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    • 9.2
      Pizza€€€Menü'yü Göster
      111 rue Réaumur, Paris
      • Victoria M.

        Victoria M. • Nisan 8Amazing food and drinks at absolutely insane prices. Cocktails range from 7-12€, and the pizzas are around 10€ or less. Friendly staff. Would highly recommend this place!

    • 9.0
      13 rue de la Roquette, Paris
      • Marie V.

        Marie V. • Şubat 17Super adresse pour manger un plat "rapidos" comme en Thaïlande mais de qualité et dans une atmosphère originale ! Plat chaud + riz à 12€ = on est calées ! Les amateurs de plats épicés seront ravis !

    • 8.8
      Bira Bahçesi€€€
      81 rue du Charolais, Paris
      • Olivier

        Olivier • 3 hafta önceOutside place with a lot greenery and good street food and choice of beers and wine. Lack cocktail though. Bank cards from 1€. Some queue after work hours.

    • 8.7
      Kahve Dükkanı€€€
      79 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris
      • Cem A.

        Cem A. • Şubat 10One of the best specialty coffee in town. rosemary cake and flat white were super delicious..

    • 8.7
      Kahve Dükkanı€€€Menü'yü Göster
      23 rue de Lourmel, Paris
      • LN G.

        LN G. • 1 hafta önceOne of the place where you want to taste really good coffee, love their flat white. I highly recommend for breakfast or just grab a sweet to take away.

    • 8.3
      Pizza€€€Menü'yü Göster
      32 quai de la Marne, Paris
      • Björn H.

        Björn H. • 3 hafta önceThe pizza is excellent and between 13 - 19€. Charming interior. Friendly staff who speaks English. Service is swift. Glass wall which opens up towards the canal when the weather is nice.

    • 7.9
      34 quai d'Austerlitz, Paris
      • 148 C.

        148 C. • 1 hafta önceCome early to get a chance to have table and to avoid paying the entrance fee after 9pm. HH 6-8pm. Large cocktail or beer jug are a good value for money, giant pizza too. Only a pool is missing :)

    • 7.9
      Vejetaryen / Vegan€€€€
      17 rue Bréguet, Paris
      • 148 C.

        148 C. • Ocak 21Large organic cantina with simple but tasty dishes plenty of vegg mix of protein from tofu to chicken etc you can custom your plate with available ingredients. Table tennis also!

    • 7.6
      8 rue Mabillon, Paris
      • Raul V.

        Raul V. • 1 hafta önceLovely terrace and ambiance. Good food and drinks. Arancinos and mixed frittura are tasty appetizers. Calamar with black rice is good as well. Burger is not bad

    • 7.3
      170 rue Saint-Martin, Paris
      • Haroen V.

        Haroen V. • Nisan 11If you like 3x+, you'll like this place too! Slightly different dishes, same spicy taste!

    • ?
      Burgerler€€€Menü'yü Göster
      17/19 boulevard des Capucines, Paris
      • Tav

        Tav • 5 gün önceOnly in France they do NOT let you refill the soda, unbelievable. most expensive soda ever