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Marco Lim


Quezon City, Philippines
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  • Quezon City
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  • Iloilo City
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  • Puerto Galera
  • San Fernando
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Quezon City
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2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 4 Tavsiyeler
2 Oluşturulan Listeler · 1 Tavsiye
Iloilo City
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Puerto Galera
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San Fernando
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Puerto Princesa
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2 Oluşturulan Listeler
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Marco Lim
4 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 19, 2015
4 mekan Gandiva Archery Range, Republ1c Wake Park, Sabang Zipline Adventure, Sky Ranch dahil
Marco Lim
11 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 20, 2014
11 mekan Pico Sands Hotel, Cintai Corito's Garden, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, Century Hotel dahil
Marco Lim
5 mekan güncellendi Ocak 29, 2013
5 mekan Bantayan Island, Anawangin Cove, Capones Island Lighthouse, Biscocho Haus dahil
Marco Lim
8 mekan güncellendi Mayıs 14, 2015
8 mekan Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Burgos Circle, Filling Station, Jonah's Fruitshake and Snackbar dahil
Marco Lim
46 mekan güncellendi Ocak 6, 2019
46 mekan Kuya Max's Restaurant, Sagada Brew, Book & Borders Café, Breakthrough Restaurant dahil
Marco Lim
13 mekan güncellendi Mart 5, 2015
13 mekan Pico Sands Hotel, Bantayan Island, Anawangin Cove, Pundaquit Luxury Resort dahil
    Marco'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "Bad and slow drive thru service. The staff isn't disrespectful, but they don't seem well-trained to handle the window. Wrong orders taken, wrong money counted, doesn't sound happy to serve, etc."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Ağustos 4, 2018
    Fast Food
    · Quezon City, Filipinler
    "Hokkaido Black Milk Tea, 50% sweetness, nata de coco. My go-to order for years now and I'm still not sick of it."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Mart 17, 2017
    Çay Bahçesi
    · San Juan, Filipinler
    "Very friendly staff and good selection of cat items -- something that's not as common as the dog stuff in most local pet stores."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Şubat 21, 2017
    Evcil Hayvan Mağazası
    · Quezon City, Filipinler
    "Staff is sufficiently knowledgeable about the games and items. Like a lot of DBs though, the sales area is packed with merch and very cramped."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Şubat 21, 2017
    Video Oyunları
    · San Juan, Filipinler
    "Relaxing and isolated (so far) from the busier parts of Tagaytay. If you're in a small group, get a hut and enjoy the outdoor ambiance while sipping on some hot bulalo soup."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Şubat 21, 2017
    Geleneksel Yemek
    · Filipinler
    "I know it's a pancake place, but I just can't get enough of their spaghetti. I can have that meat sauce all day."
    Marco LimMarco Lim · Mayıs 31, 2016
    · Quezon City, Filipinler