Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is one of Paris.

1. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

Rue Botzaris (Rue de Crimée), Paris, Île-de-France
Park · Buttes-Chaumont, Paris · 240 tavsiye ve inceleme

Samantha S.Samantha Schwartz: Beautiful Park off the beaten path of tourist Paris. Very local. Great place to spend an afternoon strolling or packing a picnic!

Parc de la Villette is one of Paris.

2. Parc de la Villette

211 avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris, Île-de-France
Park · 88 tavsiye ve inceleme

Kate D.Kate Davis: A great park with many things to do, ranging from exhibition centres, the Cite des Sciences museum, cinemas such as La Geode, the lovely Canal de l'Ourcq that runs through it and much more to find! Daha fazlasını oku.

Le Pavillon des Canaux is one of Paris.

3. Le Pavillon des Canaux

39 quai de Loire, Paris, Île-de-France
Kafe · La Villette · 92 tavsiye ve inceleme

Victoria M.Victoria Mazzuki: Lovely place right near the canal -excellent coffee and cakes, plus a very friendly staff!

Paname Brewing Company is one of Paris.

4. Paname Brewing Company

41 bis quai de Loire (Bassin de la Villette), Paris, Île-de-France
Bira Fabrikası · La Villette · 89 tavsiye ve inceleme

Mickael B.Mickael Bentz: Good beer, view, pizzas

Simonetta is one of Paris.

5. Simonetta

32 quai de la Marne, Paris, Île-de-France
Pizzacı · 19 tavsiye ve inceleme

Björn H.Björn Hellberg: The pizza is excellent and between 13 - 19€. Charming interior. Friendly staff who speaks English. Service is swift. Glass wall which opens up towards the canal when the weather is nice.

Artazart Design Bookstore is one of Paris.

6. Artazart Design Bookstore

83 quai de Valmy (Rue de Lancry), Paris, Île-de-France
Kitapçı · Porte Saint-Martin · 51 tavsiye ve inceleme

Galina G.Galina Golikova: Amazing choice of books about design, especially in media. Lots of inspiration

Ten Belles is one of Paris.

7. Ten Belles

10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris, Île-de-France
Kahve Dükkanı · Porte Saint-Martin · 157 tavsiye ve inceleme

GigiGigi: The coffee with a velvety body and slightly fruity aftertaste, both of which are tough to find in Paris, despite its much 3rd wave coffee shop revolution. Highly recommend!

Blackburn Coffee is one of Paris.

8. Blackburn Coffee

52 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris, Île-de-France
Kahve Dükkanı · Porte Saint-Martin · 67 tavsiye ve inceleme

Nicolas B.Nicolas Belloni: Aeropress and V60 with an Australian accent.

Le CENTQUATRE – 104 is one of Paris.

9. Le CENTQUATRE – 104

104 rue d'Aubervilliers (5 rue Curial), Paris, Île-de-France
Performans Sanatları Mekanı · La Villette · 60 tavsiye ve inceleme

Artyom F.Artyom Fedosov: Art space for everyone who needs a place to practice. Perfomances, exhibitions, dancers, musicians and so on. Must see in Paris.

La Cave de Septime is one of Paris.

10. La Cave de Septime

3 rue Basfroi, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Roquette · 31 tavsiye ve inceleme

Daniel K.Daniel Kolodziej: ‘Twas indeed a great little place to grab a drink before getting a table at Clamato.

Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels is one of Paris.

11. Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

7 rue Lobineau, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Odéon · 58 tavsiye ve inceleme

Anna Y.Anna Yang: Only wine bar I know with Chateau Margaux by the glass. Amazing way to sample expensive classics!

Clamato is one of Paris.

12. Clamato

80 rue de Charonne, Paris, Île-de-France
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · Roquette · 73 tavsiye ve inceleme

shlomit l.shlomit landmann: The best seafood restaurant in Paris. Not because it's so genius, but because it appreciates the taste of fish so much and respects its ingredients. Dinner for two around 100e. Recommend!

La Buvette is one of Paris.

13. La Buvette

67 rue Saint-Maur (Rue Guillaume Bertrand), Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Saint-Ambroise · 19 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: If La Buvette were in New York, I'd be a regular. Come hungry to snack on small plates (the white beans are a must) — because it's not registered as a bar, all guests must have food with their wine.

Clown Bar is one of Paris.

14. Clown Bar

114 rue Amelot, Paris, Île-de-France
Bistro · 51 tavsiye ve inceleme

Eric D.Eric Dallemagne: The beautiful Belle Epoque space is tastefully decorated with clowns. The menu is by Sota Atsumi, very intriguing small plates. Wines are heavily natural. Don’t expect to get a table without calling.

Le Verre Volé - Le Bistrot is one of Paris.

15. Le Verre Volé - Le Bistrot

67 rue de Lancry, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Porte Saint-Martin · 59 tavsiye ve inceleme

Vanessa S.Vanessa Schneider: Let them pick the wine--you're in good hands.

Le Dauphin is one of Paris.

16. Le Dauphin

131 avenue Parmentier, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · 40 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: Razor clams, squid ink risotto, artichoke vinaigrette, PORK RIBS WITH CHONGQING. The food here rocks, especially that dish I just mentioned in all caps.

Déviant is one of Paris.

17. Déviant

39 rue des Petites Écuries, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Porte Saint-Denis · 2 tavsiye ve inceleme
Les Enfants Du Marché is one of Paris.

18. Les Enfants Du Marché

39 rue de Bretagne, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Enfants-Rouges · 8 tavsiye ve inceleme
Benichat is one of Paris.

19. Benichat

6 rue Bichat, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Hôpital Saint-Louis · Tavsiye veya inceleme yok
La Chambre Noire is one of Paris.

20. La Chambre Noire

82 rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris, Île-de-France
Speakeasy · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

Odile C.Odile Compagnon: Comfortable atmosphere. Half-way-done style, well done. Great place where to have a glass of wine and meet people. Vibrant yet not too loud. Beautiful photo exhibit on the walls till end of June.

Yard is one of Paris.

21. Yard

6 rue de Mont-Louis, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Roquette · 13 tavsiye ve inceleme

SeraSera: A small space with an open kitchen. The service isn't fast, but the good is solid with an excellent wine selection.

La Quincave is one of Paris.

22. La Quincave

17 Rue Bréa, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Mağazası · Notre-Dame-des-Champs · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ed C.Ed Charles: A locals wine cave. Ask them what to drink.

La Cave de Septime is one of Paris.

23. La Cave de Septime

3 rue Basfroi, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Roquette · 31 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: I just love it here. Awesome service, delicious selection of natural wines, nice snacks, cool vibe. Snag some seats if you can, then linger as long as your heart desires.

Ma Cave Fleury is one of Paris.

24. Ma Cave Fleury

177 impasse Saint-Denis, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

Irg S.Irg Smile: The best place in Paris to taste and buy organic & biodynamic champagnes and wines. You can sit on the nice terrace in good company. Great spot in the Montorgueil pedestrian area. Daha fazlasını oku.

Le Siffleur de Ballons is one of Paris.

25. Le Siffleur de Ballons

34 rue de Cîteaux, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Quinze-Vingts · 30 tavsiye ve inceleme

Paris by wineParis by wine: Worth a good night with some friends, nice place, nice food, good natural wines, all in a mastered simplicity.

Le Mary Céleste is one of Paris.

26. Le Mary Céleste

1 rue Commines (Rue Froissart), Paris, Île-de-France
Kokteyl Barı · Enfants-Rouges · 168 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jeremy F.Jeremy Fisher: Fooding Guide 2014 best bar of delights: A Parisian hideaway perched way atop the mast of incongruity. Insanely hip, brilliantly off-the-wall.

L'Entrée des Artistes Pigalle is one of Paris.

27. L'Entrée des Artistes Pigalle

30 rue Victor Massé, Paris, Île-de-France
Lounge · Saint-Georges · 12 tavsiye ve inceleme

10things •.10things • city guides by local experts: Funky from the second you step foot through the door, L’Entrée des Artistes Pigalle brings delicacies and a superb wine bar to the 9th arrondissement. Emanating the fragrance of an LA Thriller.. Daha fazlasını oku.

Aux Deux Amis is one of Paris.

28. Aux Deux Amis

45 rue Oberkampf, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Saint-Ambroise · 48 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: You want to come here with a few friends and hang loose and drink wine and have some snacks, especially whatever charcuterie is being offered. It’s super relaxed and vaguely kitschy and a lot of fun.

Bar Martin is one of Paris.

29. Bar Martin

24 boulevard du Temple, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme

Wafa S.Wafa S: Very good french tapas bar. Wines are bio, natural or nature! Plates are between 4 and 7€. Onglet de bœuf and camembert rôti excellents! Warm welcoming.

Le Rigmarole is one of Paris.

30. Le Rigmarole

10 rue du Grand Prieuré, Paris, Île-de-France
Restoran · 4 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jas L.Jas L: Barbecue with vintage feel furniture. Small plates and skewers €5-9 (two pcs per serving). By American-French chef & Taiwanese pastry chef (ex-Guy Savoy)

Le Baron Rouge is one of Paris.

31. Le Baron Rouge

1 rue Théophile Roussel, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarap Barı · Quinze-Vingts · 25 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariaMaria: If you're looking for a wine bar with no tourists and only locals than this is def the place to be! Big variety, nice snacks, fresh oysters from the nearby market. Glass of wine: €2-3.

Abri is one of Paris.

32. Abri

92 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, Île-de-France
Gastropub · Rochechouart · 36 tavsiye ve inceleme

Constance |.Constance | @croostifoodi: Superb quality food - mainly fish and seafood - with a Japanese twist. Every dish is great and bread is amazing. Excellent value for money, but booking must be made months ahead.

Joséphine Chez Dumonet is one of Paris.

33. Joséphine Chez Dumonet

117 rue du Cherche-Midi, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Notre-Dame-des-Champs · 30 tavsiye ve inceleme

Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel: Joséphine’s décor has walked right out of the late 19th century, but its dining room is an endless parade of modern diners looking for some of the best authentic bistro food in the capital. Daha fazlasını oku.

Le Petit Vendôme is one of Paris.

34. Le Petit Vendôme

8 rue des Capucines, Paris, Île-de-France
Auvergne Restoran · Gaillon · 67 tavsiye ve inceleme

Matthieu D.Matthieu DR: If you want a taste of a real French sandwich, go there. Just great as they work with great products from French suppliere. I'd recommend their ham & cantal sandwich.

L'Ami Jean is one of Paris.

35. L'Ami Jean

27 rue Malar, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Gros-Caillou · 95 tavsiye ve inceleme

ZZubinZZubin: The best quality local feeling bistro in Paris. Rich French style, with modernist twists. Yes the rice pudding is amazing, but so is everything else. Don’t be thrown off by waitstaff’s quirky humor

Phở Tài is one of Paris.

36. Phở Tài

13 rue Philibert Lucot, Paris, Île-de-France
Vietnam Restoranı · 63 tavsiye ve inceleme

Dallas A.Dallas Alexandra: Best Bo Bun in Paris! Hands down, have had them all. This place ranks first in all categories of bo bun. Everything else is authentically delicious.

Au Passage is one of Paris.

37. Au Passage

1 bis passage Saint-Sébastien, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Saint-Ambroise · 77 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jeff M.Jeff Mills: Truly a happy place. Amazing food, great diversity and a strong wine list. Laid back and unpretentious setting. We had 7 dishes and 5 glasses of wine, it was only €90 - I highly recommend.

Le Baratin is one of Paris.

38. Le Baratin

3 rue Jouye-Rouve, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Belleville · 45 tavsiye ve inceleme

Reinette D.Reinette De Villiers: Everything we ate here was delicious, but the beef cheek was especially good! It literally melts in the mouth. Our waiter suggested a Beaujolais that was just perfect! The portion sizes are great too.

Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris is one of Paris.

39. Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris

5 avenue Marceau, Paris, Île-de-France
Müze · Chaillot · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme

Karel M.Karel Maertens: Beautiful museum, we get to learn more about Saint Laurent and Bergé’s relationship. Extraordinary dresses are exposed as well, recommended!

La Maison Plisson is one of Paris.

40. La Maison Plisson

93 boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, Île-de-France
Şarküteri · Temple · 50 tavsiye ve inceleme

Gijsbregt B.Gijsbregt Brouwer: Beautiful gourmet mini supermarket for all your way too expensive and organic cravings. Do go downstairs or try the bakery next door

Fondation Louis Vuitton is one of Paris.

41. Fondation Louis Vuitton

8 avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, Paris, Île-de-France
Sanat Müzesi · Passy · 169 tavsiye ve inceleme

A.A.: Modern art collection housed in an amazing building by Frank Gehry which references the sails of boats. Make sure you explore the outside galleries on the upper floors, they're easy to miss.

Astier de Villatte is one of Paris.

42. Astier de Villatte

173 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, Île-de-France
Mobilya / Ev Gereçleri Mağazası · Palais-Royal · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme

Sarah S.Sarah Sukumaran: bought a beautiful bowl. wish i could have bought more to schlep home. good news: there are shops in NYC that carry their pieces. inquire and they will share a list of vendors including ABC & catbird.

Mokonuts is one of Paris.

43. Mokonuts

5 rue Saint-Bernard, Paris, Île-de-France
Kahve Dükkanı · 16 tavsiye ve inceleme

Constance |.Constance | @croostifoodi: Exceptional: quality products, perfect cooking mastery and beautiful plates. Friendly owners, but slow service. White chocolate & olive cookie is divine! Small place, book ahead (lunch and dinner).

Tom Greyhound Paris is one of Paris.

44. Tom Greyhound Paris

19, rue de Saintonge, Paris, Île-de-France
Butik · Enfants-Rouges · 4 tavsiye ve inceleme

citizenMcitizenM: This is a multi brand concept store where can you find one-of-a-kind Korean designer pieces. Daha fazlasını oku.

Le Servan is one of Paris.

45. Le Servan

32 rue Saint-Maur (Rue du Chemin Vert), Paris, Île-de-France
Bistro · Roquette · 54 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: Absolutely delicious and sophisticated French bistro fare with an Asian flair. Entirely unpretentious in food and vibe. Owned and operated by a pair of French-Filipino sisters. All natural wine list.

Place des Vosges is one of Paris.

46. Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges, Paris, Île-de-France
Meydan · Hôtel-de-Ville · 250 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: Trés chic trés hip park for chilling. Bring a picnic, or at least a bottle of wine.

Boot Café is one of Paris.

47. Boot Café

19 rue du Pont aux Choux, Paris, Île-de-France
Kafe · Temple · 78 tavsiye ve inceleme

Edith P.Edith Pilaf: Coffee from 5 Elephant of Berlin, made slow and properly by a very friendly fellow. If you're not lucky enough to grab a table, savor the teensy ambiance while you wait for your coffee to go 😌

Candelaria is one of Paris.

48. Candelaria

56 rue de Saintonge, Paris, Île-de-France
Kokteyl Barı · Enfants-Rouges · 300 tavsiye ve inceleme

Lizzie P.Lizzie P: This was my first Paris speakeasy and I wasn't disappointed! Head through a discreet white door at the back of an authentic taco joint & you arrive in a lively Mexican bar. Great vibes!

Les Philosophes is one of Paris.

49. Les Philosophes

28 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, Île-de-France
Fransız Restoranı · Hôtel-de-Ville · 231 tavsiye ve inceleme

Emily W.Emily Wilson: Lunch: Sancerre, French onion soup, beef tartare.

Saint-Martin Kanalı is one of Paris.

50. Saint-Martin Kanalı

(Canal Saint-Martin)
Quai de Valmy (Quai de Jemmapes), Paris, Île-de-France
Kanal · Porte Saint-Martin · 140 tavsiye ve inceleme

Kate D.Kate Davis: The Canal Saint-Martin is a great place to take a walk - With the Port de l’Arsennal at the south end which also makes for a quiet yet calming area to people watch or enjoy the views like in the photo Daha fazlasını oku.

Le Comptoir Général is one of Paris.

51. Le Comptoir Général

80-82 quai de Jemmapes, Paris, Île-de-France
Bar · Porte Saint-Martin · 278 tavsiye ve inceleme

Jeremy F.Jeremy Fisher: Perfect, rambling, African-inspired bar. Why don't we have this in Bushwick?

Marché des Enfants Rouges is one of Paris.

52. Marché des Enfants Rouges

39 rue de Bretagne, Paris, Île-de-France
Semt Pazarı · Enfants-Rouges · 242 tavsiye ve inceleme

Io A.Io As Soon: The best market to taste a wide variety of international foods. This market is composed of several place to eat. The place is awesome and typical. You must fo there :)

Fromagerie Barthélemy is one of Paris.

53. Fromagerie Barthélemy

51 rue de Grenelle (Boulevard Raspail), Paris, Île-de-France
Peynir Dükkanı · Saint Thomas d'Aquin · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

Eric D.Eric Dallemagne: Barthélémy's tiny shop is a haven for cheese lovers, where no more than three customers constitutes a crowd. Every square inch of shelf and counter space is laden with the finest cheeses

54. Merci

111 boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, Île-de-France
Giyim Mağazası · Temple · 172 tavsiye ve inceleme
Acne Studios is one of Paris.

55. Acne Studios

124 galerie Valois, Paris, Île-de-France
Giyim Mağazası · Palais-Royal · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

Julie G.Julie G: Really small but still one of the best Acne shops. Great staff. Sometimes too much people in here, but still worth it! The range is good, not everything is on the display. Just ask for more.

56. Centre Pompidou – Musée National d'Art Moderne

Place Georges Pompidou (Rue Beaubourg), Paris, Île-de-France
Sanat Müzesi · Hôtel-de-Ville · 607 tavsiye ve inceleme
Lüksemburg Bahçesi is one of Paris.

57. Lüksemburg Bahçesi

(Jardin du Luxembourg)
Place Edmond Rostand (Rue de Médicis), Paris, Île-de-France
Bahçe · Odéon · 594 tavsiye ve inceleme

Kate D.Kate Davis: The gardens are famous and historical, holding fountains, many statues, a great place for a picnic, and even includes the original Statue of Liberty. www.eutouring.com/images_jardin_du_luxembourg.html