Dale Greenberg

Dale Greenberg

Oakland, CA
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  • Sioux Falls
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Sioux Falls
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San Antonio
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Dale Greenberg
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2 mekan Augie Writing Center, 12th & Chicon dahil
Dale Greenberg
35 mekan güncellendi
35 mekan Dignity, Navajo Code Talkers Display, Moab Coffee Roasters, The Birdcage (Sioux Falls Stadium) dahil
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    "Stop by for the best writing tutoring in the tri-state area. Ask a tutor to make you a latte while you're at it!"
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Mart 14, 2014
    · Sioux Falls, ABD
    "Having a drink with the old post box; just thinking about how if it were born in the UK or India it would've been red and less squat. Funny how fickle chance really is."
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Ağustos 11, 2013
    "Some folks are loitering around here today..."
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Temmuz 24, 2013
    "Not sure why this location didn't adopt a "snorkel" design box, but this'll do. You just have to try a little harder."
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Temmuz 15, 2013
    "It shares a parking lot with Family Dollar. I wonder if they sell stamps."
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Temmuz 10, 2013
    "All blue with a USPS decal on the side."
    Dale GreenbergDale Greenberg · Temmuz 6, 2013