Tracy Ruggles

Tracy Ruggles


poet, running naked through the wilderness

San Francisco, CA
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  • San Rafael
  • Kentfield
  • Larkspur
  • Sausalito
  • Corte Madera
  • San Francisco
  • Fairfax
  • Garberville
  • Sebastopol
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San Rafael
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 5 Tavsiyeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 4 Tavsiyeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 4 Tavsiyeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 3 Tavsiyeler
Corte Madera
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 2 Tavsiyeler
San Francisco
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2 Tavsiyeler
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1 Tavsiye
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Tracy Ruggles
4 mekan güncellendi Haziran 14, 2013
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Tracy Ruggles
5 mekan güncellendi Nisan 9, 2014
5 mekan Basketball Courts at Corte Madera Town Park, Phoenix Lake, Dolliver Park, Creekside Park dahil
Tracy Ruggles
7 mekan güncellendi
7 mekan La Maison de la Reine, Darshana Yoga, Marin General Hospital - Main Campus, Cable Car Coffee Company dahil
Tracy Ruggles
93 mekan güncellendi
93 mekan Native Co., Presidio of San Francisco, JAX Vineyards, Yerba Buena Gardens dahil
    Tracy'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "release the endorphins while activating the neural pathways your formed as a kid when post-allstar basketball really started to pick up"
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Şubat 21, 2014
    Basketbol Sahası
    · Corte Madera, ABD
    "for any show, be sure to get close to the stage... away from the morons in the back who won't stop their yapping through every f'in song"
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Şubat 21, 2014
    Müzik Mekanı
    · Oakland, ABD
    "Bored out of your skull waiting for your spouse to shop for shoes? Sorry. Me, too."
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Aralık 29, 2013
    Büyük Mağaza
    · Corte Madera, ABD
    "This is a quiet escape from the tourists below and well worth the hike up the stairs."
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Ekim 13, 2013
    Oyun Parkı / Çocuk Parkı
    · Sausalito, ABD
    "Stop supporting the captivity of porpoises, dolphins and orcas. Your money would be better spent helping conservation efforts for these animals to survive and thrive in the wild."
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Ağustos 6, 2013
    · Corpus Christi, ABD
    "Get up and play music at the open mic on Tuesday nights. But, refuse to pay the cover charge of !! $10 since you're part of the entertainment. If enough musicians refuse, maybe they will relent."
    Tracy RugglesTracy Ruggles · Temmuz 17, 2013
    Gece Kulübü
    · San Rafael, ABD