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Jeffrey S

Jeffrey S


Riverside, CA
  • 708 Tavsiye
  • 109 Takipçiler
  • 66 Takip Edilen
  • 49 Liste
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  • Riverside
  • Moreno Valley
  • Redlands
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Colton
  • Upland
  • Ontario
  • Chino Hills
  • Claremont
  • Tüm Şehirler
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6 Oluşturulan Listeler · 116 Tavsiyeler
Moreno Valley
6 Oluşturulan Listeler · 53 Tavsiyeler
7 Oluşturulan Listeler · 34 Tavsiyeler
Rancho Cucamonga
5 Oluşturulan Listeler · 19 Tavsiyeler
5 Oluşturulan Listeler · 14 Tavsiyeler
5 Oluşturulan Listeler · 6 Tavsiyeler
4 Oluşturulan Listeler · 6 Tavsiyeler
Chino Hills
3 Oluşturulan Listeler · 6 Tavsiyeler
1 Liste Oluşturuldu · 8 Tavsiyeler
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Jeffrey'in Son Listeleri
Jeffrey S
4 mekan güncellendi Ocak 19, 2015
Rancho Cucamonga, CA has plenty to offer when it comes to dining in the Inland Empire. Here are a few places that you should consider trying.
Jeffrey S
4 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 5, 2012
There is almost nothing better than getting your farm-fresh products straight from these stands. Skip the big box stores and toss the club cards. Don't you and your family deserve the best?
Jeffrey S
16 mekan güncellendi Temmuz 11, 2013
Not everyone wants to drive to Orange County to visit a Vietnamese Restaurant, therefore here are some worthy of trying right here in the Inland Empire and surrounding area.
Jeffrey S
12 mekan güncellendi Ağustos 28, 2019
There are more restaurants specializing in Burgers these days. Here are some of the places that you can find a decent burger in the Inland Empire and surrounding area.
Jeffrey S
4 mekan güncellendi Haziran 30, 2014
There are not a lot of restaurants featuring cuisine from Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands, but here are just a few for those interested in trying something completely different.
Jeffrey S
9 mekan güncellendi Ekim 28, 2013
When you are cruising Route 66 aka Foothill Blvd. in that stretch of the IE known as Upland, do yourself a favor and check-in on Foursquare at some of these restaurants for the best eats in Upland!
    Jeffrey'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "Clam Chowder is $5.95 per bowl. The cup costs $4.95 Go figure"
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Ağustos 23, 2014
    Deniz Ürünleri
    · Riverside, ABD
    "Italian Sausage topping is good quality compared to many places."
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Ağustos 12, 2014
    · Moreno Valley, ABD
    "Supreme personal pizza"
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Ağustos 6, 2014
    · Redlands, ABD
    "New Korean Restaurant in San Bernardino, CA near Waterman and Central. Try the #Bibimbap"
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Ağustos 1, 2014
    · San Bernardino, ABD
    "Tacos Colima blends their own sauces for more authentic flavors."
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Temmuz 25, 2014
    · Moreno Valley, ABD
    "Free Pizza @blazepizza in #Riverside tomorrow"
    Jeffrey SJeffrey S · Haziran 17, 2014
    · Riverside, ABD