Raven J

Raven J


Stanford, CA
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  • Palo Alto
  • Redwood City
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Sunnyvale
  • Berlin
  • Los Gatos
  • Sonoma
  • Menlo Park
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Palo Alto
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 4 Tavsiyeler
Redwood City
3 Oluşturulan Listeler · 1 Tavsiye
San Francisco
2 Oluşturulan Listeler
Los Angeles
2 Oluşturulan Listeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 1 Tavsiye
1 Tavsiye
Los Gatos
1 Tavsiye
1 Tavsiye
Menlo Park
1 Liste Oluşturuldu
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Raven'in Son Listeleri
Raven J
3 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 20, 2014
3 mekan Painted Bird, Cary Lane, Harrington Galleries dahil
Raven J
2 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 20, 2014
2 mekan Bennigan's, Dutch Goose dahil
Raven J
2 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 20, 2014
2 mekan Yat Sing, Ray's Café dahil
Raven J
0 mekan güncellendi Kasım 17, 2013
0 mekan
Raven J
8 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 20, 2014
8 mekan Yukol Place, Mocha Java Bakery, Thaiphoon, P.F. Chang's dahil
Raven J
3 mekan güncellendi Şubat 26, 2014
3 mekan Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, J. Paul Getty Museum, Club Fox dahil
    Raven'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "Only $8.99 to change a watch battery! They helped me as soon as I walked in the door and I was out quickly with two working watches. Great customer service."
    Raven JRaven J · Ocak 7, 2015
    · Redwood City, ABD
    "They do bottomless margheritas on weekday nights from 9 to 10. $10 makes it an awesome deal and they're strong"
    Raven JRaven J · Eylül 21, 2013
    · Palo Alto, ABD
    "Great service! Staff is super friendly and the food came unbelievably fast; especially for a packed Friday night"
    Raven JRaven J · Ağustos 31, 2013
    · Palo Alto, ABD
    "We came mid August, just as harvest was about to start. Try to come before harvest because the mixing attracts flies and the patio gets swarmed. Try the royal cuvee & take the tour. Jack was amazing!"
    Raven JRaven J · Ağustos 18, 2013
    Üzüm Bağı
    · Sonoma, ABD
    "There was a lot of cloud cover and the moon wasn't even up. Still a cool experience but check the weather and astronomy schedules/seasons before you come."
    Raven JRaven J · Ağustos 9, 2013
    · Palo Alto, ABD
    "This is a great hostel. Awesome value even during the summer. 8 person tryin feels like 4 because there are two rooms. Very clean and in a safe neighborhood. Would recommend ti everyone. Bring a fan"
    Raven JRaven J · Temmuz 24, 2013
    · Berlin, Almanya