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Club der Visionäre

Lounge ve Bira Bahçesi€€€€
Alt-Treptow, Berlin
177 Tavsiye ve inceleme
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  • Can A.
    Can AksoyAğustos 27, 2016
    Giriş 3Euro, mekan oldukça salaş, gelen tiplerde mekana uygun, club diye Türk usulü beyaz gömlek giyip gelmeyin sakın ;)
  • Burak A.
    Burak ArslanEylül 4, 2015
    Genelde gençler takılıyor, konumu çok iyi.
  • Burak T.
    Burak TurkelNisan 7, 2015
    Berlin in en chill mekani. Ozledim ulan
    SЄЯКАИ AКSUKasım 9, 2015
    Gün batmadan gidilir. 6 € ile kol damgalatılır. İçeride hatun kişilerin hazırladığı kokteyller eşliğinde gece başlar. Kalabalık oluyooo.
  • Samuel S.
    Samuel SweeneyHaziran 14, 2014
    Extremely chill, unique spot. The kind of thing you just can't find in every city. Nestled along side a small river the club has something of a treehouse feel to it. Cool crowd, sexy scene,good times.
  • CNN
    CNNAğustos 6, 2014
    A club set on wooden piers on a tributary just off the Spree River, Club der Visionäre is ideal for a relaxed afternoon beer -- or a 12-hour binge. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Clara C.
    Clara CornuTemmuz 25, 2016
    Terrasse/boite très tendance au bord de l'eau. Il est possible de danser mais la salle est toute petite, l'ambiance est plutôt à la discussion. Attention, il est recommandé d'avoir plus de 21 ans.
  • Monica Z.
    Monica ZaldivarHaziran 16, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Come in the afternoon at 17h to avoid queues or to pay entrance. The music is equally good, you can get a tan and it's half empty <3 #doitthelocalway
  • Wimdu - Simply Better Than a Hotel
    Must visit place who sits on a canal, where hipsters spend their time standing on the wooden deck outside. There's also a dancefloor dowstairs : It can be a bar or a club, as you prefer !
  • Adrian I.
    Adrian ItzamnaAğustos 9, 2016
    Club Sympa au bord de l'eau avec des petites lumières. La musique est de qualité mais le son n'est pas assez fort. Nous y sommes allé le lundi soir, bonne ambiance avec du monde !
  • Liza P.
    Liza PAğustos 23, 2015
    Super chill place on the water, with good music and awesome atmosphere. My favorite in the late afternoon or after 4am.
  • WeHostels
    WeHostelsEylül 10, 2013
    Located right on the canal and it has some really cool outdoor space. Indoors or outdoors, this is a great place to slam a few Club Mate and vodkas and get weird.
  • Miguel Z.
    Miguel ZafraEylül 9, 2015
    Excelent place to go on summer nights. Sometimes is very difficult to enter. Try to go always with at least 1 girl per boy and no big groups of tourist groups. Be serious at the entrance
  • Tomáš H.
    Tomáš HaslAğustos 30, 2014
    Awesome cozy place just next to the river, very popular by tourist, usually they have good dj's, small dancefllor, entrance 3€, 5€ after 10 PM on weekends. Berliner 2,50€
  • Richard D.
    Richard DuBoisAralık 5, 2015
    Love this place. Good for mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights. Beautiful in summers. Great place to chill and dance.
  • Rahaf
    RahafAğustos 8, 2016
    I like this club. It is very unique and it has a river view which is strange to find in clubs. The drinks were affordable. The dress code is casual but I didn't really like the music.
  • Thomas H.
    Thomas HillardHaziran 2, 2014
    Worth checking out, just don't leave thinking you know what Berlin's club scene is about. The restaurants across the canal are more pleasant if you're just looking for a place to chill.
  • Lollies
    LolliesAğustos 11, 2014
    Nice place to chill at the beginning of the night or in the afternoon when the weather is nice. Pretty view on the Spree. Not a dancing place though, so I wouldn't personally call it a club.
  • Jess K.
    Jess KellyŞubat 22, 2015
    When I eventually got to go to Der visionäre after spending winters hearing of its wonderfulness I wasn't disappointed. Get a beer and just get on with it.
  • Dimitrij A.
    Real cool hipster place to chill before going out or after hard night at Berlins clubs. Techno oriented with possibility for real good pizzas and drinks.
  • Jakob F.
    Jakob FuchsAğustos 11, 2015
    Wer mit Bier am Wasser sitzen will, kommt innerhalb der Berliner Gastro kaum drum rum. Auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert. Schnell voll!
  • Fayza T.
    Fayza TradEylül 15, 2015
    Very nice concept and the location is beautiful but it's the Dirtiest place I've ever been to. And don't get me started on the toilets yuk
  • Party Earth
    Party EarthEkim 31, 2012
    The brick-oven pizzas here are amazing. If you stay long enough, you’re bound to be tempted into ordering one – and for less than €8, you really can’t go wrong. Daha fazlasını oku
  • Minh Lee O.
    Minh Lee OrzolekEkim 15, 2016
    During the week it's super chill and nice to hang out here. Avoid weekends - super crowded and very pretentious. A mix of sober, drunk and drugged people :)
  • Steven R.
    Steven RenwickHaziran 24, 2013
    I got 18 mosquito bites there on Saturday night. Tip: don't wear flip flops and short trousers during mosquito season. Consider putting mosquito-repellant on. Drink tonic water!
  • Gunnar J.
    Gunnar JohanssonAğustos 8, 2015
    Voll, viele Touris, aber immer noch eine wunderschöne Location. Einfach mal in der Woche nach dem Feierabend hin gehen und wörtlich die Füße im Wasser baumeln lassen.
  • Valentin Charles B.
    Valentin Charles BrclzTemmuz 26, 2016
    Very lovely place with a great crowd. Between party and chill and always nice as a morning after party. It can be overcrowded sometimes.
  • Virginie C.
    Virginie ChdAğustos 16, 2014
    Très bel endroit l'après midi, mais passé 21h lieu bondé. Public pour la majorité fait de touristes, beaucoup de gens défoncés. Tenté un lundi le son n'était pas de super qualité.
  • Sara A.
    Sara AlmontiHaziran 10, 2014
    Such an amazing place to have a beer at the sunset in Berlin! Wonderful music and atmosphere, quite terrace on the first floor.
  • Beth G.
    Beth GossipEylül 11
    Maybe not as impressive during the day, but still worth stopping for a drink when it's sunny. They make a mean gin tonic, if you don't mind drinking out of plastic cups haha
  • Anna
    AnnaOcak 13
    This place is really fun in summer as it's right on the water. The crowd can sometimes feel like there are too many tourist men inside, but generally still really fun.
  • Mishutka O.
    Mishutka OvsepyanHaziran 2, 2015
    Amazing place where you can spend your day or night. Very relaxed people, full freedom and joy inside! Good music!
  • Jon B.
    Jon BillsTemmuz 6, 2015
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    A favourite spot by the canal. Always a great atmosphere, and good music!
  • Leo C.
    Leo C.Temmuz 24, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    1€ enterance, drinks with ok prices. One of the best places in Berlin, take a seat near the river and enjoy your drink with good music
  • Billy A.
    Billy AtomEkim 22, 2014
    What a beautifull place, perfect for summer days, best (surprisingly very good) Riesling of Berlin so far
  • sulivella
    sulivellaOcak 6, 2011
    one of the freshest sites of southern Kreuzberg. Electro, minimal and much dj. Next to a beautiful canal. Berliner landscape. Well to start the afternoon or to close the evening Daha fazlasını oku
  • Tiago C.
    Tiago CoutinhoEkim 12, 2014
    Amazing place with a great view. The crew, the customers, the drinks and the music, everything is awesome!
  • Z_dead
    Z_deadHaziran 19, 2016
    Three euros to get in but a great place to chill next to the river. Nice vibe and mixed crowd.
  • Abraham L.
    Abraham LaraAğustos 28, 2014
    3€ regular price, 5€ at weekend's nights... Place to enjoy a drink by the river or dance electronic music at the bar
  • Fábio D.
    Fábio DiasHaziran 27, 2016
    Good vibes, good looking people, nice to hang out with the few friends. Do not be afraid to talk with the stranger...
  • Philippine V.
    Philippine VendeuvreTemmuz 26, 2016
    Terrasse au bord de la Spree, plus un bar boîte qu'un club mais l'ambiance est très sympa! Un peu difficile d'y rentrer quand on est touriste d'ailleurs..
  • Rahel
    RahelTemmuz 2, 2016
    Sehr cooler unscheinbarer Ort. Outdoor Bar/Club.
  • Capparis S.
    Ist ein Muss für alle Berlinfans. Entspannte Atmosphäre und angenehme Musik. Eintritt war 5 Euro p.P.
    Sep 13 önce olumlu oy verildi
  • Jonathan M.
    Jonathan M.Ağustos 11, 2015
    Sehr bequemer Ort mit guter Stimmung. Ruhig am Sonntag nachmittag.
  • Alexander P.
    Alexander PaulskiAğustos 3, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Great music, great venue and one of the best pizzas in town... come for Soulshour to see the Visionquest-guys on Tuesday
  • Thomas W.
    Thomas WittHaziran 20, 2015
    Well known after hour location. Waste your Sunday after a club tour on Saturdays here.
  • Sergei B.
    Sergei BlokhinEylül 8
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Nevermind the lineup, best things (like Villalobos or The Mole, to name a few) happen here unannounced
  • Calvin M.
    Calvin MultanenAğustos 9, 2014
    Super cool club/lounge by the river. great place to chill with friends. Awesome music
  • Brian M.
    Brian MaherHaziran 2, 2012
    Simply the best place to hang out on a summer's day. Also, try the pizza, it's awesome!
  • Giulia D.
    Giulia Doré GertschEylül 25, 2015
    Perfekt für einen Before... Den Ort ist so schön und angenehm (':
  • Monelle B.
    Monelle BarthelemyAğustos 18, 2015
    Beautiful place surrounded by the water : Perfect spot to chill in Berlin.
  • Anne-Sophie B.
    Anne-Sophie BielawskiHaziran 12, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Amazing place, good music. Just sit down and watch the sunrise. Mojitos are a bit expensive.
  • Sanja B. J.
    Sanja B. JovanovskaAğustos 7, 2014
    My favorite place in Berlin, you can also come during the day to relax and read..
  • Lucile R.
    Lucile ReynardAğustos 19, 2012
    Un super endroit au bord de l'eau pour un début de soirée avec soleil couchant ... Ou une fin de nuit avec soleil levant !
  • Ilias C.
    Ilias ChantzakosHaziran 4, 2016
    Nice spot for all-day clubbing by the river. 5€ entrance fee, but then the drinks are cheap.
  • SandyInBerlin
    SandyInBerlinMart 9, 2012
    Lay on the deck in the summer and casually play with your navel. Note, big sunglasses highly recommended.
  • Kathrin S.
    Kathrin SEkim 28, 2011
    Very hip location next to the water. Nice any time of the day or night. Closed in winter.
  • Pınar B.
    Pınar BilginHaziran 28, 2016
    one of the coolest in town, just down by the river.
  • Hela S.
    Hela SlimTemmuz 29, 2015
    This place offers an incredible setting. Perfect for sunrise
    PLAY FMTemmuz 25, 2011
    Berlin / Come here to begin or to end your night. Find a seat on the boardwalk, have some drinks and enjoy the sundown and/or sunrise.
  • Murat Y.
    Murat YataganAralık 12, 2011
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    open-air platform, not packed w/people even on a crowded night, good vibrations and nice long island ice teas
  • Paloma
    PalomaEylül 21, 2014
    C'est plus ce que c'était, fuyez. Entrée à 5€, serveur tirant littéralement la gueule... Le videur à essayé de faire rentrer les filles de notre groupe et refouler les mecs. On se croirait à Paris.
  • Kevin M.
    Kevin MagneTemmuz 6, 2015
    Posé au bord de l'eau, dans un quartier qui regroupe d'énorme bar plus stylé les uns que les autres !
  • Anastasiya T.
    Anastasiya TretyakAralık 14, 2015
    лайн-апы закачаешься , но не рассчитывайте на хороший звук ! Дешевый вход 5 евро (!!!) отличный вариант для субботы или воскресенья дня, ночью лучше пойти в другое место
  • Marc
    MarcTemmuz 6, 2013
    If it's too crowded you won't enjoy it. Get there early or late!
  • Frederic F.
    Frederic F.Temmuz 16, 2015
    Ambiance lounge en journée, parfait pour faire une halte et prendre une bière.
  • Zack S.
    Zack SheppardHaziran 6, 2016
    Very cool spot to chill by the river and chat with friends.
  • Raphaël O.
    Raphaël OttAğustos 1, 2015
    The place is nice, the dancefloor is very small and tide. The club is better for chilling and drinking.
  • Samuele V.
    Samuele VerziAğustos 21, 2012
    Very nice place!! The music it's great and even the pizza !!
  • Stefan B.
    Stefan BauerAğustos 10, 2014
    Sehr gemütlich am Kanal gelegen. Studentisches Publikum und Atmosphäre.
  • Lana Z.
    Lana ZaïaEylül 26, 2014
    Where to start a party? Where to end a party and pretend that it's not, like, your third techno-day in a row? Ä.
  • Lado G.
    Lado GamkrelidzeAğustos 30, 2015
    One of my favourite places in berlin, nice place for good music.
  • Veronika P.
    Veronika PellTemmuz 15, 2016
    Visited 3 times in one week, music not that good. Perhaps it was bad luck.Also bar could be better. Could have been such a lovely place...
  • Princess S.
    Princess SonnenscheinTemmuz 31, 2013
    perfect location to chill on a sunny day & have a cool makava <3
  • Ieva G.
    Ieva GAralık 31, 2014
    Good to start or finish the night (morning) out at the kanal in summer
  • Harpa G.
    Harpa GuðmundsdóttirTemmuz 13, 2014
    The location makes up for the terrible bathrooms.
  • Cinthia F.
    Cinthia FariaHaziran 9, 2015
    Nice music, good place to chill with cool people around... Great for summer nights..
  • Jprg83
    Jprg83Mayıs 5, 2012
    Nice place. Beer 3,5 euros very close to the river. Dislike: If there are no girls in your group bouncer don't let u go in.
  • Matt J.
    Matt JacksonAğustos 11, 2015
    Who cares if it's overrun with tourists. Still a great location
  • ✨Ka R.
    ✨Ka Racho (Skibby)✨Haziran 11, 2012
    very cool Club in berlin only a few steps next to berghain-Club !!! enjoy <3
  • Matthias
    MatthiasAğustos 7, 2014
    Location is amazing and it's busy during the week...
  • Sarah M.
    Pretty small but nice club along the Spree, no queue the night we went
  • Donald B.
    Donald BurkeNisan 22, 2011
    Really cool club on the canal. Great place to sweat it out on a hot summer night.
  • Alice F.
    Alice FEkim 23, 2016
    Einmalige Atmosphäre. Man kann kaum einen Tag im Sommer besser verbringen als einfach hier abzuhängen.
  • Erica I.
    Erica IvarssonAğustos 12, 2015
    Great outdoor place for summer afternoon drinks by the river.
  • Mick B.
    Mick BenjaminsEkim 21, 2014
    Great place to chill on a nice summer day
  • Eleni M.
    Eleni MiliouEylül 12, 2016
    A Berlin landmark. A definite must when in Berlin ❤️
  • Gianluca R.
    Gianluca RodighieroAğustos 19, 2014
    Per chi ha voglia di tecno stando in riva al fiume. Anche al mattino. Solo per veri stoici.
  • Osman E.
    Osman ErcanliMayıs 19, 2016
    casual drinks by the water. good music. good crowd. pleasant service
  • Francesc G.
    Open air, nice ambient
  • Chris K.
    Chris KedKasım 8, 2015
    Nice music. Perfect in summer.
  • Danilo
    DaniloAğustos 30, 2013
    Awesome location, good drinks and deep house & electro
  • Britta M.
    Britta MühlenbergTemmuz 22, 2013
    the perfect place for "Chillaxing" on a sunny and hot afternoon
  • Johannes R.
    Johannes R.Temmuz 29, 2016
    Nice place to hang and chill, listening to good music.
  • Ioanna L.
    Ioanna LialiouTemmuz 6, 2014
    Sehr schöner Laden! Muss man auf jeden Fall besuchen
  • Annette F.
    Annette FarberAğustos 12, 2013
    Klingt abgehoben, ist aber echt gechillt! Mehr Bar als Biergarten! :)
  • Susann H.
    Susann HeinemannAğustos 8, 2011
    montags gibt es hier coole musik und nette touristen! :)
  • Андрей К.
    Определенно стоит посетить. Берлинская музыка и атмосфера.
  • Marcos P.
    Marcos PereiraMayıs 10, 2013
    Nice view with good lounge music. Unfortunately, cleanliness is not in their dictionary.
  • Andï P.
    Andï P-D.Nisan 20, 2015
    Hip club on the canal. Dance till the sun rise.
  • Morgan M.
    Morgan MendelAğustos 9, 2016
    Great outdoor bar. Fun vibes.
  • Rūta S.
    Rūta StasiūnaitėAğustos 7, 2013
    Amazing music, people, location!
  • Danielle R.
    Danielle ReidAralık 12, 2011
    Perfect end to a summer night. The pizza is also pretty tasty!
  • Thomas M.
    Thomas MuellerNisan 13, 2013
    Super club,im Sommer ein muss....!!!!
  • Matthias
    MatthiasAğustos 7, 2014
    Cool location, lots of foreign people too...
  • Robert B.
    Robert BenedigtHaziran 2, 2014
    Super Location für ein schönes Bier an einem sonnigen Nachmittag!
  • Viola W.
    Viola WoodbookNisan 14, 2016
    Schöne Location im Sommer. Viele Touris
  • Gloria C.
    Gloria CiceriAğustos 16, 2014
    Peace. Perfect music.
  • Kim P.
    Kim PhạmOcak 16, 2015
    Fun club on the canal with a great open space.
  • Ioanna N.
    Ioanna NissiriouMayıs 4, 2015
    Fantastic vibe. Even on a Monday.
  • Milinda N.
    Milinda Na ChampassakHaziran 23, 2014
    The place to chill the afternoon, cool club the night
  • Malte B.
    Malte BornhöftKasım 4, 2014
    Nette Location, coole Leute, gute Beats. Immer einen Besuch wert.
  • Richard H.
    Richard HylerstedtHaziran 30, 2012
    Too hype already. Bring a cold one for the pre-queue chilling and leave your bike on the other side of the street to avoid getting double parked.
  • D. E.
    D. E.Eylül 29, 2015
    Grab a drink and a friend and sit by the river
  • Bastian B.
    Bastian BlawertHaziran 11, 2013
    superschöne lage direk am kanal. vielen dank für diesen laden :)
  • Michael L.
    Michael LautersteinEylül 6, 2012
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Take some instragram pics here, sure to get a lot of 'likes' from your e-friends.
  • Hossein L.
    Hossein LaviAğustos 13
    Awesome during sunny days. More party during the nights.
  • Christian F.
    Christian FabianEkim 3, 2014
    Good summer vibes and funny people.
  • Christian S.
    Super location and cool venue. BUT BUT BUT really bad service there and please do not order from the bald guy as he has no manners and is impolite!
  • Vitória F.
    Vitória FrateNisan 14, 2015
    Bom para bater papo e relaxar em um dia quente.
  • Herr Bembel
    Herr BembelMayıs 10, 2015
    Abends ein wenig Zeit einplanen, man steht gerne mal an
  • D Z.
    D ZaverAğustos 13, 2014
    Great club near the river!
  • Silka R.
    Silka RTemmuz 26, 2013
    In a Summern8 very recommendable but also crowdy...
  • Steven G.
    Steven GrindeAğustos 28, 2013
    Still a good place to hang out during hot summer nights.
  • Olya
    OlyaTemmuz 22, 2010
    Open air, electro, don't forget your sunglasses, because you will stay longer that you planned :) Daha fazlasını oku
  • Cristina P.
    Cristina PaunMart 27, 2015
    Casual location near the water, crowded with tourists and students, not boring though.
  • Giuseppina P.
    Giuseppina PètrinaAğustos 9, 2013
    carinissimo! Ma personale tremendamente incapace e cafone.
  • Anna G.
    Anna GalkinaAğustos 25, 2015
    Атмосферно, вид на реку, но публика ужасная((
  • Victoria K.
    Victoria KalitaHaziran 5, 2016
    Très bel endroit, mais les videurs à l'entrée exécrables ce qui est bien dommage..
  • Florent J.
    Florent JolyAralık 22, 2014
    Go there very late (or very early).
  • Hipster Travel Blog - Travels of Adam
    Bar/club/pizza... whatever it is, it's awesome!
  • Vlad R.
    Vlad RafeevMayıs 31, 2015
    Amazing vibe is here
  • Tugra G.
    Tugra GöndenEkim 11, 2015
    Good for late night drinks
  • Eda Ü.
    Eda ÜnlüEylül 21, 2014
    Great place for late night dancing.
  • Melosch
    MeloschMayıs 26, 2013
    Sieht sehr gem�tlich aus... hoffe ihr hattet viel spass;-)
  • Fabian M.
    Fabian MuNisan 7, 2013
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    The only good thing that remains of this place are the memories of previous times.
  • Matthias T.
    Matthias TrübenbachHaziran 17, 2014
    ... immer wieder ne dufte Location :)
    plazaa.deAralık 22, 2011
    Coller Club direkt am Wasser! Daha fazlasını oku
  • Elisa O.
    Elisa OliveroEylül 22, 2014
    Always a must when in Berlin
  • nicole
    nicoleMart 30, 2014
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    try the jäger canal zombie.
  • Federica D.
    Federica De LeidiAğustos 4, 2012
    Pefect for relaxing after clubbing while the sun is raising!!
  • Skner S.
    Skner SknerEylül 9, 2014
    Бесполезно идти туда утром в воскресенье. Все забито откисающими тусовщиками.
  • Jon R.
    Jon ReeveHaziran 17, 2016
    Kinda cool but pretentious, unfriendly staff
  • Anita C.
    3 euros to get in
    SHOWRUNNERKasım 23, 2012
    In town for a summer weekend? Kick off the night here!
  • Emre A.
    Emre ArmanMayıs 12
    Watermelonhan & long island iced tea
  • Josephine
    JosephineEylül 14, 2016
    Magischer Ort!
  •  Deon P.
     Deon ParconNisan 1, 2012
    Hit during summer!
  • Feodor E.
    Feodor ElutineEylül 18, 2015
    Super music!
  • Clément
    ClémentAğustos 3, 2012
    For pizza and vodka before clubbing.
  • Leonardo A.
    Leonardo AssadTemmuz 27, 2015
    Better in the beggining of the afternoon.
  • Dan A.
    Dan AbadieAğustos 6, 2014
    Great summer night sessions
  • Katharina J.
    Katharina J.Mayıs 20, 2012
    Der perfekte Ausklang eines Sonnen-Sonntags...
  • Martin H.
    Martin HavriskoNisan 27, 2014
    Great place !
  • Nele M.
    Nele MehlisTemmuz 6, 2015
    Lage | Leute ... Alles
  • Lauren
    LaurenTemmuz 7, 2014
    floating club/bar in the summer
  • Jorch
    JorchEylül 19
    Nice nightclub!
  • Marc D.
    Marc DubachAğustos 7, 2014
    NIce Hangout!
  • Francis
    FrancisAğustos 4, 2015
    Come here to hang with tourists.
  • Fergül N.
    Fergül NanikosEylül 26, 2015
    Good ambiance.
  • Ivan P.
    Ivan PoltorackiMayıs 29, 2015
    chill and beer.
  • Tino M.
    Tino MeißnerAğustos 25, 2011
    Burada 100+ kez bulunmuş
    perfect sundowners!
  • Michael K.
    Michael KurzEylül 3, 2015
    Am Wasser..
  • Djamil D.
    Djamil DeiningerNisan 3, 2014
  • Thilo W.
    Thilo WetzelAğustos 17, 2012
    Lousy music...but I don't like Techno :-)
  • Jay M.
    Jay MastersOcak 2, 2015
    Hausbootfeeling?! Dann hier 😉
  • Craig D.
    Craig DortkampTemmuz 28, 2015
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    Nothing feels more like summer in nBerlin than CDV.
  • Michael K.
    Michael KurzTemmuz 27, 2013
    Wuff Wau wau
  • Elida C.
    Elida CanutoTemmuz 5, 2010
    Perfect summer location! Daha fazlasını oku
  • andreana
    andreanaHaziran 5, 2011
    berliner gulasch.
  • Lukas
    LukasMayıs 17, 2014
    Bar v zátoce, kde to žije každý večer. Dobrý výběr DJs.
  • Ed V.
    Ed VerilloMayıs 26, 2011
  • Marat D.
    Marat DyatkoMayıs 14, 2014
    Хуйня какая-то.
  • Jakub K.
    Jakub KwiatekAğustos 18, 2013
    kocham berlin kocham to miejsce!!
  • hilla B.
    בר עם מוסיקה על הנהר
  • Heiko H.
    Heiko HebigHaziran 4, 2010
    Burada 5+ kez bulunmuş
    best steak in town. actually... no steak at all.
  • jens s.
    jens steinbacherŞubat 14, 2010
531 Fotoğraf

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