Tine Dawson

Tine Dawson


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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  • Homestead
  • Pittsburgh
  • West Mifflin
  • Brooklyn
  • New York
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West Mifflin
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New York
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Tine Dawson
17 mekan güncellendi Ekim 21, 2012
17 mekan Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Chambers Pottery, Souths, Restaurant Marc Forgione dahil
Tine Dawson
36 mekan güncellendi Ocak 20, 2013
36 mekan Hyde Park Steakhouse, Stage AE, August Henry's Burger Bar, Seviche dahil
Tine Dawson
21 mekan güncellendi Şubat 5, 2012
21 mekan Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, Mattress Factory Museum, Magee Rec Center, Flagstaff Hill dahil
Tine Dawson
0 mekan güncellendi
0 mekan
Tine Dawson
2 mekan güncellendi
2 mekan Kohli's Indian Groceries, U.S. Steel Tower Plaza dahil
    "Add at least five minutes to the time you'd expect it would take to print out a paper. People sit on facebook or playing games, so you'll end up searching for a free computer for a while."
    Tine DawsonTine Dawson · Aralık 4, 2012
    · Pittsburgh, ABD
    "Though they're all really nice here, I don't suggest coming on a lunch break. A thirty-second sandwich and a pre-made drink usually turn into a ten to fifteen minute process even without a line."
    Tine DawsonTine Dawson · Ekim 16, 2012
    · Pittsburgh, ABD