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Join us to share & discover travel tips and hidden secrets that make Greece a destination so vibrant and exhilarating you may never want to leave!

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Visit Greece
5 mekan güncellendi Ekim 22, 2014
The 11th and 12th centuries are thought to be the Golden Age of Athens’ Byzantine art. Most of the better known and more important Byzantine churches of Athens were built in these two centuries
Visit Greece
4 mekan güncellendi Ekim 17, 2014
Loutraki is internationally known for its thermal springs. The first Casino in Greece was established here in 1928
Visit Greece
10 mekan güncellendi Eylül 22, 2014
Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates «the father of medicine» (460-377 B.C) and was already inhabited during Neolithic Period.
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17 mekan güncellendi Eylül 9, 2014
An island which is ideal not only for those who want to relax but also for those looking for an action-packed holiday! Thanks to its strategic position, Rhodes has been important since ancient times.
Visit Greece
11 mekan güncellendi Nisan 25, 2015
Crete's smallest prefecture located between White Mountains & Mt Psilorítis (also called “Ídi”),is synonymous with gorgeous mountainscapes, marvellous beaches, Cretan lyre melodies & legendary caves
Visit Greece
5 mekan güncellendi Eylül 4, 2014
These have been the 5 most popular museums over the last 10 years.
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    "Visit the 18th century Panagia Portaitissa church below the castle, one of the most beautiful churches in the Dodecanese with a wood carved, gilded iconostasis."
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 29, 2016
    · Αστυπάλαια, Yunanistan
    "Art-Athina, the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, celebrates its 21st edition and takes place at the Faliron Pavilion (Taekwondo Stadium) till May 29, 2016."
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 27, 2016
    · Yunanistan
    "Did you know that Telendos, this beautiful island, formed part of Kalymnos in antiquity?"
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 26, 2016
    · Κάλυμνος, Yunanistan
    "With the slogan “Run in Zeus’s steps”, the 7th International Mountain Psiloritis Race takes place on the island of Crete on May 28 and 29, 2016. Be there!"
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 26, 2016
    · Ρέθυμνο, Yunanistan
    "Tourlitis Lighthouse is a sight you shouldn’t miss when on Andros Island. It was built in 1887 on a rock, in the sea and exudes a breathtaking charm."
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 26, 2016
    · Άνδρος, Yunanistan
    "The best way to explore the city is taking a little tour around the lake starting from the southernmost side up to the northernmost."
    Visit GreeceVisit Greece · Mayıs 26, 2016
    · Καστοριά, Yunanistan