Goldeneye (1995)
Verzasca Dam is one of Goldeneye (1995).

1. Verzasca Dam

Via Valle Verzasca, Contra, Ticino
Baraj · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The Verzasca Dam features in the opening sequence of Goldeneye (1995) where 007 bungee-jumps from the top to access a chemical weapons factory at the bottom. Daha fazlasını oku.

D2 / Route de Gentelly is one of Goldeneye (1995).

2. D2 / Route de Gentelly

D2 - Route de Gentelly, Gréolières, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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FilmsquareFilmsquare: It is on this hairpin, just north of Gréolières, that we see James Bond driving Caroline in the Aston Martin DB5 and we first see the cyclists he will encounter later in Goldeneye (1995) Daha fazlasını oku.

D2 / Route de Gentelly is one of Goldeneye (1995).

3. D2 / Route de Gentelly

D2 - Route de Gentelly, Gréolières, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond and Xenia race their Aston Martin and Ferrari down this stretch of road before meeting a group of cyclists in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Vista Palace Hotel is one of Goldeneye (1995).

4. Vista Palace Hotel

1551 Route Grande Corniche, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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FilmsquareFilmsquare: Although not seen in the film, the road outside the Vista Palace Hotel gives the view that James Bond and Caroline have of Monaco after she insists that he "stop car this instant!" In Goldeneye (1995) Daha fazlasını oku.

Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of Goldeneye (1995).

5. Casino de Monte-Carlo

Place du Casino, Monte-Carlo, Principality of Monaco
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FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond pulls up to the Casino de Monte-Carlo and meets Xenia at the Chemin de Fer table (although he refers to the game incorrectly as Baccarat) in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Fort Antoine Theater is one of Goldeneye (1995).

6. Fort Antoine Theater

Avenue de la Quarantaine, Monaco
Tiyatro · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond walks across the Teatre de Fort Antoine to watch Xenia and an Admiral board the Manticore Yacht in the Monaco Harbour in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Yacht Club de Monaco is one of Goldeneye (1995).

7. Yacht Club de Monaco

16 boulevard Antoine 1er (Port Hercule de Monaco), Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Liman / Marina · 33 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Xenia and her Admiral 'friend' board a motor launch to the Manticore Yacht moored at the Yacht Club de Monaco under surveillance by James Bond in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Port Hercule de Monaco is one of Goldeneye (1995).

8. Port Hercule de Monaco

Route de la Piscine (Quai Antoine 1er), La Condamine
Liman / Marina · 44 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The French stealth ship La Fayette is moored in Port Hercule and it is from this ship that the Eurocopter PAH-2 Tiger Stealth helicopter is stolen in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Titlis is one of Goldeneye (1995).

9. Titlis

Titlis, Engelberg, Obwalden
Dağ · 50 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: When Boris Greshenko leaves the Severnaya radar facility in Goldeneye (1995) to have a cigarette, the background is the ski slopes on the Engelberg-side of Titlis. Daha fazlasını oku.

MI6 is one of Goldeneye (1995).

10. MI6

85 Albert Embankment, Londra, Greater London
Devlet Binası · London · 46 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: We see the MI6 Headquarters in an establishing shot in Goldeneye (1995). This is the first time that 85 Albert Embankment was used in the James Bond franchise. Daha fazlasını oku.

Winter Palace is one of Goldeneye (1995).

11. Winter Palace

(Зимний дворец)
Дворцовая наб., 34, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Saray · Исторический центр · 58 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The Winter Palace is featured in the James Bond film Goldeneye (1995) in an establishing shot before a Russian Defence Council meeting. The interiors, however, were filmed at Draper's Hall, London. Daha fazlasını oku.

Drapers' Hall is one of Goldeneye (1995).

12. Drapers' Hall

Throgmorton Ave (Austin Friars), Londra, Greater London
Gösteri Merkezi · City of London · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Draper's Hall was used for a meeting of the Russian Defence Council in the James Bond film Goldeneye (1995). A large false door was installed to cover a painting of Queen Victoria. Daha fazlasını oku.

Epsom Downs Racecourse is one of Goldeneye (1995).

13. Epsom Downs Racecourse

Tattenham Corner Rd, Epsom, Surrey
Yarış Pisti · 12 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The frontage of The Queen's Stand was used in Goldeneye (1995) as St. Petersburg Airport where James Bond meets CIA Agent Jack Wade. Daha fazlasını oku.

St. Pancras Uluslararası Tren İstasyonu (STP) is one of Goldeneye (1995).

14. St. Pancras Uluslararası Tren İstasyonu (STP)

(London St Pancras International Railway Station)
Pancras Rd (Euston Rd), Londra, Greater London
Tren İstasyonu · St. Pancras and Somers Town · 422 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Natalya Simonova arrives at London St Pancras, Platform 5 in Goldeneye (1995) although the scene is script as a St Petersburg station. Daha fazlasını oku.

Somerset House is one of Goldeneye (1995).

15. Somerset House

Strand, Londra, Greater London
Sanat Galerisi · City of Westminster · 159 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The courtyard of Somerset House was used as a generic St Petersburg square in Goldeneye (1995) where Jack Wade's car breaks down and James Bond assists him while discussing about his mission. Daha fazlasını oku.

Exchange Bridge is one of Goldeneye (1995).

16. Exchange Bridge

(Биржевой мост)
Биржевой мост, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Köprü · Округ Введенский · 24 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Jack Wade's Moskvich car is seen crossing the Birzhevoy Bridge in Goldeneye (1995) as he drives James Bond to meet Valentin Zukovsky. Daha fazlasını oku.

Brompton Cemetery is one of Goldeneye (1995).

17. Brompton Cemetery

Fulham Rd (at Old Brompton Rd), Londra, Greater London
Mezarlık · West Brompton · 22 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The chapel at Brompton Cemetery stood in for the exteriors of "Our Lady of Smolensk" church in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

St Sophia Greek Cathedral is one of Goldeneye (1995).

18. St Sophia Greek Cathedral

Moscow Rd (St. Petersburgh Pl), Londra, Greater London
Kilise · Lancaster Gate · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: St Sophia was used as the interiors of "Our Lady of Smolensk" in Goldeneye (1995), where Natalya Simonova goes to meet with Boris Grishenko, but is kidnapped by him and Xenia Onatopp. Daha fazlasını oku.

The Langham is one of Goldeneye (1995).

19. The Langham

1C Portland Pl, Londra, Greater London
Otel · West End · 70 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond stays at the Langham Hotel in Goldeneye (1995), although the hotel is shown as "The Grand Hotel" and is scripted as St Petersburg. Daha fazlasını oku.

St. Michael's (Engineers') Castle is one of Goldeneye (1995).

20. St. Michael's (Engineers') Castle

(Михайловский (Инженерный) замок)
Садовая ул., 2, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kale · Дворцовый округ · 137 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond and Natalya Simonova are brought to St Michael's Castle by Russian soliders after escaping from an attack helicopter set to self-destruct in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral is one of Goldeneye (1995).

21. Saint Isaac's Cathedral

(Исаакиевский собор)
Исаакиевская пл., 4, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kilise · Адмиралтейский округ · 331 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond drives past St Isaac's Cathedral in a T-80BV (T-55) tank chasing Gen Ourumov in Goldeneye (1995). The tank used rubber tracks from a British Chieftain to protect the Russian streets. Daha fazlasını oku.

Конституционный Суд Российской Федерации is one of Goldeneye (1995).

22. Конституционный Суд Российской Федерации

Сенатская пл., 1 (Английская наб.), Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Adliye · Адмиралтейский округ · 19 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: In pursuit of General Ourumov, James Bond slides his stolen Russian tank down the ulitsa Galernaya at the back of the Courthouse in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Большой Конюшенный мост is one of Goldeneye (1995).

23. Большой Конюшенный мост

Мошков пер. (наб. р. Мойки), Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Köprü · Исторический центр · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: On the north-side of the Large Stables Bridge, James Bond faces-off with some Russian jeeps in his stolen tank in Goldeneye (1995). The tank was a T-55 mocked up with armour to look like a T-80BV. Daha fazlasını oku.

Певческий мост is one of Goldeneye (1995).

24. Певческий мост

наб. р. Мойки, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Köprü · Исторический центр · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Gen. Ourumov orders his driver to "use the bumper, that's what it's for" to clear the pedestrians off the Singing Bridge in St Petersburg in Goldeneye (1995). Daha fazlasını oku.

Спасо-Преображенский Собор is one of Goldeneye (1995).

25. Спасо-Преображенский Собор

Преображенская пл., 1, Sankt Peterburg, Санкт-Петербург
Kilise · Литейный округ · 12 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: As James Bond motors through St Petersburg in a tank in Goldeneye (1995) he smashes through a prop statue of Pegasus from outside the Transfiguration Cathedral, which remains on the roof of his T-55. Daha fazlasını oku.

British Sugar is one of Goldeneye (1995).

26. British Sugar

Oundle Rd, Peterborough, Peterborough
Ofis · 1 tavsiye

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Before the old sugar factory was torn down on this site it was used in a brief scene in Goldeneye (1995) where Natalya Simonova is brought following a tank-chase with James Bond. Daha fazlasını oku.

Nene Valley Railway is one of Goldeneye (1995).

27. Nene Valley Railway

Ferry Meadows Station, Peterborough, Peterborough
Tren İstasyonu · 12 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: Alec Trevelyan's armoured locomotive in Goldeneye (1995) passes through Ferry Meadows station. Although the station building has been dressed up to look like a rundown Russian station. Daha fazlasını oku.

Playa Mar Chiquita is one of Goldeneye (1995).

28. Playa Mar Chiquita

PR-684, Manatí, Manatí Municipio
Plaj · 18 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: James Bond sits on the Playa Mar Chiquita in Goldeneye (1995) and looks out at the surf breaking contemplating his mission. Daha fazlasını oku.

Observatorio de Arecibo is one of Goldeneye (1995).

29. Observatorio de Arecibo

PR-625, Arecibo, Arecibo
Planetaryum · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The Arecibo Observatory famously appeared in Goldeneye (1995) as the satellite control station of villain Janus/006/Alec Trevelyan, where James Bond brings his master plan to a halt. Daha fazlasını oku.

Laguna Tortuguero is one of Goldeneye (1995).

30. Laguna Tortuguero

Vega Baja, Vega Baja Municipio
Diğer Açık Alanlar · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme

FilmsquareFilmsquare: The final scene of Goldeneye (1995) with James Bond and Natalya Simonova surrounded by Jack Wade's Marines was filmed at the Laguna Tortuguero, although the precise location is impossible to determine Daha fazlasını oku.