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Greek in D├╝sseldorf. Foursquare Superuser. Eat well & travel often ­čśÇ

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Ilias Chantzakos
56 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 11, 2022
56 mekan The American Book Center, HEMA, Huppel the Pub, Foodhallen Den Haag dahil
Ilias Chantzakos
14 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 15, 2022
14 mekan MYNASCHBAR, Kao Lai Kao Qu, Caff├ę MA. bambino, Weird Space Store + Caf├ę dahil
Ilias Chantzakos
43 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 11, 2022
43 mekan Toasted Roasted, Pilkington's, DaisyÔÇÖs, Drab Coffee | Beans & Machines dahil
Ilias Chantzakos
137 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 15, 2022
137 mekan Plaza de Armas, El Cocinero, Bar la Farmacia, Terminal de Ferris dahil
Ilias Chantzakos
109 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 11, 2022
109 mekan Wunderkammer, Pipoos, Valkhofpark, Oersoep dahil
Ilias Chantzakos
25 mekan g├╝ncellendi May─▒s 15, 2022
25 mekan Kalei├ži Marina, The Level Meli├í Cohiba, Kalei├ži Yat Liman─▒, Aqualand Antalya dahil
    Ilias'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "It's a huge, shiny new Rewe (opened mid-2019), with a large global delicatessen section and optional self-service check-out. What's not to like? ­čĄę"
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · ┼×ubat 13
    · D├╝sseldorf, Almanya
    "The National Art Gallery has reopened in 2021 after 8 years of renovation. The new glass facade is impressive. The collection includes works of famous Greek artists from the 19th-21st centuries."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Kas─▒m 12, 2021
    Sanat M├╝zesi
    · Atina, Yunanistan
    "Beautiful handmade pottery in many shapes and colors, created upstairs in the shop. Coffee cups/mugs are 15-19ÔéČ/ea."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Ekim 15, 2021
    Hediyelik E┼čya D├╝kkan─▒
    · Atina, Yunanistan
    "It's a nice place to watch the crowds go by and enjoy cakes or sandwitches. Coffee is average at best."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Eyl├╝l 10, 2021
    Kahve D├╝kkan─▒
    · D├╝sseldorf, Almanya
    "New location on the old market square. Truly excellent pizza in many variations with artisan ingredients. One of only five German pizzerias certifed by the Association of Neapolitan pizza. Must visit!"
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · A─čustos 21, 2021
    · Dortmund, Almanya
    "Third branch of Bonanza Coffee Roasters, this one in the city center. Excellent brewed coffee and espresso based drinks (incl. iced), some pastries to pair, and many different roasted beans for home."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Temmuz 29, 2021
    Kahve D├╝kkan─▒
    · Berlin, Almanya