annee is one of Kyoto.

1. annee

中京区突抜町139 (プリモフィオーレ 1F/姉小路室町西入ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Goya is one of Kyoto.

2. Goya

左京区浄土寺西田町114-6, Kyoto, 京都府
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Shimbashi-Dori is one of Kyoto.

3. Shimbashi-Dori

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Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of Kyoto.

4. Fushimi Inari Taisha

伏見区深草藪之内町68, Kyoto, 京都府
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Meredith B.Meredith Blechman: Go early to avoid the crowds (before 9 is ideal, before 7:30 and you can watch the sun rise). Trek to the top is worth it - not many people do it, so you can have long stretches all to yourself.

5. Kinkaku-ji Temple

(鹿苑寺 (金閣寺))
北区金閣寺町1, Kyoto, 京都府
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Simple DiscoveriesSimple Discoveries: The famed Golden Temple collects quite the crowds so go early, or if you're a photographer, brave the masses right before closing for better light. Entry closes around 4:30pm. Beautiful!

6. Kiyomizu-dera Temple

東山区清水1-294, Kyoto, 京都府
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Simple DiscoveriesSimple Discoveries: This is a must-see in #Kyoto especially at sunset, but it's only open then 3x a year - so check listings. Sweeping views of the city with brilliant temple lighting. Entry fee of ~400¥.

Gion is one of Kyoto.

7. Gion

Kyoto, 京都府
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Cindy W.Cindy Wong: Wonderful atmosphere. Smal historicl side streets with old architecture and random geisha sightings. Just give you time wandering around the streets in late afternoon, evening.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of Kyoto.

8. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

右京区嵯峨小倉山田淵山町, Kyoto, 京都府
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Artyom F.Artyom Fedosov: The best time to come is the morning on a sunny day. Grove looks gloomy at cloudy weather and usually overcrowded by tourists during the daytime.

Philosopher's Path is one of Kyoto.

9. Philosopher's Path

左京区浄土寺石橋町, Kyoto, 京都府
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Matthew C.Matthew Caldecutt: If you want to experience Kyoto's spiritual side, you can walk from shrine to shrine along this well-tended path. Keep in mind that some sanctuaries are more active than others and be respectful.

Kurama-dera is one of Kyoto.

10. Kurama-dera

左京区鞍馬本町1074, Kyoto, 京都府
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Stéphanie G.Stéphanie G: Beautiful temple at the top of the mountain. Wear comfortable shoes cause you will have to hike up (after the cable car) and walk down!

Nishiki Market is one of Kyoto.

11. Nishiki Market

中京区西大文字町609 (富小路通四条上ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Hei-Yu T.Hei-Yu Tang: Cute food market in the center of Kyoto. Nice selection of local products and seafood. It's a little bit touristy (but still authentic) with somewhat higher prices. But nice to visit nonetheless.

Kyoto Gyoen is one of Kyoto.

12. Kyoto Gyoen

上京区京都御苑3, Kyoto, 京都府
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Artyom F.Artyom Fedosov: Huge park around the imperial palace. Very beautiful, spacious, peaceful place just drowning in green.

Daitoku-ji Temple is one of Kyoto.

13. Daitoku-ji Temple

北区紫野大徳寺町53, Kyoto, 京都府
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Sophie A.Sophie Arenas: It is free to enter the complex but to visit individual schools it is ¥400 each. Beautiful hidden gardens.

Shoren-in is one of Kyoto.

14. Shoren-in

東山区粟田口三条坊町69-1, Kyoto, 京都府
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じゅんぺ~ 。.じゅんぺ~ 。: 江戸時代に仮御所となったことがあるため「粟田御所」の称もある。日本三不動の1つ「青不動」のある寺としても知られる。

Nanzen-ji Temple is one of Kyoto.

15. Nanzen-ji Temple

左京区南禅寺福地町86, Kyoto, 京都府
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Rachel D.Rachel Davies: Stunning! Very calming and lots to see-you could definitely spend a couple of hours exploring. The aquifer and gardens are the star attractions.

Honen-in is one of Kyoto.

16. Honen-in

左京区鹿ヶ谷御所ノ段町30, Kyoto, 京都府
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Rob W.Rob Walch: Very beautiful temple and shrine off the beaten path. We were very lucky to stumble upon it on our walk through Kyoto.

Okochi Sanso is one of Kyoto.

17. Okochi Sanso

右京区嵯峨小倉山田淵山町8, Kyoto, 京都府
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irenescoirenesco: Beautiful garden to escape the crowds in Arashiyama, matcha tea served on a terrace overlooking the bamboo forest and a lovely postcard included in entry fee

Ippudo is one of Kyoto.

18. Ippudo

中京区阪東屋町653-1 (東洞院錦小路東入ル 錦ビル 1F), Kyoto, 京都府
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Meredith B.Meredith Blechman: Go for a later lunch (~2:45) to miss the long lines. They will make a veggie ramen if you ask. Highly recommend adding a soft boiled egg to whatever you order!

19. Tenkaippin

(天下一品 総本店)
左京区一乗寺築田町94 (メゾン白川 1F), Kyoto, 京都府
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Sergey K.Sergey Konovalov: Awesome ramen. Thick broth. Portions are big. Was there 10 minutes after they've opened and the place was full, so there is definitely a possibility of lines. Well worth a detour and/or waiting!

Sugari is one of Kyoto.

20. Sugari

(和醸良麺 すがり)
中京区観音堂町471-1, Kyoto, 京都府
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Angel C.Angel Chan: Found in a little street of small restaurants. Tasty soba noodles - just the right about of chewiness to dip in a tasty hot broth. Satisfying with a soft boiled egg on top, would come back again

Tousuiro is one of Kyoto.

21. Tousuiro

(豆水楼 木屋町本店)
上大阪町517-3 (木屋町通三条上ル), 中京区, 京都府
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ShirpsShirps: Tofu kaiseki that's beautifully presented and is a unique taste experience. The tofu is the best I've had with textures ranging from soft and creamy to jelly-like.

Kagizen Yoshifusa is one of Kyoto.

22. Kagizen Yoshifusa

(鍵善良房 本店)
東山区祇園町北側264, Kyoto, 京都府
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Alessandro M.Alessandro Mingione: Really good tea house, mostly frequented by couples and women. They are famous for their chilled glass noodle dessert that gets served with a brown sugar sauce that it's unlike anything you'll try!

Demachi Futaba is one of Kyoto.

23. Demachi Futaba

上京区青龍町236 (出町通今出川上ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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SonyaSonya: Best mame-mochi in the world! Long queue but totally worth it.

Nakamuraken is one of Kyoto.

24. Nakamuraken

(御菓子司 中村軒)
西京区桂浅原町61, Kyoto, 京都府
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CatCat: A great place to eat Japanese sweet before or after your visit to katsura villa.130 years history, try their famous mugi or chestnut manju sweets. They have tables inside if you can't sit on tatami.

Mangetsu is one of Kyoto.

25. Mangetsu

(阿闍梨餅本舗 満月 本店)
左京区田中大堰町139 (鞠小路今出川上ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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awayukiawayuki: 阿闍梨餅を売っている和菓子屋さんの本店です。工場の向かいにあるので、タイミングがいいと出来立ての温かい阿闍梨餅を買うことが出来ます。買ってからお店の中で食べることも出来ますよ(お茶を出してくれました!)。

Kikunoi is one of Kyoto.

26. Kikunoi

(菊乃井 本店)
東山区下河原町459 (下河原通八坂鳥居前下る), Kyoto, 京都府
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J Z.J Z: Private rooms with great views, incredible presentation and tastes. Impeccable service. One of the best.

Roan Kikunoi is one of Kyoto.

27. Roan Kikunoi

(露庵 菊乃井 木屋町店)
下京区斎藤町118 (木屋町通四条下る), Kyoto, 京都府
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Vincent T.Vincent Tan: Roan Kikunoi is the junior version of the famous kaiseki restaurant. Get a counter seat if you can. http://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2602/A260201/26000766/

Yoshikawa Inn Tempura is one of Kyoto.

28. Yoshikawa Inn Tempura

(料理旅館 天ぷら 吉川)
松下町135 (富小路通り御池下ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Emmett D.Emmett Dzieza: Amazing. Sit bar side and watch the chef prepare your tempura and lift it straight from the fryer to your plate. After dinner you are taken to a special room to sit around a fire for desert.

Ippodo Tea is one of Kyoto.

29. Ippodo Tea

中京区常盤木町52 (寺町通二条上ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Bob R.Bob Rutledge: Koicha setu comes with mochi, and is first delivered thick like paste. Then, after you cannot sip more, water is added and it is whipped into a standard matcha.

% Arabica is one of Kyoto.

30. % Arabica

東山区星野町87-5, Kyoto, 京都府
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Dan R.Dan Roberts: Real deal Japanese hipster coffee shop located nearby temple scene. Secretly has wifi and power (need to ask) and maybe 8 spots to sit.

Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine is one of Kyoto.

31. Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine

(下鴨神社 (賀茂御祖神社))
左京区下鴨泉川町59, Kyoto, 京都府
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The Ritz-CarltonThe Ritz-Carlton: One of the “UNESCO Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto". Located at the junction of the Kamo and Takano rivers, Shimogamo shrine is surrounded by an ancient forest, with trees as old as 600 years.

Kifune-Jinja Shrine is one of Kyoto.

32. Kifune-Jinja Shrine

左京区鞍馬貴船町180, Kyoto, 京都府
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The Ritz-CarltonThe Ritz-Carlton: Kifune-jinja Shrine is an ancient shrine located in a village in the mountainous area north of Kyoto. The best-known feature is the well-worn stone staircase lined by distinctive red wooden lanterns.

Shinrin Syokudo is one of Kyoto.

33. Shinrin Syokudo

中京区西ノ京内畑町24-4, Kyoto, 京都府
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Paula Z.Paula Ziegert: Amazing local curry spot! Menu is only in Japanese, so kind of hard to go beyond vegetable, chicken or spinach. Owner is super nice and you can use google translate to order stuff!

34. Omen

左京区浄土寺石橋町74, Kyoto, 京都府
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James J.James J: English menu available and full of locals. Udon was delicious.

Okakita is one of Kyoto.

35. Okakita

左京区岡崎南御所町34, Kyoto, 京都府
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Cliff H.Cliff Huang: Absolutely delicious udon with amazing soup. Even with simple toppings it tastes great. Definitely worth a try, but it is crowded with the locals as well so be prepared to queue up.

Takutaku is one of Kyoto.

36. Takutaku

下京区筋屋町136, Kyoto, 京都府
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Michael H.Michael Havens: Fantastic little hole in the wall rock bar. A bit pricey cover of 5,100 yen, but well worth it. Friendly, local staff and patrons.

37. Aritsugu

鍛冶屋町219 (錦小路通御幸町西入ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Len is one of Kyoto.

38. Len

下京区植松町709-3 (河原町通り松原下ル), Kyoto, 京都府
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Jan B.Jan Belon: Great atmosphere, stylish interior, super kind staff and delicious coffee. You should take a breakfast!

Iyemon Salon is one of Kyoto.

39. Iyemon Salon

中京区御倉町80 (三条通烏丸西入 千總ビル 1F), Kyoto, 京都府
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Michelle E.Michelle Evangeline: Authentic matcha place to go especially for their breakfast. Had the this green tea soup rice bowl with raw fish, very tasty and healthy! Love their iced hojicha too!