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  • 9.0

    Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

    Pizzacı 17305 E Caspian Pl Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (10 tavsiye):

    • Deb C.
      Deb Churchill: "This pizza is fab; suggest ordering ahead to eat in. Wait time on Sat. is 20 mins +/-. The Lrg is xtra huge, one piece is all I could eat! Bring a huge appetite. The pizza is yummy & worth the wait."
  • 8.9

    Nicks Garden Center & Farm Market

    Peyzaj Merkezi 2001 S Chambers Rd Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (9 tavsiye):

    • Matthew L.
      Matthew Lopez: "Impressive gardens, gamers market area. Impressed that the let Aubry host her lemonade stand for the 7/20 victims. Great community business."
  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (8 tavsiye):

    • Franco C.
      Franco Caliz: "If you want to get out of the city AND avoid mountain traffic this is as good as it gets. Tons of dogs and room for them to roam. Be wary of the muddy areas unless you want to bathe the dog! Awesome."
  • 8.9

    Launch Pad Brewery

    Bira Fabrikası 884 S Buckley Rd Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (8 tavsiye):

    • David S.
      David Swagler: "In addition to the excellent beer, they have a rotating roster of food trucks. The Hawaiian BBQ is especially good. Great idea! Focus on the brews and give folks a variety of food choices. 🤙"
  • 9.1

    Helga's German Restaurant & Deli

    Alman Restoranı 14197 E Exposition Ave Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (33 tavsiye):

    • Chris S.
      Chris S: "I've lived in Germany twice and while this place wouldn't beat your favorite gasthaus, it is pretty damn solid. Worth a stop for sure. I had the rahmschnitzel, knockwurst, and both kinds of spaetzle."
  • 8.9

    Dad & Dude's Breweria

    Bira Fabrikası 6730 S Cornerstar Way Ste D Centennial, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (56 tavsiye):

    • Holly H.
      Holly Hedling: "The bootlegger was awesome, the prosciutto was cooked perfect! The poppers were not what you would expect...they were great! Order them! Also tried the Caesar salad which had great flavor. Yummy!"

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  • 9.0

    Club Pet Resorts

    Evcil Hayvan Bakımevi 2170 Airport Blvd Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (7 tavsiye):

    • Lauren P.
      Lauren Patrick: "Top choice! 24 hours so you can pick up when you need to, medical staff so even special needs dogs can stay over, the kennels are very nice and private, the staff is wonderful, airport shuttle etc. 💯"
    • vicki s.
      vicki souder: "I love this facility....they not only watch my dog everyday, they even feed him twice a day! And they are a 24/7 facility"
  • 8.8


    Fast Food Restoranı 24400 E Smoky Hill Rd Aurora, CO

    İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (13 tavsiye):

    • Nastia T.
      Nastia Trubetskaya: "Dessert~ I've got to say this dessert is bae! :D Omg what's bae for life is that ice cream, Yum!!! What about that milkshake? Love the flavors with the whip cream with cherry on top!!! 💠💠💠/💠💠💠"
    • Emily J.
      Emily Johnson: "The chick-fil-a sauce is so good and unlike anything I've ever tried before."
  • İnsanlar şunu da söylüyor (11 tavsiye):

    • Nastia T.
      Nastia Trubetskaya: "Coffee!!!~ can you believe the relaxation of having a book to read and having a sweat warm beverage on a winter night, oh oh oh I know how about a sweet ice tea on a summer morning!! 5 out of 5!!!"
    • Yvonne G.
      Yvonne Gastelum: "Their Chocolate Chai Tea Latte wasn't bad. I will have to try the CheeseCake factory cupcakes one day...they look yummy! :-)"

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