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Alphabet City, New York yakınlarında Avustralya Restoranı için öneriler

    • 9.1
      198 East 11th St (at 3rd Ave), New York
      • Elisa

        Elisa • Ocak 16, 2020Thoroughly impressed by their shrimp pasta. Also really like their pineapple mint juice. The aesthetic of the interior is also amazing. Food service was quick. Highly recommend!

    • 8.6
      Amerikan$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      173 Avenue A (at E 11th St), New York
      • Helen L.

        Helen L. • Ekim 14, 2012We were waiting for a table outside and we got some hot chocolate. Awesome!

    • 7.9
      Amerikan$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      55 3rd Ave (btwn E 10th & E 11th St), New York
      • Mariya R.

        Mariya R. • Kasım 10, 2012The best brunch in the brunch in the village. Try the Crocker

    • 8.6
      Kafe$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      307 E 9th St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave), New York
      • Brkgny

        Brkgny • Ekim 25, 2014Chai latte gayet iyi zencefil oranı az

    • 7.2
      Bar$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      87 2nd Ave (at E 5th St), New York
      • Elizabeth O.

        Elizabeth O. • Kasım 29, 2011Peter Cooper is tasty. Get the chowder, practically a full lobster in each bowl!

    • Category icon

      6. ATKH

      521 E 12th St (Between Ave A & Ave B), New York
    • 6.7
      Kafe$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      163 1st Ave (btwn E 10th & 11th St), New York
      • Adrien

        Adrien • Mayıs 5, 2015Home made pear tarts by the slice on weekends!

    • 6.8
      Çay Bahçesi$$$$
      199 E 3rd St (Ave B), New York
      • Evan T.

        Evan T. • Kasım 3, 2019unique, incredible chai. worth going out of your way :)

    • 8.4
      Kahve Dükkanı$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      131 E 7th St, New York
      • Emma C.

        Emma C. • Eylül 30, 2020my #1 east village go-to! discount for locals + cute vegan baked goods

    • 7.3

      10. Gnocco

      İtalyan$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      337 E 10th St (Avenue B), New York
      • Esther L.

        Esther L. • Mart 8, 2010Ideal meal: gnocco fritto, pizza tartufata and calzone nutella!

    • 7.0

      11. DIA

      İtalyan$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      58 2nd Ave, New York
      • Ebrahim B.

        Ebrahim B. • Aralık 27, 2018The lamb shank $35 was amazing, hunk of meat and bone enough for two Planted on a bed of yellow polenta with a few roast carrots on the side, the cut had been braised in wine tasty bit.ly/2ERVQqR

    • 6.6
      Şarap Barı$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      121 Saint Marks Pl (btwn 1st Ave & Avenue A), New York
      • Manda S.

        Manda S. • Şubat 13, 2012Come for the 2 for 1 but order avocado toast for yummy healthy snack or pack on the calories with pasta dishes to die for (and cheap too!)

    • 6.1
      Spor Barı$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      16 1st Ave (at 1st St), New York
      • Kevin B.

        Kevin B. • Ağustos 22, 2015Nice setup and vibe. Great bartenders and would definitely come back again.

    • ?
      Kahve Dükkanı$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      101 2nd Ave, New York
      • Kevin

        Kevin • Ekim 5, 2019V60 was good, has a nice sunlit vibe, and music was a fun conbo of reggaeton and cafe funk

    • 9.0
      Evcil Hayvan Kafe
      195 Avenue A (at E 12th St), New York
      • Stephen C.

        Stephen C. • Şubat 10, 2018Brought my pup and it's a nice place. The dog friendly section is cordoned off from food service area. They have a variety of coffee and tea drinks and they'll be getting their beer and wine license

    • 7.2
      122 Saint Marks Pl (btw Avenue A and 1st Ave), New York
      • Meg M.

        Meg M. • Aralık 20, 2009best pitas in the city, and probably the only place in the us to get bissli

    • 7.1

      17. Poco

      Tapas$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      33 Avenue B (at E 3rd St), New York
      • The Corcoran Group

        The Corcoran Group • Temmuz 9, 2013The bottomless brunch here is great, but what makes it even better is the Lobster Mac and Cheese or the Lobster Benedict. These are must-order dishes!

    • 6.7
      Diner$$$$Menü'yü Göster
      88 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 (btwn 6th St & 5th St), New York
      • Snm V.

        Snm V. • Kasım 30, 2015Big and delicious plates!! Nice staf.. Mediterrian omlette and banana pancakes are wonderfull.

    • 6.3
      Meyve Suyu Barı$$$$
      152 2nd Ave (E 10th Street), New York
      • Katherine C.

        Katherine C. • Şubat 18, 2018Really great value for the avocado toast. Comes with a hard boiled egg!

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