Kosher French Onion Soup
Benny's Brick Oven Pizza is one of Kosher French Onion Soup.

1. Benny's Brick Oven Pizza

1802 Avenue M (at E 18th St.), Brooklyn, NY
Pizzacı · Midwood · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme

Mottel L.Mottel Lightstone: Watery broth, not enough cheese, overly toasted - but decent sized - crouton. Pass.

2. Exception 2 Mk Inc.

5039 Ch. Queen Mary (at Westbury), Montreal, QC
Tatlıcı · Snowdon · 2 tavsiye ve inceleme

Mottel L.Mottel Lightstone: Great French Onion Soup - rich broth, copious amounts of cheese. Go for it!