person without a mask, follow him/her. let the adventure begin.
  • Michelle T.
    Michelle TNisan 17, 2011
    Don't be freaked out if you're separated from your friends - it's a lot more fun to swap stories about what you each saw afterwards! Apparently the orgy scene was THE thing to see but I missed it :(
  • Cynthia D.
    Cynthia DrescherNisan 13, 2011
    Two words: bloody bathtub.
  • Ellie R.
    Ellie RountreeNisan 5, 2011
    More trippy than you can imagine. Chase after the actors and hope they usher you into the secret house music room that includes a full male nude actor and fake bloody baby. I.n.s.a.n.e
  • Baratunde
    BaratundeNisan 1, 2011
    My sense of reality has still not recovered from "Sleep No More." As far as I know, I'm still in the hotel. Do this:
  • Christina Z.
    Christina ZentmyerMart 25, 2011
    follow the strobe light if you dare...
  • Fernando
    FernandoMart 25, 2011
    Sleep No More: Awesome experience! Wanna play a true ARG? Don't miss this!
  • Fernando
    FernandoMart 25, 2011
    Sleep No More is an awesome experience. Wanna play a real ARG? Don't miss this.
  • Eduardo c.
    Eduardo camargoMart 25, 2011
    Totally amazing... Sleep no more is lovely!!!!
  • Charles C.
    Charles ClarkeMart 21, 2011
  • Galileo G.
    Galileo GalileiMart 12, 2011
    Check out all doors & closets (you might just find a macabre Narnia) & eat some candy in the shop. Try to spend time alone with anyone unmasked. Decompress momentarily & find bathrooms in bar area.
    Aug 31 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • The Standard
    The StandardMart 8, 2011
    Don't be afraid to open closets - sometimes you can walk through them + into secret rooms! For news on amazing things to do in NY, LA + Miami visit
  • rosie (.
    Don't be afraid to wander off on your own... Don't ask questions, just live through the performance in the moment
  • gillian f.
    gillian fallonOcak 27, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Lock your door and make sure your chamberlains stay sober...
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