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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

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  • Şinasi G.
    Şinasi GÜNEŞEkim 26, 2014
    Amarika Seattle dan bohustona oradanda istanbul Atatürk hava limanına yani vatana dönüyoruz:)
  • Omer
    OmerTemmuz 30, 2012
    En nefret ettigim havaalanı :)))
    Sep 25 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Dave M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave McŞubat 11, 2019
    Really a very nice airport. Kind of overcrowded at security, but the line moves pretty fast and the staff here are super nice - a huge contrast with the staff at O’Hare!
    1 gün önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Blu
    BluEylül 5, 2014
    I love this airport. It is magically quite somehow. Even though it's busy, it's not noisy at all. Very nice for getting work done. And free WiFi. And of course, good coffee. :)
    1 hafta önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Eddie M.
    Eddie MoyŞubat 4, 2014
    Head to the Central Terminal's streetscape scene w/ shops & food court. Check out the glass curtain w/ airfield views. Sit in the rocking chairs, connect to free WiFi, & watch planes land & take-off.
    1 gün önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Joanna F.
    Joanna FlammKasım 10, 2013
    Using the light rail to get downtown is super easy. It's a bit of a walk from the terminal, but the signage is good and it's all through the parking ramp, so it's covered.
    1 gün önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Carmenkullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    CarmenHaziran 28, 2018
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    A couple years ago I suggested they bring pettable dogs to help manage stress and boredom. I just saw a wonderful 7 yr old golden retriever demonstrating hi-5’s and I suddenly felt so much better!
    Oct 8 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • MNZ ..kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    MNZ .Mayıs 30, 2018
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    If you are looking for food and good wine at the airport try Vino Volo. Awesome service, good food, good wine, great ambiance..
  • Gaston M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Gaston Motola AcunaEylül 26, 2017
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Massive airport, you can find everything and anything inside. Unfortunately terminal S (international) lacks options when it comes to the food court, specially early in the mornings or late at night.
  • zfels
    zfelsAralık 28, 2014
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Grab coffee at Café Vita (C3) and some world-famous mac & cheese at the adjacent Beecher's. Pick up some 90s swag at Sub Pop. Then sit in the atrium and watch a live local band. Perfection.
  • Dave M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave McŞubat 13, 2019
    If you’re here on a connection, take the extra time to check your gate and the map as soon as you land. It can be pretty far from S or N to A,B,C concourses, so make sure your gate didn’t change.
  • glenn l.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    glenn lethamEkim 19, 2018
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    In a huge hurry, just grab McDonald's, it's fast! Got time, have a huge pale at at Anthony's and watch the game... The chips n shrimp salsa are yummy! Interested in maps & geo? See www.
  • Dave M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Dave McŞubat 16, 2019
    The train between concourses A, B & S is pretty good. Frequent, fast and you don’t need to go through security a 2nd time when changing concourses. 🚊
  • Brian L.
    Brian LockwoodOcak 2, 2014
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Best relaxing area is sitting in the comfy furniture in S terminal near gate S10
  • Yevgeniy S.
    Yevgeniy SkazovskiHaziran 16, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    I love this airport and even the security and TSA staff is awesome. Quick and efficient. Shopping is great. Atmosphere is excellent. Taxi & Limo service works well. Thanks for great experience.
  • Mike Y.
    Mike YoungNisan 4, 2012
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Please remember that the ground & gate agents are there to help you as much AS POSSIBLE. Behave like an adult and treat them with respect. There are other people traveling besides just you.
  • Andru E.
    Andru EdwardsMayıs 3, 2013
    Super cool when you ask for a seat upgrade. Ask repeatedly until your will overpowers that of the attendants. Thank me later.
  • Abilash
    AbilashEylül 13, 2018
    Take the LINK Rail if you are going to the downtown. The station is just a little walk from the airport and the walkway is completely covered (you walk through the parking garage).
  • Ana M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ana MarEkim 14, 2013
    Congestión a toda hora vengan con tiempo
  • Huskers H.
    Huskers HuskyOcak 5, 2019
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    A lot live music at this airport, free WI-FI and good food options around the airport. Short walks to one side of Terminal to other (approx 20 mins max at a steady pace) if needed.
  • Foodies I.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Foodies In CrimeMayıs 11, 2016
    Entendible! Pequeño. ... Puedes rellenar tu botella de agua. Ideal para ahorrar y reciclar
  • Craig F.
    Craig FurnivallEylül 3, 2013
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Anthony's Seafood is best food here. Their side kitchen is quick and quality. There is a small table and outlet right next to the plasticware station.. located by Life is Good and Exofficio
  • Ricardo R.
    Ricardo RubiNisan 19, 2019
    Pidan uber directo a puerta de llegadas. Es más rápido. Zona 4 Puerta 8
    KAYAKTemmuz 10, 2012
    Be sure to try @IvarsClam, located in the central terminal, it's pretty fishy...but in a good way. ;)
  • Cherry 🍒kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Cherry 🍒Ağustos 1, 2019
    Seattle Tacoma 국제공항(SEA)에 도착해서 Uber나 Lyft를 타려면 1) App based Ride Share 표지 방향으로 간다 2) 공항 건물 맞은 편에 있는 주차장(Garage) 건물로 건너간다 3) 주차장 건물 4층에서 에스컬레이터를 타고 3층으로 내려간다 4) Uber나 Lyft 앱에서 기사가 주차한 Stall 번호를 찾아간다
    16 saat önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Mike A.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Mike AlvaradoNisan 20, 2019
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Park away from here at MasterPark or the like. Great place to catch a bit or relax before a flight though. Arrive early on the weekend or fall victim to traffic and long long lines!
  • Melissa G.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Melissa GoodnightOcak 26, 2015
    I really like this airport. I've been through several times and I've never been lost. It's very clean and comfortable and don't forget Free WiFi.
  • Men's Health Mag
    Men's Health MagAğustos 3, 2014
    There’s street-pricing in the shops and restaurants, which means prices—even on a cup of coffee—can’t exceed what you'd pay at the same shop in town Daha fazlasını oku
  • Eric T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Eric TigreAralık 1, 2010
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Sea-Tac had some of the best Seventies public art in its open spaces. The podium-controlled light wall was a favorite. Public wifi and access to Sound Transit light rail into Seattle are available. Daha fazlasını oku
  • David H.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    David H.Aralık 13, 2016
    For the military with a long layover. Especially if you have family traveling with you. They have the BEST USO and USO support in 28 years. I had a 15 hour layover, they gave me outstanding service
  • Larissa N.
    Larissa NugrohoAğustos 7, 2013
    Get a window seat on the right side of the plane if you can. You'll get to see lakes and beautiful mountains! One of the most scenic plane ride I've had :)
  • Esther G.
    Esther GweonHaziran 27, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    One of the few airports where bathroom doors swing out, not in, and if you travel a lot on your own, you definitely know why that's awesome!
  • Ken C.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Ken CampEylül 20, 2018
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Lots of shopping and food options. Always something. And nice live entertainment throughout the airport much of the time.
  • Measha
    MeashaEylül 23, 2018
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Best place to land on a clear day. Sit left side for landing / right for takeoff and see five mountains at once!
  • Irinakullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    IrinaAğustos 14, 2014
    Seattleites will loath me, but Ivar's clam chowder at the airport is my soul food every time I fly out. As for the airport itself, it's big, confusing, and it's unchanged since the 90s, but I like it.
  • Christine T.
    Christine TantocoAğustos 13, 2014
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Has to have some of the coolest stores including sub-pop records where you can listen to records while you wait for a flight.
  • A P.
    A PŞubat 8, 2014
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Food courts at the S gates are limited. Grab a Lemon Loaf & Decaf at Seattle's Finest Coffee kiosk, or do a takeaway from the restaurant in front of it as there's a wait time of 20 mins for seating.
  • Yiling W.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Yiling WongMayıs 11, 2017
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Want some e-reading material for your flight? Download from the Seattle Public Library kiosk near TSA checkpt 4! The ads say it works with or without a library card.
  • Deborah A.
    Deborah Au-YeungKasım 30, 2014
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Pop over to Anthony's seafood - chowder in a sourdough bowl and the prawn Bloody Mary can ease any cross country jaunt.
  • Alexandr B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Alexandr BaleиskiAğustos 14, 2018
    Great airport, quick staff, will recommend. One baggage claim was broken though so 3 flights were stuffed into one.
  • Caryn
    CarynTemmuz 31, 2016
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    One of the nicest restrooms in SeaTac is one of the least obvious - past the Baggage Claim carousels, down a ramp. Spacious with cool wall tile art
  • Katie B.
    Katie BosselerTemmuz 19, 2019
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Stop by Lady Yum heading to the c gates! The best macarons!!! I would higher recommend toasted coconut & salted Carmel. But every flavor is amazing!!!!
  • Zile D.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Zile DzenitisMayıs 14, 2019
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    Center food court has become exciting..great new food choices; something for everyone. Actually, many new and better food choices throughout the airport.
  • Lucille F.
    Lucille FisherTemmuz 18
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    One of the best airports in my book, from the art, layout, shops & restaurants and lounges. The best gateway to Asia from the US.
  • Harry T.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Harry TrumanEkim 20, 2018
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    Security usually moves quick, and precheck almost never has a long line. Plan on extra time for N and S terminals. Parking is stupid expensive. Other than that, it’s a solid airport.
  • Champ E.
    Champ EnsmingerTemmuz 23
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    Spam musubi from Hachi-ko (formerly Waji) at C Gate is the best food deal at Sea-Tac, hands down. Meat & rice, compact, costs 99 cents, and you can ask for it heated up.
  • TA M.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    TA MillerMayıs 14, 2021
    Lots of shops and restaurants. The Wine Bar is really nice. Everyone that works there including TSA and Police were very polite and helpful
  • Lu B.kullanıcı görüntüsü üzerindeki kalp simgesi
    Lu B.Ağustos 2, 2021
    Burada 50+ kez bulunmuş
    Look for the Salmon trail on the floor!! <- Pretty cool Salmon metal stamps on the floor. They are everywhere! The kids love it. I love it!!
  • rushay b.
    rushay booysenAğustos 29, 2013
    One of my best experience at a airport in US,the lines moved very fast.The light rail is also very easy to navigate if you looking at going downtown
  • Eater
    EaterTemmuz 11, 2012
    Top Dining Options: Anthony's Restaurant and Fish Bar, Ivar's Fish Bar, Dish D'Lish, & Vino Volo are all in the Central Terminal; Africa Lounge, Concourse A, Gate 5. Daha fazlasını oku
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