Javien Dawson

Javien Dawson


IG: SolipsistRealist

Hyattsville, MD
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Colmar Manor
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Takoma Park
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College Park
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San Francisco
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Javien Dawson
9 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 17, 2016
9 mekan Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail, Billy Goat Trail, Bethesda Trolley Trail, W&OD Trail at Hunter Station dahil
Javien Dawson
2 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 5, 2015
2 mekan Merchant's Saloon, Era Art Bar & Lounge dahil
Javien Dawson
3 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 5, 2015
3 mekan Midnight Sun, Tunnel Top, Merchant's Saloon dahil
Javien Dawson
1 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 14, 2013
1 mekan Vans dahil
Javien Dawson
242 mekan güncellendi
242 mekan Black Hills Burger & Bun CO, Dama Restaurant, Dama Pastry And Cafe, North Market Pop Shop dahil
Javien Dawson
169 mekan güncellendi
169 mekan Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center, Wat Arun Rajwararam, Wat Arun Prang, Golden Mount dahil
    Javien'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "They aren't stingy with their portions at all thankfully. However, when asking the employee to change his gloves and get a new bowl for a gluten free person, he seemed confused."
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Nisan 5, 2017
    · Greenbelt, ABD
    "A great place to have lunch at! However, it's a tourist trap for the prices they have. I had a burger but there were more toppings than the actual beef. Great servers!"
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Mart 31, 2017
    · Gettysburg, ABD
    "They have southeastern Asian food including Thai. The only thing they don't have is redbull."
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Mart 25, 2017
    · College Park, ABD
    "Amazing dentist! I was provided the most detailed info on my teeth. Very large screen to see my X-rays. Friendly employees, especially reception. Nice front lobby for waiting."
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Mart 19, 2017
    Dişçi Muayenehanesi
    · Vienna, ABD
    "An amazing deal was going on! I was able to get a new pair of my favorite brand and I got a pair for my partner. It did appear as if we were being watched by employees as if we were going to steal"
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Mart 19, 2017
    · Hanover, ABD
    "I thought this place was for adults. The place does not follow regulation for sweeping out under 18 people. Long lines. Rude customers. Employees seemed to not want to assist when needed"
    Javien DawsonJavien Dawson · Mart 19, 2017
    Spor Barı
    · Hanover, ABD