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Axiotissa Taverna is one of Greece.

1. Axiotissa Taverna

Kastraki (Mikra Vigla), Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Taverna · 63 tavsiye ve inceleme

Kay L.Kay Liedl: One of the best Falafel I ever tasted - go for it, not only if you are vegetarian.

Tranquilo is one of Greece.

2. Tranquilo

Παραλία Περίσσας, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Vejetaryen / Vegan Restoranı · 69 tavsiye ve inceleme

Krishna S.Krishna Srinivasan: Friendly, great veggie food, awesome drinks, all right on the beach. Can't ask for more.

Santo Wines is one of Greece.

3. Santo Wines

Πύργος, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Şaraphane · 123 tavsiye ve inceleme

Tim J.Tim Julien: This place affords you just a spectacular view of the entire island. Pro Tip: Go at sunset and get a Wine tasting flight

The Local Pub is one of Greece.

4. The Local Pub

Χαϊμαντά 25, Χαλάνδρι, Attika
Pub · Νέο Χαλάνδρι · 96 tavsiye ve inceleme

Nicholas K.Nicholas K: Arguably, the best pub in Athens. Huge selection of craft beer labels (US and UK mainly), regular guest ales on tap (13 taps altogether!), super-friendly and smoke-free atmosphere and great prices.

Red Bicycle is one of Greece.

5. Red Bicycle

(Κόκκινο Ποδήλατο)
Οία, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Akdeniz Restoranı · 13 tavsiye ve inceleme
Lagos Mare Hotel is one of Greece.

6. Lagos Mare Hotel

Άγιος Προκόπιος, Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Otel · 8 tavsiye ve inceleme

myGreece.travelmyGreece.travel: The elegant decoration and the stylish rooms will satisfy even the most exigent visitors. The rooms are spacious and luxurious with a lot of comforts. Daha fazlasını oku.

Lithos by Spyros & Flora is one of Greece.

7. Lithos by Spyros & Flora

Άγιος Ιωάννης, Mikonos, Kiklad Adaları
Otel · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme
NEW Hotel is one of Greece.

8. NEW Hotel

Φιλελλήνων 16, Atina, Attika
Otel · Πλάκα · 82 tavsiye ve inceleme

Maria R.Maria Rota: Go to the restaurant at the roof! Great views, atmosphere, food, desserts!!

Atina Akropolisi is one of Greece.

9. Atina Akropolisi

(Ακρόπολη Αθηνών)
Ακρόπολη Αθηνών, Atina, Attika
Tepe · Ακρόπολη · 444 tavsiye ve inceleme

Visit GreeceVisit Greece: The Acropolis of Athens! The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens. The imposing Parthenon is the most magnificent creation of Athenian democracy at the height of its power. Daha fazlasını oku.

Olimpos Zeus Tapınağı is one of Greece.

10. Olimpos Zeus Tapınağı

(Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός)
Λεωφ. Βασιλίσσης Ολγας, Atina, Attika
Tarihi Yer · Μακρυγιάννη · 107 tavsiye ve inceleme

Visit GreeceVisit Greece: There is evidence that Zeus was worshipped at the site from the beginning of the 6th century BC., when work to construct the monumental temple began.

Partenon is one of Greece.

11. Partenon

Ακρόπολη Αθηνών, Atina, Attika
Tarihi Yer · Ακρόπολη · 159 tavsiye ve inceleme

Gaea Products SAGaea Products SA: The Parthenon is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.Its construction began in 447 BCIt is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece.

Herodes Attikus Odeonu is one of Greece.

12. Herodes Attikus Odeonu

(Ωδείο Ηρώδου Αττικού)
Διονυσίου Αρεοπαγίτου (Νότια κλιτύς Ακροπόλεως), Atina, Attika
Tarihi Yer · Ακρόπολη · 93 tavsiye ve inceleme

Visit GreeceVisit Greece: Herod Atticus built this roofed Odeon (in 161 B.C.) for music concerts in honor of his wife Regilla, after her death. Its magic and beauty, can only be understood when walking on the way to Acropolis. Daha fazlasını oku.

Cavo Tagoo is one of Greece.

13. Cavo Tagoo

Ταγκού, Mikonos, Kiklad Adaları
Otel · 44 tavsiye ve inceleme
Oia is one of Greece.

14. Oia

Kiklad Adaları, Kiklad Adaları
Köy · 149 tavsiye ve inceleme

StephenStephen: The perfect place to watch the sunset

Plaka Beach is one of Greece.

15. Plaka Beach

(Παραλία Πλάκας)
Αγία Άννα, Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 60 tavsiye ve inceleme
Agios Prokopios Beach is one of Greece.

16. Agios Prokopios Beach

(Παραλία Αγίου Προκοπίου)
Παραλία Αγίου Προκοπίου, Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 95 tavsiye ve inceleme
Agia Anna Beach is one of Greece.

17. Agia Anna Beach

(Παραλία Αγίας Άννας)
Αγία Άννα, Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 32 tavsiye ve inceleme
Mikri Vigla Beach is one of Greece.

18. Mikri Vigla Beach

(Παραλία Μικρής Βίγλας)
Παραλία Μικρής Βίγλας (Λιμανάκι), Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 40 tavsiye ve inceleme
Happy Green Cows is one of Greece.

19. Happy Green Cows

Παροικιά (Plateia Mantos Maurogenous), Πάρος, Kiklad Adaları
Vejetaryen / Vegan Restoranı · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme
Port of Paros is one of Greece.

20. Port of Paros

(Λιμάνι Πάρου)
Παροικιά, Πάρος, Kiklad Adaları
Liman · 37 tavsiye ve inceleme
Port of Naxos is one of Greece.

21. Port of Naxos

(Λιμάνι Νάξου)
Λιμένας Νάξου, Νάξος, Kiklad Adaları
Liman · 39 tavsiye ve inceleme
New Port of Mykonos is one of Greece.

22. New Port of Mykonos

(Νέο Λιμάνι Μυκόνου)
Νέος Λιμένας Μυκόνου, Mikonos, Kiklad Adaları
Liman · 46 tavsiye ve inceleme
Santorini Port is one of Greece.

23. Santorini Port

(Λιμάνι Σαντορίνης)
Νέος Λιμένας Θήρας (Αθηνιός), Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Liman · 83 tavsiye ve inceleme
Santorini Ulusal Havalimanı (JTR) is one of Greece.

24. Santorini Ulusal Havalimanı (JTR)

(Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Σαντορίνης)
Μονόλιθος, Monólithos, Kiklad Adaları
Havalimanı · Santorini (Thira) Island · 175 tavsiye ve inceleme
Mykonos Havalimanı (JMK) is one of Greece.

25. Mykonos Havalimanı (JMK)

(Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Μυκόνου)
Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Μυκόνου, Mikonos, Kiklad Adaları
Havalimanı · 95 tavsiye ve inceleme
Atina Eleftherios Venizelos Uluslararası Havalimanı (ATH) is one of Greece.

26. Atina Eleftherios Venizelos Uluslararası Havalimanı (ATH)

(Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)
Αττική Οδός, Σπάτα, Attika
Havalimanı · 1154 tavsiye ve inceleme
Ammoudi is one of Greece.

27. Ammoudi

Kiklad Adaları, Kiklad Adaları
Köy · 2 tavsiye ve inceleme
Perivolos Beach is one of Greece.

28. Perivolos Beach

Παραλία Περίβολος (Περίσσα), Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 66 tavsiye ve inceleme

myGreece.travelmyGreece.travel: Everyone can be impressed in the beach Perivolos with the black sand and crystal waters. Famous beach for bars and water sports.

Kamari Beach is one of Greece.

29. Kamari Beach

(Παραλία Καμαρίου)
Παραλία Καμαρίου, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 97 tavsiye ve inceleme

Kitsos M.Kitsos Mitsos: Black coloured wide spread beach. Well organised, lots of sunbeds and umbrellas, cafeterias and restaurant. Pedestrian road all across the beach, perfect for relaxing walk.

Perissa Beach is one of Greece.

30. Perissa Beach

(Παραλία Περίσσας)
Παραλία Περίσσας, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 130 tavsiye ve inceleme

Quentin L.Quentin Lafon: One of the best beach in Santorin! Try Jet-Skiing!

White Beach is one of Greece.

31. White Beach

(Άσπρη Παραλία)
Άσπρη Παραλία, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

Andronis ExclusiveAndronis Exclusive: The cove right next to the Red beach is known as the White beach. It is very similar to the Red beach, with black pebbles on the shore, only that the surrounding cliffs are white. Daha fazlasını oku.

Nea Kameni is one of Greece.

32. Nea Kameni

(Νέα Καμένη)
Νέα Καμένη, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Ada · 13 tavsiye ve inceleme

Nick B.Nick Bennett: This island is uninhabited and only reachable by boat. There is a volcano crater here but you will need to walk along a rocky path to get there. Sneakers/hiking shoes plus water highly recommended!

Red Beach is one of Greece.

33. Red Beach

(Κόκκινη Παραλία)
Κόκκινη Παραλία, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Plaj · 120 tavsiye ve inceleme

Tim J.Tim Julien: This beach is surrounded by towering red rock cliffs. Check out the doorways that go straight into the cliff!Pro Tip: take a boat from Red Beach to White Beach

Watersports Platis Gialos is one of Greece.

34. Watersports Platis Gialos

Πλατύς Γιαλός, Mikonos, Kiklad Adaları
Atletizm ve Spor · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme
Santorini Brewing Company is one of Greece.

35. Santorini Brewing Company

(Ζυθοποιία Σαντορίνης)
Μέσα Γωνία, Santorini, Kiklad Adaları
Bira Fabrikası · 14 tavsiye ve inceleme

Natascha T.Natascha T.: Santorini's local Beer Brewery! Visit it to taste the fresh brewed beer (don't leave without tasting the red one) and to buy some of the funkiest merch, T-shirts, sunglasses, stickers and more...