Jess Calderon

Jess Calderon

NJ/NYC ­čôŹ your one and only source of the different foods/desserts you should try in the east coast. IG: @chefjessx3_

Elizabeth, NJ
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New York
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Jersey City
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Asbury Park
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Jess'in Son Listeleri
Jess Calderon
7 mekan g├╝ncellendi A─čustos 10, 2020
7 mekan Tommy's Tavern + Tap, La Loteria, Klein's Seafood Restaurant, The Bonney Read dahil
Jess Calderon
4 mekan g├╝ncellendi A─čustos 2, 2019
4 mekan Phillips Seafood, Harry's Oyster Bar & Seafood, Gilchrist Restaurant, White House Subs dahil
Jess Calderon
2 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 26, 2019
2 mekan Jules Bistro, Tavern29 dahil
Jess Calderon
2 mekan g├╝ncellendi Mart 19, 2021
2 mekan DomoDomo, Dulce De Leche Bakery dahil
Jess Calderon
13 mekan g├╝ncellendi Mart 23, 2019
13 mekan Beiler's Doughnuts, Dutch Eating Place, La Colombe Torrefaction, Dim Sum Garden dahil
Jess Calderon
15 mekan g├╝ncellendi Kas─▒m 12, 2018
Places I have been to already
    Jess'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "If you want real, homey, authentic Ecuadorian food, as if food is made in mommas kitchen, give this a try! They should fix up the place a little and bathroom. Pic: Encebollado (ceviche de pescado)­č笭čçĘ"
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · Aral─▒k 9, 2018
    G├╝ney Amerikal─▒
    · Newark, ABD
    "Had the scallops, escargots (snails), prosciutto, and the duck salami & cr├ęeme br├╗l├ęe. Food & cocktails was great in flavor & quality. Service was great & attentive. It is pricey but worth a shot!"
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · Kas─▒m 11, 2018
    · New York, ABD
    "This is a hole in the wall place nobody really knows about but must! Amazing Pho choices and affordable! Their service can be better and fairly cleaned up well. Overall worth a try! (Pic: Chicken Pho)"
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · ┼×ubat 21, 2018
    · Linden, ABD
    "You must! Try any of their pizzas that are freshly made. If you can not decide, try the "Saltimboca". (Pic Below). They have a parking lot, great service, sanitary and best of all they are BYOB."
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · ┼×ubat 21, 2018
    · Montclair, ABD
    "Delicious variation of different fresh pastries to chose from. Great cappuccinos and pastel natas are always a must. One of the few bakeries that will be opened after 8PM even on a weekday!"
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · ┼×ubat 21, 2018
    · Elizabeth, ABD
    "Such a clean and friendly environment to enjoy such great food. I have not had not one problem every time I go to this chick-fil-A. The staff is very attentive and on point with orders."
    Jess CalderonJess Calderon · Eyl├╝l 23, 2017
    Fast Food
    · Union, ABD