Yummy Wok

(يمي ووك)
المعذر الشمالي, Riyad
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  • G K.
    G KhaldiAğustos 14, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    My default joint for a quick tasty fulfilling meal... Shrimp Udon with Spicy Oyster Sauce... divine!! (Call ahead of time or get a book/tab with you while you wait for your order)...
    2 hafta önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Najd B.
    Najd Ben MusibeehTemmuz 10, 2014
    Woow .. It really saves a lot of time if you just call 0114889166 and order.. I've just done that .. And you must try Jasmine wakay with shrimp and soya sauce + Japanese noodles with shrimps and soya
  • فيصل
    فيصلEylül 24, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    I tried egg noodles with shrimps, very delicious ☆ . To avoid waiting 30+ minutes, call 0114889166 in advance to prepare ur food. (Overall score 8/10)
    Sep 1 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Saud M.
    Saud MfMart 2, 2017
    I always order either Chinese or Japanese noodles (same taste different texture) with chicken + an extra baby corn + teriyaki sauce, best combo. Total 30 riyals with a drink 👌🏿
  • عبدالعزيز ا.
    نودلز دجاج مع بصل اخضر و فطر ابيض بصلصلة الصويا الدجاج كان لذيذ 😍نودلز الروبيان جيدة يعيبها ان لم اجد بها سوى قطعتين!! عصير البرتقال لذيذ لكن العاملين للأسف نسوه فعدت للمحل لاخذه، مطعم لا بأس به 👍
  • Faisal A.
    Faisal AldebaikhiOcak 3, 2013
    here's the menu, 10x better than a tip
  • Felwa ♓.
    Felwa ♓️Şubat 24, 2017
    طعمه متغير من فترة صدق في ريحة غريبه .
  • Mohammad²³ A.
    Mohammad²³ Al-JaberEylül 24, 2015
    The noodles are pretty good. I ordered a Chinese noodles wish shrimp, it was great. Just make sure you are really really hungry! because the food is a lot. 😜👍🏼
  • SAAD
    SAADMart 7, 2014
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    If you're starving get (Japanese noodles + mix of chicken, beef and shrimp + white onion, bill paper, and baby corn + spicy Oyster sauce) = 🍜👲 You'll love it! 😍
  • Maram B.
    Maram Bint FahadNisan 23, 2013
    Burada 10+ kez bulunmuş
    Best chinnes fast food , their thin nodels with shrim or chicken in spicy teiryaky souce is so delicious , waiting for order taking long time in evening than the one in afternoon
  • Loay Z.
    Loay ZamzamiEylül 6, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    This Place has the BEST #Noodles ever !! 🍜😍 Yummy Wok 😍Super highly recommendedand I rate it 9.5/10 👍 don't miss udon noodles with teriyaki sauce 👌& 1 more thing.. orders take 30 min. minimum
  • Ghada F.
    Ghada FahadMayıs 31, 2012
    Best way is to call and order 014889166 and then go and pick it up. Saves you time. My fav is Japanese noodles + beef + all kind of onions + soya sauce. *thumbs up*
  • Shahd K.
    Shahd KtaniOcak 2, 2015
    Don't hesitate to try the oyster sauce , Yummy flavor !😋😋 There was a mistake in the order and they offered me the right one for free ! Really great action to do 😍👌
  • Sarah A.
    Sarah AAğustos 17, 2013
    افضل نودلز ذقتها في الرياض .. طلبي دائما نودلز يابانيه مع دجاج وكل انواع الخضار واويستر صوص  واذا تحبون البروكلي اطلبو منه يضيفه لانه مو موجود في المنيو
  • Sara A
    Sara AEkim 8, 2013
    الصراحه ماتوقعته كذا يستااااهل اللطعه يستاهل تستناه ساعتين بعد ; p بس جد طعمه خرافي والنودلز احلى من الرز بمراحل ♥♥ .. نودلز لحم حبيب قلبي ؛$ !!
  • Talal A.
    Talal AlsaneaHaziran 25, 2013
    بما ان الطلب يطول لما يجهز ..جميل جدا انك تستفيد من وقتك وتستغفر ربك❤️❤️(فقلت استغفروا ربكم إنه كان غفارا يرسل السماء عليكم مدرارا ويمددكم بأموال وبنين ويجعل لكم جنات ويجعل لكم انهارا)
  • Alkhansa
    AlkhansaHaziran 18, 2015
    Everything I tried from the noodles to the rice was so good!
  • Dobzi
    DobziNisan 17, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    إذا قالولك طلبك يبيله ٤٠ دقيقة ويكون جاهز ، قلهم ابد خذوا راحتكم ، لان أكلهم لذيذ جداً ، وخدمتهم ممتازة ، يستاهل الإدمان ❤
  • Albatole G.
    Albatole GorbanEkim 3, 2014
    The vegetables are really fresh , try the japanees noodle with 🍤shrimp + white onion white mushrooms broccoli and baby corn with 🔥spicy oyster sauce 😋👍
  • Ohood F.
    Ohood FahdKasım 16, 2014
    Japanese noodles with beef and teriyaki sauce is delicious 🍜.. Keep in mind that the restaurant is very crowded and it's better to order by phone before coming.
  • Hanan Bint Hamzah !
    Delicious noodles , keep away from the teriyaki sauce its too sour , if you like broccoli ask them to add it coz they dont. Order ahead on the phone it takes time to be ready. Bon appetit
  • Ouhoud K.
    Ouhoud KŞubat 26, 2016
    Japanese noodles are great, all the sauces are authentic. It's a great experience where you can build the order to your specific liking.
  • Albatole G.
    Albatole GorbanEkim 3, 2014
    The Japanese noodle with beef +spicy soy sauce +white onion white mushroom and broccoli also good it's not a bs choice ask for more additional sauce because it was dry not enough sauce
  • Areej A.
    Areej AliKasım 17, 2014
    انا احب شاينيز نودلز مع شريمب و ترياكي صوص و سبايسي صوص لذيذه جدا.. .++لاتطلبون نودلز مع كل الخضار،، سيئه مره. كانت كلها بصل ابيض واخضر و كستناء و مشروم و ذره صغيره و بروكولي، و شوي نودلز .
  • Lama S.
    Lama SulimanHaziran 7, 2013
    if you're going to order the shrimp, you gotta think twice, cause there's no enough shrimp, but it still taste good.
    3 gün önce önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Zainab A.
    Zainab AljarrashEkim 8, 2015
    Excellent on the go noodles. I like the thick Japanese noodles with oyster and teriyaki sauce, shrimp and veggies. A must try!
  • Jupert ジュパート V.
    They offered Spicy Pad Thai with beef which is awesome. No delivery option unfortunately. But orders could be taken and picked up on the agreed time!
  • Al Shaima A.
    Al Shaima Al MadaniMayıs 12, 2016
    The Japanese noodles (thick) with mixed sauce either chicken or shrimp is really delicious and the rice with beef and mixed sauce 😋😋
  • Hisham B.
    Hisham BasalehOcak 21, 2016
    Best wok, Try their jasmine rice, beef, teriyaki & soy mix sauces. Don't forget also to add all your favorite veggies 😋 yammmmy
  • Hope
    HopeMart 31, 2013
    One of the best places I've eaten in since I've arrived to riyadh. Try udon noodles with shrimp its yummy
  • Ma$hael A.
    Ma$hael Al-HTemmuz 7, 2015
    The best noodles I have ever tried in my life around the world. Udon noodles are great with chicken and teriyaki.
  • Mohannad A.
    Mohannad AlrabiahHaziran 12, 2013
    مطعم ممتاز يقدم لك وجبة نودلز شرق اسيوية بافضل واشهى صورة. الموقع ممتاز، سرعة الطلب 15 دقيقة في المتوسط، النظافة وجودة التقديم ممتاز، كل شي كويس. جرب الاوندو بالدجاج وصوص السويا او الترياكي وبتدعيلي
  • amufarrej
    amufarrejMayıs 15, 2016
    Chinese noodles with beef ,without mushroom, with green onions and broccoli + spicy mixed Oyster sauce and Soy sauce 😏❤️
  • Mohammad A.
    Mohammad A.Eylül 1, 2014
    My favorite order here and I recommend you to try it if you didn't, udon with chicken + spicy oyster souce 😋
  • Hossam A.
    Hossam Al-ZahraniTemmuz 15, 2014
    the best restaurant ever for noodles. But it is crowded all the time thats why I highly recommend you to call them first.
  • sus ..
    sus .GHaziran 19, 2013
    Beef noodle with chestnut mushrooms mixed with vegetable soy and spicy oyster sauce are THE BEST (y)
  • JE K.
    JE KaliNisan 5, 2013
    Try whole wheat noodles + beef + teriyaki sauce. + shitake mushroom + brocolli yummy indeed
  • Wilfred B.
    Wilfred BircoEylül 1, 2013
    Need I say more? Arabs and Asians alike on their opinion about this place. Better to have all types of noodles available all the time otherwise unavailable items should be removed from the menu.
  • Wejdan
    WejdanEylül 25, 2014
    Very convenient when i'm on the go and craving noddles. Thai noodles are my fav Japanese is good as well.
  • Aljohrah 💎
    Aljohrah 💎Kasım 18, 2016
    First time here, good food but not the best in town! I think they have to work better in their sauces!
  • Gh617 S.
    Gh617 SamaMart 2, 2013
    Good ,, not WOW but good enough I liked the packaging . My order was Japanese noodles +beef+all onions+soy sauce ,, my father loved it a lot
  • ibrahim a.
    ibrahim alsheikhNisan 11, 2013
    best japanese noodles on earth!! udon noodles either with shrimp or with chicken don't forget soy sauce!!
  • Mazin A.
    Mazin AHaziran 10, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Get the Udon Noodles with Beef and Broccoli, green onions and chestnut mushrooms in teriyaki sauce. Just perfect!!!
  • Alaa M.
    Alaa M. 💫Aralık 31, 2014
    The sauce was TOO much and since i've ordered a spicy sauce, you can imagine how spicy that was. A bit disappointed of the taste.
  • Alanoud 🌸~
    Alanoud 🌸~Şubat 13, 2014
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Udon or egg noodles + shrimp + mixed sauces is THE BEST 👌♥ about the adding you choose what you like
  • Wejdan A.
    Wejdan AldakheelAralık 26, 2017
    So far, they make the best fri rice in Riyadh. Try the beef egg noodles with oyster sauce 👌😋
  • Hala M.
    Hala MAğustos 18, 2013
    Japanese noodles with shrimps and Spicy oyster sauce add white onions, broccoli and baby corn👌
  • Mohd A.
    Mohd AlayaEkim 8, 2012
    Really delicious, but they should seriously consider opening a family section!!
  • Eman A.
    Eman AbdulazizTemmuz 15
    Burada 25+ kez bulunmuş
    The best noodles in Riyadh. I tried several noodles shops, but no one beats this one. I highly recommend Hong Kong or Japanese noodles with teriyaki spicy sauce and any type of meat or seafood.
    Aug 27 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Noura A.
    Noura AliEylül 15, 2016
    My favorite noodles in Riyadh ! Japanese noodles with Chicken and spicy teriyaki sauce 💘 YUM!
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