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Holidaying in Crete
Cretaquarium is one of Holidaying in Crete.

1. Cretaquarium

Πρώην Αμερικάνικη Βάση Γουρνών, Γούρνες Πεδιάδος, Ηράκλειο
Akvaryum · 93 tavsiye ve inceleme

f055f055: You'll find Nemo here.

Astir Beach is one of Holidaying in Crete.

2. Astir Beach

Γούβες, Ηράκλειο
Plaj · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme
Georgiadis Park is one of Holidaying in Crete.

3. Georgiadis Park

(Πάρκο Γεωργιάδη)
Πάρκο Γεωργιάδη, Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Park · 34 tavsiye ve inceleme

ChristosChristos: The best place to have a coffee and some relaxation!

Heraklion Archaeological Museum is one of Holidaying in Crete.

4. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

(Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Ηρακλείου)
Ξανθουδίδου 1, Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Tarih Müzesi · 70 tavsiye ve inceleme

Bluegr Hotels And ResortsBluegr Hotels And Resorts: The museum houses the most important collection of Minoan art and artefacts anywhere in the world. Exhibits in chronological order from the Neolithic Period to the Greco-Roman period. Daha fazlasını oku.

Fortezza is one of Holidaying in Crete.

5. Fortezza

Κάστρο Φορτέτζας, Ρέθυμνο, Ρέθυμνο
Kale · 46 tavsiye ve inceleme

Maryliza D.Maryliza Dimitriadou: Nice view from the top

Chania Old Port is one of Holidaying in Crete.

6. Chania Old Port

(Παλιό Λιμάνι Χανίων)
Λιμάνι Χανίων, Hanya, Χανιά
Liman / Marina · 141 tavsiye ve inceleme

Katerina V.Katerina Vasilaki: Amazing view, walk along and feel the sea blending with Crete's old history... The "it" place for holidays!

Balos Beach is one of Holidaying in Crete.

7. Balos Beach

(Παραλία Μπάλου)
Μπάλος, Χανιά, Χανιά
Plaj · 114 tavsiye ve inceleme

Visit GreeceVisit Greece: One of the best beaches in Crete; bask in turquoise waters lapping against sandy strips of land and savour an eye-catching landscape.

Lighthouse is one of Holidaying in Crete.

8. Lighthouse

Ακτή Κουντουριώτου, Hanya, Χανιά
Deniz Feneri · 22 tavsiye ve inceleme

Robin B.Robin Bertels: It's a long walk to the lighthouse (make sure to take some bottles of water with you), but it's worth it. Nice view on the Sea of Crete and the old harbour of Chania.

Pancretan Olympic Stadium is one of Holidaying in Crete.

9. Pancretan Olympic Stadium

(Παγκρήτιο Στάδιο)
Σπύρου Μουστακλή (Λίντο), Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Futbol Stadyumu · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme
Koules Fortress is one of Holidaying in Crete.

10. Koules Fortress

Venetian Port, Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Tarihi Yer · 33 tavsiye ve inceleme

Γιώργος Π.Γιώργος Παπαδάκης: It's a good place for a nice night run or your daily jog. You can see the whole port of Heraklion and if you turn your head you can see planes landing and taking off from the airport.

Κουκουβάγια is one of Holidaying in Crete.

11. Κουκουβάγια

Αλέξη Μινωτή 1 (Κουνουπιδιανά), Χανιά, Χανιά
Kafe · 221 tavsiye ve inceleme

Francesco P.Francesco P.: Enjoy the amazing view with amazing sweets!

Prima Plora is one of Holidaying in Crete.

12. Prima Plora

(Πρίμα Πλώρα)
Ακρωτηρίου 4, Resmo, Ρέθυμνο
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · 118 tavsiye ve inceleme

Nico E.Nico Engström: The best restaurant in Rethymno. Food is superb. Seafood especially takes your breath away. Awesome in all the ways. Not to mention the view. In addition free wifi and friendly service!

Alana Restaurant is one of Holidaying in Crete.

13. Alana Restaurant

Σαλαμίνος 15, Resmo, Ρέθυμνο
Akdeniz Restoranı · 77 tavsiye ve inceleme

Alana RestaurantAlana Restaurant: One of the best photo-shooting spots in Rethimno is Alana's entrance, featuring a traditional fountain decorated with seasonal fruits and Cretan products!

Häagen-Dazs is one of Holidaying in Crete.

14. Häagen-Dazs

Sof. Benizelou & Sikelianou, Rethimno Greece (Άγγελου Σικελιανού), Rethimno - Creta
Dondurma Dükkanı · 28 tavsiye ve inceleme

Joakim A.Joakim Aittamaa Lindström: Great coffee, amazing ice cream. It's worth the extra €...

Peskesi is one of Holidaying in Crete.

15. Peskesi

Καπετάν Χαραλάμπη 6-8, Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Girit Restoranı · Πλατεία Λιονταριών · 425 tavsiye ve inceleme

IlseIlse: This place is a hidden gem. Great ambiance, perfect service and fantastic food beautifully presented. The zucchini flowers are amazing as are the croquettes of greens and smoked pork ribs.

Saradari is one of Holidaying in Crete.

16. Saradari

Αγίου Γεωργίου, Χερσόνησος, Ηράκλειο
Deniz Ürünleri Restoranı · 50 tavsiye ve inceleme

Polina T.Polina Trel: Very nice place with tasty food and big portions!!! Nice sea view

New York Beach Club Hersonissos Crete is one of Holidaying in Crete.

17. New York Beach Club Hersonissos Crete

30. Agias Paraskevis Street, Λιμένας Χερσονήσου, Ηράκλειο
Gece Kulübü · 76 tavsiye ve inceleme
Χάλαβρο Open Bar is one of Holidaying in Crete.

18. Χάλαβρο Open Bar

Μιλάτου 10 (Κοραή 9), Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Bar · Center · 65 tavsiye ve inceleme

Ilias T.Ilias Tsirbas: Cocktails are perfect ! Fantastic Atmosphere ! Nice prices

Beachcomber is one of Holidaying in Crete.

19. Beachcomber

Αγίου Ιωάννου, Σταλίδα, Ηράκλειο
Plaj Barı · 38 tavsiye ve inceleme

Aleksey A.Aleksey Anikin: The best coctail bar ever! Awesome live rock music every night!

Nama is one of Holidaying in Crete.

20. Nama

Ακτή Τομπάζη, Hanya, Χανιά
Kokteyl Barı · 94 tavsiye ve inceleme

maria m.maria mouzakiti: Coffee, cocktails and very nice cuisine. Cretan apaki tart definitely worths a try.

Neromylos is one of Holidaying in Crete.

21. Neromylos

Πλατανιάς, Γεράνι, Χανιά
Bar · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme
Talos Plaza is one of Holidaying in Crete.

22. Talos Plaza

Λεωφ. Σοφοκλή Βενιζέλου (Μίνωος & Πελασγών), Kandiye, Ηράκλειο
Alışveriş Merkezi · 15 tavsiye ve inceleme

RenaRena: The one and only strip mall of the city, always pleasantly crowded with a great choice of snack bars, coffee shops, stores AND a movie theater. Right by the sea!