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Kevin Pratt


San Diego, CA
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  • San Jose
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San Jose
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San Diego
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Santa Clara
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San Francisco
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La Jolla
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Mountain View
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Los Angeles
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Kevin Pratt
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Kevin Pratt
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    Kevin'nin Son Tavsiyeleri
    "Ethiopia Duromina beans are are a light roast with a plenty of fruit tones in the mouth of the cup. The chunky intro to the cup has notes of bitter and tart lemon grass and over ripe strawberry."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Ağustos 13, 2017
    Kahve Dükkanı
    · San Francisco, ABD
    "Raceway espresso beans as a cold brew have a mysterious dark roast flavor, with much of the bold, oil forward mouth tones deleted by the aging method. Notes of dry roasted cashew and mild green grape."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Ağustos 8, 2017
    Kahve Dükkanı
    · San Diego, ABD
    "Brazil Sertao beans are a refreshing medium to light roast for the region. Only the sweet cream notes of dark chocolate are present in a brief mouth and quickly washed away by and almond mild body."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Ağustos 6, 2017
    Kahve Dükkanı
    · San Diego, ABD
    "Hawaii Ka'u beans is medium body coffee with a potent, medium acidic mouth. The finish is so long and earth filled, with notes of Brazil nut and rosemary, it passes as both a light and a dark roast."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Ağustos 1, 2017
    Kahve Dükkanı
    · San Jose, ABD
    "Indonesian single origin beans as an iced pour over has a smooth medium body with sweet milk chocolate body that has hints of bitter earth tones, somewhat like licorice, that hit the side of tongue."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Mayıs 1, 2017
    Kahve Dükkanı
    · San Jose, ABD
    "FTW beans from AKA Roasters: the house blend. As a cold brew dark roasted flavor abounds. Creamy chocolate body flavor laced with vanilla cherry burst that seep from the emphasized mouth to coco root."
    Kevin PrattKevin Pratt · Mart 23, 2017
    · Santa Clara, ABD