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Explore Japan
Enoura Observatory is one of Explore Japan.

1. Enoura Observatory

江之浦362-1, 小田原市, 神奈川県
Sanat Müzesi · 小田原 · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Beautiful architecture meets the earth. This place is wonderful and photos don’t do the vastness justice. Recommend a visit.

Benesse House Oval is one of Explore Japan.

2. Benesse House Oval

(ベネッセハウス オーバル)
琴弾地, 直島町, 香川県
Otel · 5 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Only guests staying in the Oval can see the oval. But they do have a little lounge open on the weekends for drinks.

Chichu Art Museum is one of Explore Japan.

3. Chichu Art Museum

3449-1, 直島町, 香川県
Sanat Müzesi · 73 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Underground museum. Love the concept of using natural light to change the way the art looks depending on time of day and season. Generally unheard of in most museums.

Mt. Inari is one of Explore Japan.

4. Mt. Inari

伏見区稲荷山官有地, Kyoto, 京都府
Dağ · 15 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Beautiful little hike through the torii.

Lake Kawaguchi-ko is one of Explore Japan.

5. Lake Kawaguchi-ko

船津, 富士河口湖町, 山梨県
Göl · 44 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: One of the most popular of the Fuji 5 lakes. Stroll around the lake and enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Fuji (assuming the clouds aren’t covering it).

Mt. Fuji Summit - Kengamine Peak is one of Explore Japan.

6. Mt. Fuji Summit - Kengamine Peak

(日本最高峰 富士山剣ヶ峰)
粟倉地先 (3776m), 富士宮市, 静岡県
Dağ · 13 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Dress warmly. Gets very windy and cold at the summit. Hope you get a good view and aren’t stuck in a cloud.

Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel is one of Explore Japan.

7. Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel

小出, 十日町市, 新潟県
Tünel · 11 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Worth the visit but gets very crowded on the weekends in good weather. If you’re taking the bus, check the schedule closely as it only runs 4x a day.

House of Light is one of Explore Japan.

8. House of Light

上野甲2891, 十日町市, 新潟県
Sanat Galerisi · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: You can stay the night via reservation or visit during the day. You need a car to get there, ask a taxi to wait if you’re coming by train. Simple Japanese rooms with a roof that opens.

白馬岳 is one of Explore Japan.

9. 白馬岳

北城 (北アルプス), 白馬村, 長野県
Dağ · 3 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Shiroumadake is one of the best hikes in the Japanese Alps due to the year long snow field. Only 4 miles to the top but over 5,000 feet of elevation gain in those miles.

Nakagin Capsule Tower is one of Explore Japan.

10. Nakagin Capsule Tower

銀座8-16-10, Tokyo, 東京都
Bina · 銀座 · 21 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: A beautiful example of failed design. Go back in time to 1972 by taking a tour of an original capsule. Believe it or not people still live in some.

Kamikochi is one of Explore Japan.

11. Kamikochi

安曇上高地, 松本市, 長野県
Pist · 21 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Beautiful area in the Northern Alps. Many great hikes start here.

Takachiho Gorge is one of Explore Japan.

12. Takachiho Gorge

三田井御塩井, 高千穂町, 宮崎県
Nehir · 25 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Beautiful gorge forged by lava. The rowboats are more like bumper boats. Take the nature trail along the gorge for a nice little walk.

Nakadake Crater is one of Explore Japan.

13. Nakadake Crater

黒川字阿蘇山, 阿蘇市, 熊本県
Volkan · 10 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Check out an active volcano crater. I suggest the Nakadake hike to see it from above.

Unzen Jigoku is one of Explore Japan.

14. Unzen Jigoku

小浜町雲仙320, 雲仙市, 長崎県
Ilıca · 9 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: A pretty large jigoku with lots of walking paths. Try an egg.

Grand HIRAFU is one of Explore Japan.

15. Grand HIRAFU

(ニセコ グラン ヒラフ スキー場)
山田204, 倶知安町, 北海道
Kayak Bölgesi · 23 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Come here and ski/snowboard some of the best powder in the world. Get an all mountain lift pass and ski at any of the resorts.

龍Q館 is one of Explore Japan.

16. 龍Q館

上金崎720, 春日部市, 埼玉県
Müze · 7 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: A little over an hour outside of Tokyo, come tour a facility that saves Tokyo from flooding. Must speak Japanese or have a translator. Visually stunning regardless.

羽黒山五重塔 is one of Explore Japan.

17. 羽黒山五重塔

羽黒町手向7 (羽黒山), 鶴岡市, 山形県
Türbe · 鶴岡市 · 6 tavsiye ve inceleme

MariMari: Beautiful 5 story pagoda on Mt. Haguro. Take the steps to the top if you’re feeling adventurous.