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Capitol Hill, Seattle
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  • AFAR Media
    AFAR MediaAğustos 4, 2014
    Unicorn is one of my favorite places to take visitors because there's just so much to look at: the lurid circus-painted walls, the costumed and accessorized taxidermy, the lavishly painted bar. Daha fazlasını oku
  • AFAR Media
    AFAR MediaAğustos 4, 2014
    During happy hour, load up on discounted snacks like "narwhal balls" (deep-fried potato croquettes with dipping sauce), hand-dipped corn dogs, and bacon popcorn. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Connor G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Connor GrahamEylül 1, 2019
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Try the Unicorn Derby! If you finish one of every drink you get them for free!
  • David M.
    David MOcak 4, 2011
    I'm pretty sure when they painted this place they had to go back to Home Depot and say, "I know I asked for the brightest shade of green, but do you have something slightly more ridiculous?"
  • Denise F.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Denise FAralık 12, 2016
    The cocktails are sweet sweet, if you like it sweet this is the place. Which I love! It has a great different atmosphere. It's a must go for having a weird experience!
  • Kaila M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Kaila MazzyAralık 28, 2016
    This is truly a unicorn of a bar. Some of the coolest decorations, plus an arcade and photo booth downstairs. Get shots loaded with Rockstar or cotton candy, this place is a gem.
  • S. Z.
    S. ZornOcak 28, 2015
    One of the finer options for a unique cocktail and arcade games/pinball. It's worth a stop just to look at the decor. This bar always seems to be popular with bridal parties.
  • Fab 8.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Fab 80sOcak 17, 2020
    Cool place, check the pinball machines and other retro games. Don't order a gin and tonic as they will serve you half a glass of gin with a dash of tonic.
  • L. T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    L. T.Şubat 23, 2017
    Great spot on the weekdays. The vegan chili is really good! And definitely grab The Skinny Unicorn cocktail. Yum!
  • Kyle B.
    Kyle BunchAğustos 7, 2014
    Come for the drinks, stay for the insane decorations, which may make you feel like someone slipped something in your cocktail.
  • anne c.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    anne cozaAğustos 29, 2017
    I loved it! It's very different from all the others and great cocktails (if you are into sweet), the unicorn jizz is highly recommended.
  • Vitamin Yikullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Vitamin YiŞubat 6, 2023
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    While tempting to put the unicorn hat on… nobody that works there recommends you actually touch the thing.
  • ᴡ M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    ᴡ MillerŞubat 14, 2016
    Unique and fruity drinks were surprisingly delicious and went well with fun atmosphere!
  • Chewsy
    ChewsyAğustos 22, 2011
    Check out the review of the Mac N Cheese to figure out the secret way to order this which will make it extra tasty. Don't forget to add your own review on Chewsy! Daha fazlasını oku
  • Tyler S.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Tyler SzaboAğustos 31, 2016
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The line moves fast so be ready with what you want to order by the time you're up at the bar. Try making that order unicorn giz.
  • Angela P.
    Angela PoghosyanAralık 17, 2014
    Interesting place, gets very crowded though. You'll have a tough time finding a place to sit and you'll have to squeeze your way to the front of the bar to get a drink. Bartender was really cool.
  • Doniree W.
    Doniree WalkerEkim 28, 2011
    Super tacky place, which is what makes it so often. Happy hour is the best, $4 drafts and $3.50 burgers. Mac and cheese is ooey-gooey awesomeness. Also, great looking shot list. See: unicorn tears.
  • Joshua C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Joshua CookMart 11, 2016
    Amazing food and decor. The drinks are amazing as well.
  • Adam H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Adam HeimstadtMart 27, 2012
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    try the new desert o the menu-Unicorn droppings! chocolate peanut butter cups and fresh banana dipped in Hersheys kiss batter and of course deep fried on a stick! Rad!
  • Trophy Cupcakes a.
    Indie-circus-carnival bar with a super fun vibe... Cupcake Vodka Shots (I wish they had sprinkles on the rim) and all your fav carnival foods too!
  • Tim T.
    Tim TrautmannEkim 16, 2017
    This is bachelorette party central. Sugary cocktail menu. Bartenders are extremely efficient and good. The bar theme is kind of trite.
  • Shelby A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Shelby AllreadAğustos 11, 2015
    Eclectic menu items and awesome decorations. Loved the maple cream cheese stuffed french toast with berries! :)
  • Brandy M.
    Brandy MahaffeyEylül 3, 2014
    The most awesome bar. Narwhal is downstairs. Video games. Pinball. Karaoke. Dancing.
  • Gaston M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Gaston Motola AcunaOcak 23, 2016
    Went on a Friday it was crowded and great atmosphere crowd is a lit bit on the younger side, mid 20s. Good place.
  • Alex H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Alex HagelisNisan 5, 2018
    Cool decor, great staff, fun games in the basement. A must see when in Seattle!
  • Clyde Kelly J.
    Clyde Kelly J.Kasım 10, 2014
    Awesome place to hang out. Friendly bartenders, games downstairs. And some interesting prizes are available for grabs.
  • Thomas C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Thomas ColtonKasım 25, 2015
    Wouldn't recommend coming here anytime while the sun is up. Having said that, the place is a trip and a fun time. And you don't need to get the jizz. Beer is fine.
  • Allie C.
    Allie CaudleAğustos 17, 2018
    Such a weird fun spot - carnival theme with animal trophy decor. Plenty of pinball/arcade action in the basement.
  • Jason B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jason BurrowsKasım 3, 2011
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    The Unicorn Dog (without Sriracha) is my absolute favorite!! The owner is a wonderful dude & even when it's jam packed with people, it's a fun place to hang out.
  • Sam G.
    Sam GrEylül 18, 2012
    Given the cocktails like Unicorn Jizz and snacks like Unicorn Balls and the location in the heart of Capitol Hill, you might expect this to be a gay bar but it's actually not.
  • Charlie P.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Charlie ParkerEylül 19, 2010
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    You would think ordering at the bar would be inconvient, but the staff kicks so much ass over there it auctaly works out really well. Great food, and great service from bartenders that kisck as much a
  • Alexandra W.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Alexandra WattTemmuz 11, 2018
    Gayme night bingo was a lot of fun, the queens did a great job of keeping up the energy and laughter
  • Melissa ♡︎kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Melissa ♡︎Temmuz 4, 2015
    Wacky and unique decor make this busy two floor bar a fun time on a Friday night
  • Wandering B.
    Wandering BaileyAğustos 9, 2014
    My Little Pony and Americorn are niiiiice. The Vegan Burger wasn't so great but 241 cocktails and drink deals are frequent here!
  • Ann C.
    Ann CAğustos 21, 2010
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Saturday and Sunday brunch 11-3! Ask for the Benny Frank sandwich, not on the menu (yet) but so amazing. Add a bloody Mary to that and you've got fried gold, friend.
  • hello_emilykullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    hello_emilyNisan 30, 2016
    I feel like not enough has been said about the pickle fries. They are YUMMM 🍟
  • Jason B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jason BurrowsAralık 28, 2013
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Ask for an "Oh You!" A delicious mixture of caramel whiskey & lemonade. It's truly delightful.
  • Pr0t0 T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Pr0t0 TypeHaziran 22, 2013
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Tip? You want a tip? Tip the incredible, beautiful, amazing, staff. They. Fucking. Rule. (And put up with your drunk ass)
  • Brian I.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Brian IbarraTemmuz 4, 2016
    I think it's safe to say this is my favorite bar in Seattle
  • Monica M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Monica MillerMayıs 27, 2013
    The undisputed champion of my dive bar heart. Grab a Hellicorn and some Narwhal Balls and get down to some Bowie -- it's gonna be a wild ride!
  • Ira W.
    Ira WingMayıs 12, 2014
    Lives up to it's name, that's for sure. Interesting selection, quite a mixed crowd. Worth it!
  • Daniel L.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Daniel LihEkim 16, 2015
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Unicorn has the best Jell-O shots. My favorite is lime.
  • Phuong N.
    Phuong NguyenMayıs 16, 2018
    This carnival-themed bar is a fun place for a first date. Try their Unicorn Dog!
  • Matt
    MattHaziran 6, 2013
    Cool downstairs and a decent selection of pinball tables, but the tables aren't very well maintained and are $0.75 instead of the standard $0.50. If you're looking to game, head to Shorty's instead.
  • Florian H.
    Florian HerzogEkim 16, 2013
    well, nice place, lots of cool people and great stuff to drink/eat...another thing to mention is that they have no table service....
  • Anthony M.
    Anthony MarcaccoAğustos 7, 2010
    Some of the best food on the hill. The bishop sandwich is anazing and the breakfast poutinne is killer. The bartender was super nice and Josh the chef was awesome.
  • Joseph L.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Joseph LeEylül 7, 2017
    Good cocktails and so much fun! Great pinball machines
  • Abby A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Crazy crazy fun place with drinks like 'unicorn jizz'
  • Jordan R.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Jordan RogeEkim 13, 2015
    Everything! The decor, the drinks, the food, it's all so fab!
  • Heather K.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Heather KingHaziran 21, 2013
    Try the Sno Cone drop shot! We come here just for that drink!
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