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İşte Ottawa'de birkaç popüler tavsiye. Daha fazlasını görmek için bir beğeni seç:

Foursquare Ottawa'da arkadaşlarınla gidebileceğin mükemmel mekanları bulmana yardım eder.

  • 9.0

    The Cheshire Cat

    Bar 2193 Richardson Side Rd Carp, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (29 tavsiye):

    • Dale H.
      Dale Hogan: "Excellent dishes and friendly service. It's generally packed so be prepared for wait time and a crowded, very loud environment on the main floor and around the bar."
  • 9.4

    Farm Boy

    Market 665 Industrial Ave Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (5 tavsiye):

    • Hina
      Hina: "Simply amazing! Their deli section has great selections of seasoned meats. The sundried chicken breast was delicious! It's not as big as commercial grocery stores, but it has all the basic necessities"
  • 9.1

    Arlington Five

    Kahve Dükkanı 5 Arlington Ave Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (13 tavsiye):

    • Anne-Sophie
      Anne-Sophie: "A coffee shop as it should be! Great Brooklyn-ish atmosphere, well-executed and some of the best coffee in Ottawa. Gluten free options. Enjoy the small table in the front for a sunny break"
  • 9.4

    Major's Hill Park

    Park 480-482 Mackenzie Ave Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (22 tavsiye):

    • Matty R.
      Matty Ryan: "Very beautiful here and scenic. What a great place to stop and eat lunch or picnic at."
  • 9.1

    Art-Is-In Bakery

    Fırın 250 City Centre Ave Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (76 tavsiye):

    • Jessica
      Jessica: "GREAT food! This place is on my top places to come to eat in Ottawa. Affordable prices, generous portions, and tasty food! Can't get better than that. Prepare for lineups."
  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (68 tavsiye):

    • Kaitlin T.
      Kaitlin T: "Don't miss the Rideau Chapel in the middle of this museum! They reconstructed a Tudor chapel from the 1800s and set up a 40-part choir with speakers. Breathtaking."

İnsanlar Ottawa mekanında bu yerlerden söz ediyorlar.

  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (12 tavsiye):

    • Monica P.
      Monica Prak: "Home of my favourite ice cream flavours, hong kong milk tea! Often creating new flavours. It’s always such a delight to have dessert here."
    • Myriam D.
      Myriam D.: "Epic! Ice cream and cones are made from scratch. Original flavours. I had milk teak and black sesame ice cream"
  • 9.1

    Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

    Kilise 56 Guigues Ave. Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (13 tavsiye):

    • Allen V.
      Allen Vogliano: "There really aren't any words to accurately describe the magnificence of this cathedral. You should just go and experience it for yourself."
    • Jules R.
      Jules Rock: "This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen. The blue night sky ceiling is gorgeous."
  • 9.0

    Rideau Canal

    Diğer Açık Alanlar Colonel By Dr Ottawa, ON

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (46 tavsiye):

    • Anne-Sophie
      Anne-Sophie: "The highlight of the city! Wonderful at any time of the year and day. Name an activity and you can do it there... Dont forget to stop by the locks and enjoy the view on the Ottawa river"
    • Brigitte D.
      Brigitte De Angelis: "It is as beautiful during the summer as it is during the winter. Take a nice stroll and sit on a bench to watch the boat go by. Or take a tour on one of the boat."

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